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Hey everyone! This is me, Kitty, aka Apple-chan. I don't really know why you're here in the first place, but since you are here, reading my profile, I should tell you about me.

I like rock music, anime(of course), role playing, writing, drawing, etc. I like a good movie as much as the next person, and the occasional stupid one (like Napoleon Dynamite xDD)My favorite animes are Bleach, Naruto, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Kamichama Karin, R.O.D., Noein, School Rumble, Fullmetal Alchemist, and many, many more that I can't think of! Favorite books includ the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, the Maximum Ride series, Tamora Pierce books, and Harry Potter, naturally. I'm in marching band, and I play piano, bassoon, and clarinet.

I love the Final Fantasy video game series, Kingdom Hearts, etc. -squeenix fangirl- Nobuo Uematsu composes some of the best musical scores ever.

I also hate the curve balls that Kishimoto keeps throwing everyone with Naruto. Like Tobi (OMG) and Itachi acting like he's crazy. I was also VERY VERY sad when Deidara died. cry Jiraiya, not so much, but hey. He grows on you after a while. Just when I was beginning to like him, he died. Dang it.

And I think it's stupid that asterisks don't show up here. -_-''


February 16th, 2008: I'm hoping to get some of my stories up here soon, I've been working on quite a few. So, hopefully, you'll see them in a bit. Final stages of editing are in place.