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Hello, my dear friends and readers! My name is %@$%#&!!%( but around here, I go by Brave Soul RMS. You can call me Brave; everyone does. I've been in the game of fanfic since the tender age of twelve and, let me tell you, it's been a long and arduous journey full of pain and practice to reach the level of skill I'm at now. It's been tons of fun and I hope I can keep at it for a long time. God knows I'd never want to stop writing and I have WAY too many ideas floatin' around in my little head box that need to get out on (virtual) paper before I 'splode. And that would be bad. And messy. Nobody wants to clean that up off the wall. Now, then, a little about myself:

First and foremost: I am a HUGE nerd/geek/otaku and if you don't believe me, my Omegamon snap-together model and State Alchemist pocketwatch would beg to differ, good sirs and madams! If I wasn't a geek, would I really be on I think not.

I like to experiment with my writing and to that end, I've got three active stories that each represent a different writing style. The first two are fairly simple: Persona Non Grata is a dark first-person tale and Challenger! is a coming-of-age story written in the third person. Encryption is a bit like a mix of the two; it one explores the consequences (social, political, economic, diplomatic, psychological in the case of those with partners) of actually integrating Digimon into human society and what life would be like after First Contact. Or at least how I imagine and hope it would be like. It has it's dark moments, its humorous and serious moments and a healthy dose of mystery and epic in there for good measure. Or it will. Still in the infant stages but tune in if you like you some Digimon. I know I do.

All of my stories are part of an open forum. What this means is that my readers, should they be interested and choose to do so, can come over and discuss any of my stories with me. Ask questions, speculate, and even get a sneak peak of scenes to come. It's a blast; I participate in one of these over at my good friend Lolli-S's forum and we have tons of fun. Ideas are shared, friendships are made, and good stories are told all over the place. I highly encourage every one of my readers to come stop by if they want to. Forums will be up today on 4/3/2012. Hope to see you there!

I am a Troper. I make liberal use of any and all tropes I can think of that apply to my stories. You have been warned.

I update stories based on which one I've more inspiration for at the moment. Fickle, I know but my mind is chaotic.

What I look for in a fanfic:

Quality: I give every story an equal chance by reading the first chapter but if you can't weave a good tale, I won't even bother past that. Sounds harsh, I know, but would you want to read a bad story? When you write fanfics, it shouldn't be to fix something in your fandom you thought was done wrong; it should be so that you have an outlet for your ideas and this site is meant to share them. You watch/read something and, naturally, you get ideas in your head; OCs and new places and the like. By all means, publish them here but do please try your best to keep our interest. If you can't do that, you never get any feedback and you never grow as a writer.

Characters: This is a big one. Characters need to be relatable and believable, even in a setting that's vastly different from the world we live in. If you have a ten year old kid getting his first Pokemon, for example, he's gonna be so jazzed that he won't think past that. He won't be considering every little detail from every angle like some kind of genius scholar. If you have an adult in a war-torn country looking for his son or trying to bring his family to safety, you have to make the readers feel for the guy and empathize with him. Characters are a HUGE part of good story-telling; they need personalities and flaws and skills and backstories. You created them so you have to breathe life into them and, through them, into your story as a whole.

Setting: Short and simple: Too much dialogue is boring. At the risk of sounding like a creative writing teacher, you gotta paint a picture in the reader's mind. Rolling green hills, deep windy valleys, a crowded bustling city. We gotta see it to believe it! Send the reader there through their mind's eye, brah. Psychedelic... Otherwise, we're just looking at some people in a white void talking to each other and that, my friends, does not make for good storytelling.

Creativity: Again, short and simple. Show us something we've never seen before or, better yet, show us something we have seen before but make it six times more awesome. Put your own spin to it, take things out or add things in. Deconstruct it if you have to. Just make it shine.

Spelling and Grammar: Please, for the love of all that's holy, DON'T WRITE LIKE A NINE YEAR OLD OR BUTCHER THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! It makes me cry! It makes the other readers cry! It makes that sweet old lady that was your 9th grade English teacher cry tears of blood! Blood, I say! ...Okay, maybe I'm going a bit overboard with that last one but you get the point.

All of these factors are things I try to infuse into my own writing. I know I'm not perfect but what's why there are readers: to call me out on things I don't deliver. I like to think of this as a team effort, y'know? :)

Fandoms: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, Pokemon, Digimon, Air Gear, Tales of series, The Legend of Zelda, Code Geass, Zoids, Generator Rex, Young Justice, Soul Eater, a crap ton of others I can't even remember.

As for Persona, Persona 3 and 4 are my absolute favorites with 3 overtaking 4 by a slight margin. It's the dark setting; I absolutely love stories and games like that. As for Digimon, Tamers, Savers, and Xros Wars are my all-time favorites in that order. Tamers because of, again, the darker and more serious atmosphere and Savers/Xros Wars for the sheer undiluted fountains of concentrated epic that are Daimon Masaru and Agumon/Shoutmon. I don't care what anyone says; Shoutmon is one badass Digi-mofo. Adventure and Adventure 02 are there because of the nostalgia factor and Frontier was okay. Loved the dubbing on that one.


Challenger! -- Rated T for Teen

Grey Thomas is a cocky little punk from Puel Town, Almia. Raised in a family with a long history of turning out Pokemon Rangers, Grey sticks out as the family black sheep for wanting to be a Trainer instead. Fed up with being denied the chance to pursue his goal, he runs away from home with nothing but the clothes on his back, a bag of scanty supplies and a spirited little Charmander named Soul and ends up in the Silver Ring Archipelago. The League recently opened up a new Gym Circuit there and that's just what Grey and Soul have been waiting for. Their journey gives them the chance to train and fight and cross paths with other trainers. The usual stuff. But more than that, they grow and learn and discover what they really want out of life and who exactly they want to be. Because that's the big question: who are you, really? And what is it you're striving for? It's their turn to find out.

Persona Non Grata-- Rated M for Mature

Logan's a sociopath who avoids human contact at all costs. Among his peers, he's known as that weird loner kid with no friends and to him, that's fine. People are stupid anyway and friends are a waste of time. But that changes one day with a visit to the Velvet Room. In a year's time, the world will face calamity and it's suddenly up to him to stop it from happening just like the Fools that came before him. Only problem is he couldn't care less and sure as hell doesn't want to risk his ass for people he doesn't know, but destiny has a funny way of making sure you can't say "no" to what it wants you to do.

Now armed with a Persona of his own, the dark knight of flames, Gawain, this emotionally crippled misanthrope has to dive into the mystery of why the Dark Hour is returning and explore the ethereal plane of dreams known as Rem. And the worst part? It only gets tougher from here and if he wants to get stronger to survive, he's gonna need a big ol' dose of the Power of Friendship. No choice in the matter. Oh, well. Just put the gun to your head, close your eyes, and say the magic word:



Encryption -- Rated T for Teen

We are not alone. The Digital World and Earth have made First Contact and from this historic event is born an alliance that can never be broken. Travel between the worlds is possible and integrating the two species into one functioning society went smoother than expected but, as with everything, problems arose. Humans and Digimon are imperfect creatures and there exist those on both sides that would wish to do the other world harm or try to take over. To combat this threat, the worlds banded together and created ALIAS, a peacekeeping organization composed of human Tamers and their Digimon partners. ALIAS stands a symbol of the brotherhood between the worlds and while threats range from minor to serious, everyone has complete faith in them. Seven years pass and the hasty establishment and integration holds and grows stronger with each passing day. But what neither world knows is that there's something serious bubbling just under the surface and it'll take everything they've got to stop it. Sacrifices are made and the unthinkable must be done no matter how cruel it may seem. Putting children in harm's way was never part of the plan but sometimes it takes a child to do what the adults won't.

Or can't.

Nine Tamers. Ten Digimon. Though they may be strangers to one another, their pasts, secrets and fates are inextricably woven together for better or worse.

So that's all of 'em. Take your pick and start reading. Be sure to leave a review! :D

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