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Author has written 2 stories for Vampire Hunter D, and Witch Hunter Robin.

Hi All! Welcome to my profile page.

I’ve been an anime fan since the days of Robotech back in the 80’s. I was sidetracked from this personal enjoyment because RL grow-up stuff happening. Recently in the last 6 months I have come back to my roots and started a new journey of new age anime/manga.

My top favs are the following:

Bleach, Witch Hunter Robin, Spirited Away, Vampire Hunter D (read all the books –well at least the ones that have been translated.), DN Angel & Otogi Zoshi -no fanfic section for this anime anywhere… Someone show me the light!! Fullmetal Alchemist

All time favorite will always be Robotech. I can’t wait till they finally release the new episodes for this series. From what I hear it’s in the final phase.

FanFic Published

Vampire Hunter D

Haven Farms

This was my first fan fic I’ve ever published. It’s about D and his mission to discovery the reason and apprehend the person who killed a Noble who was like a father to him. In mist of all this D falls in love with one of the Noble’s daughters which lead him to a whole new path as he discovers that the death of the Noble was only to bring out a deep dark secret that mostly all the family didn’t know about. D’s determination and love is put to the test. Will his efforts be fructuous? Or will it end in some sort of semi-disastrous?? Time will only tell…

My muse has been toying with me regarding this little fic. I feel a small battle going on in mind how I really want to end the story. Thus far there are total 12 chapters written only 11 have been published. Don’t worry its not that I am out of ideas :o)

Witch Hunter Robin

Return of Eve

This is baby Fan fic #2. I love the way this story is developing into. Short summary about it is; although, the story begins with the future the story moves back in time shortly after the destruction of the factory. Without giving away too much… the story shows the development of the relationship between Amon and Robin and other things that happen to them along the way. Robin who was burden with a great weight by her parents goes through a journey of discovery. Both Amon and Robin will learn that her parents didn’t just leave her out to fend for herself. Her discoveries made her realize that her parents had a plan. With help and support from the one person she truly needs Amon they realize their journey together had just begun.

This fic isn’t done just yet. I know where this will end but I won’t tell!!! Anyway, thus far this one seems to be the most popular from the two I have on going. My plans are to finish this story and Hunter D soon.

Spirited Away

I have some ideas for a story for this anime. However, I have to admit that I am a bit hesitant to even go forward on this project. I read several fanfics from this site and I thought they were great. Some of the authors I have placed them on my fav list so I can check out their other works and updates.

I won’t give any info on this story since its still in the pre-stages…until I have at least 5 -9 chapters close to complete or almost final. As this will be my third fanfic I want to make sure I do a much better job than my prior two.

Well that’s pretty much the jest about my likes…oh and if you are wondering. I am old 35 to be precise. YES I still think I’m a kid. I believe that’s what keeps me young even among my peers.

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