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I consider myself to be an aspiring/amateur writer, though I also express some interest in the music industry. I'm nineteen years old and a closeted user. It is true, this is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. I have plenty of guilty pleasures, but I will not list them all on my profile. I haven't written anything original in months, as I've been spending a lot of time writing Animorphs fanfiction. Currently, my stories include (in order of release date) These Are the Wars, It's Not a Question of Sanity, A Lesson in Human Culture, and The Return (see below). I don't express much interest in writing any other fanfiction stories outside the Animorphs fandom, but who knows...I might dabble in Harry Potter...or I might just stick to a world of Yeerks and Andalites...who knows.

I was first exposed to the Animorphs series at the age of ten or eleven; during the autumn of sixth grade. As a kid, the only series that I read religiously were Harry Potter and Goosebumps. I was aware of the existence of a show called Animorphs when I was younger, and I knew I owned a copy (Megamorphs 2: In the Time of the Dinosaurs) but I couldn't be sure. Anyways, a good friend of mine introduced me to the series, and I've been Animorph-crazy ever since. The first book I read, oddly enough, was book 23 The Pretender. Looking back, it seems like that chance selection of a book I had never heard of (a book I only read because my best friend was reading another book of the same series) was...strange...

I've been a huge fan of Tobias ever since, and I think I've developed something of an obsession. I've always connected to Tobias. We are very similar in many ways: two kids who never really had many friends, and who never really felt comfortable in their own skins. As a kid, I've always dreamed of becoming an Animorph; to gain the power that would allow me to transform into something else: animial, insect, person, etc. But unlike Tobias, I grew up with a loving family, and a few good friends. And unlike me, Tobias had a long term relationship with an actual girl...I on the otherhand, have had three failed relationships (with girls who no longer speak to me), a brief fling with a girl who seems to know me all too well, and felt love for a girl who would and could never love me back. And, of course, I am also shy, quiet and, though I don't boast about this, a hopeless romantic.

But, eventually, I was forced to grow up. My friend outgrew Animorphs a year or two later, and I figured I should do the same. Needless to say, I never really did kick my Animorphs addiction. Every year, during the Christmas holidays, I would take a trip down memory lane and take out a copy (or three) of my favourite Animorphs books (mostly books narrated by Tobias). And during the break of Grade Ten I made my attempt at my first Animorph fanfic. A story that was loosely based on the Animorphs Television series episode, "Not My Problem"; where Tobias was the only one who went to the construction site, and eventually goes out to recruit. That story, unfortunately, never made it passed chapter...six? It was torn into several pieces, lest my friend spot my guilty pleasure.

Sometime in grade nine, I met a girl who was really into Harry Potter, really into gay rights, and really into After reading one of the chapters to her story (and, thus, exposing myself to what I believe is called, a slash fic) I signed up for an account, under the penname Johnny Rowling; Johnny, for my favourite character in the Outsiders (one of my favourite books) and Rowling, for the woman who created the Harry Potter Series.

I created my fanfiction account with the intention of writing body-swap stories. I wrote a Harry Potter fan fic where Harry gets detention, and his friends discover a mysterious stone that switches their bodies around. The writing voice was WEAK! Everything was just plain awful about that story. And the dialouge, I am ashamed to admit, was a rip off (practically word for word) of the halloween episode of Two Guys and a Girl. That story has been deleted from the internet (as far as I know), and has been wiped from existence. For three years after that, this account has been collecting metaphorical cob webs from lack of use.

Sometime after I graduated highschool, and for no particular reason at all, I started looking up some more Animorphs fan fiction. I don't know why, but I was starting to develop and increasing interest in David stories. I then stumbled upon a fic that grabbed my attention: Augustine Quill's One Least Likely. From there, I started writing some stories of my own. This time, I was a much better writer than I was when I was fourteen. And I wrote the first chapter of These Are the Wars sometime in June.

BIOGRAPHY: (Some little facts about Tobias Mason Park)

Gender: Male.

I am eighteen years old.

I hold a negative opinion about myself, though that is not out of need for attention.

I spend a lot of time on the internet when there's an outside world.

Pen Name: Tobias Mason Park (an interesting story behind the use of this name)

Alleged Real Name: James Alexander McKinnon.

Country of Origin: Canada...but, for all you know, I could live in the States...or Europe...or (but probably not) Egypt.

Favourite Books: Fifth Business, the Outsiders, the Harry Potter Series, the Animorph Series, 'Salem's Lot, Pet Sematary, the Body, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Catcher in the Rye, etc etc etc.

Favourite Movies: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the Lost Boys, Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club, Stand By Me, Inception, Hocus Pocus, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, etc etc etc.

Favourite Television Series: The Office, King of Queens, the Golden Girls...pretty much every sitcom from the 80s and 90s.

Guilty Pleasures: Animorphs, Fanfiction, watching old television shows that a person my age should NOT be watching (Animorphs, Lizzie McGuire, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

I dwell too much on the past.

Favourite Phrase: "That's what she said"...I am one of those guys who says this religiously.

Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic/Christian. Though, I am tolerant of, and support all religions.

Religions that confuse me: Mormonism and disrespect intended. I just don't understand them.

Other things I don't understand: Quantum Physics, Women, Time Travel, Inception (well...I sort of do...), homophobia, the fear of long words, intolerance towards the religious and cultural beliefs of others, why that pastor from the states wanted to burn the Qu'ran.

I'm a dog person...cats, like women, make me feel very, very uncomfortable. There is a reason that the cat in Cinderella was named Lucifer...just saying.

Favourite Animorphs Characters (from most favoured to least): Tobias, David, Arbron, Elfangor, Esplin, Ax, Rachel,James, Jake, Erek.


1) These Are the Wars:

A book taking place in an Alternate reality from the canon Animorphs series. The book, intended to be a part of a trilogy, is narrated by David Matherson; who, while bearing similarities to the cannon series character of the same name, is in no way associated with David...until chapter twelve. The series takes place in a world where the Yeerks have nearly taken over the planet known as Earth, and cities all across the planet are broken up into Free and Occupied (similar to France during the Second World War). Many units of morph capable fighters, known only as the Resistance, have been set up to defend those few free cities across the globe. Through a series of events, David and his friends are lead to the Yeerk Pool Complex to attempt to capture and interrogate the visiting Yeerk and Councillor. The series was loosely inspired by Timothy Findley's The Wars.

2) It's Not a Question of Sanity:

A book narrated by Tobias, following the defeat of the Yeerk Empire. Tobias focuses on reassimilating into a post-war society, while trying to get over the death of his beloved Rachel, and learning to forgive Jake Berenson. Through a series of sessions with local Psychiatrist, Madison R. Mackenzie, Tobias learns how to deal.

3) A Lesson in Human Culture:

A book narrated by Ax, taking place a year after the events of the Invasion. Ax catches the eye of resident teenaged girl, Valerie Blake, and learns about what it is that makes Humans different from any other species.

4) The Return:

My own personal rewrite of the canon book of the same name. I was a bit dissapointed by the way the Return was written, and decided to write it from scratch. I have a strange obsession with the character of David. He was truly a threat to both the Animorphs and the Yeerks. A power hungry teenager with nothing to lose, and with the ability to become some of the most viscious animals on the planet is not someone to be dealt with lightly. And how do we see David's return? As a rat under the influence of the supposedly "all powerful" Crayak. The book is narrated by Rachel.

5) The Animorphs...

A collection of parody stories based on the Animorphs fandom, all intended to be written for humour. Read about the adventures the Animorphs embark on when they are not saving the world from the impending threat of the Yeerk Empire. Follow the exciting lives of the Animorphs with FREE TIME! Watch Ax get a facebook account, and read about the untold story of when the Animorph Characters visit Nickelodeon Studios.

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