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Howdy y'all I'm Longtail, it's a little nickname I call myself sometimes (cute isn't it?). I may not be in many fandoms because of personal reasons and forced under a "religion". Don't ask why. It sucks! I write whatever I want when I have ideas. I'm barely on here so don't expect many updates on stories or replies to messages. I blame writers block. I'm also dyslexic. I do edit what I write, but I always find more mistakes after I publish. I hope you understand. I'm more of an artist anyway. Writing isn't my best hobby but I hope to improve while spending my time on here. I may post stories without writing them on my profile like the ones below.

Future stories and in the works.

A miracle in heaven : A story about Mrs.Calloway and Junior raising a family. (Coming Soon!).

Sweating Bullets: This is like a what if story, but if the plot and script of Home on the Range didn't change. Staring an adventurous calf, Bullets, a cowboy wannabe and Lucky Jack. Alameda Slim and his nephews are ghosts getting their revenge on cows, after being trampled in a freak accident. Some characters featured in the story may or may not be OCs. All credit goes to Disney. (Coming Soon!). Edit: It might as well be an AU!

(Untitled for now): After some time, living on Patch of Heaven. Lucky Jack leaves to search for his family, believing that some of them have survived. He faces dreams, flashbacks, illusions and memories. He won't let those get in his way. Featuring Rusty, Jeb and maybe more. (Coming Soon!).

Home without a range : When Alameda Slim is up to his old tricks again, he seeks revenge on Maggie. Kidnapped and pregnant with Bob's unborn calf. Maggie is being held as prisoner. Having no idea where she is and worried to raise her calf in a bad environment. She plans a way to escape. This is for the people who ship Alameda Slim and Maggie. Even though I prefer Maggie and Bob to be together. There's nothing wrong with who you ship and I highly respect that. (Coming Soon!).

Dairy Tales : Inspired by the short film, Mrs.Calloway tells more wonderful dairy tales to the chicks, piglets and the rest of the family on Patch of Heaven. Classics like "Grace Golden and the 3 Willies", "Little Sweet Ringing Cowbell", "Hey Yodel Yodel", "Frozen Yogurt", "Gracefulrella", "The Prince and the Cow" and many more! Credit goes to Disney. (Work in progress).

The Blonde from Wyoming : A short romance story about the saloon manager, Annie, falls in love with Alameda Slim and Rico. Knowing that Slim is a wanted cattle rustler and Rico is looking for him (she doesn't know Rico is a bad guy). Rico also saved her from bandits once. Annie's heart is in confusion as she figures out who will have her love. A wanted man, or a hero. This was inspired by the ship pictures I found on DA and a dream I had years ago. All credit goes to Disney. I don't own Annie. (Work in progress).

Going Buckwild : This is when Buck was in his early days as a young foal. This tells how he would want to be a hero (and grow up to be one), how he met Sam and Rusty. Most importantly why he (used to) looked up to Rico. I wish everyone would stop calling him annoying and look at his good side for once for crying out loud! All credit goes to Disney. (Coming Soon!).

A rat's redemption : After Blondie left with his share of the gold, Tuco no longer seeks revenge. He reflects on his past life and mistakes, later seeking redemption. (Takes place after the good, the bad and the ugly). (Coming Soon!).

Sleeping Sadly : An after story to Sleeping Beauty that answers some questions that were left unanswered from the movie and fixes some problems. Aurora breaks up with Philip after she realizes he's too old for her (she's 16 and he's probably in his 20s. Creepy, right?) and only likes her for her looks and voice. Now that she lives in the castle with her family, Aurora feels awkward around her actual parents after living with the fairies in the woods for 16 years. Not only that, Aurora randomly passes out in the middle of the day. Almost sleeping for less than a week! 2 years later, Aurora and Philip meet again in hopes (their parents hopes) that they will fall in love again and get married. But will Aurora really marry someone who kissed her in her sleep at 16 years old? Credit goes to Disney. (Coming Soon!)

Underrated Beauties : (AU!) Aurora and Eilonwy live together as sisters when everyone treats them differently because of their movies. They both run away from home to cope with feeling like a damsel in distress character. Can and 16 year old take care of herself, a 10 year old (I headcanon Eilonwy as 10), a house that needs work, a cow and a hen and hide from the people who want to find them? Credit goes to Disney. (Coming Soon!)

Every Which Way With The Bandit : (A Every Which Way But Loose and Smokey and the Bandit crossover! I haven't seen all the Smokey and the Bandit films and Every Which Way But Loose, I still wanted to write this down. I'll let you all know when I see one of the films) When his Trans Am is broken down at the side of the road, Bo (Bandit) and Carrie (Frog) are saved when a man, his toe truck and his cocky ape come pick them up. Meanwhile Burford T Justice (Smokey Bear), takes his attention to a biker gang instead of a high speed pursuit. (Coming Soon!)

I like sheep better : (Crossover!) Spending almost 4 years in jail, Dawn's despair ends when a cowboy takes her out of jail and promises to keep her out of trouble. Dawn still holds her grudge against predators, planning a new way to prove that prey can superior to predators. Will Rico show her there's more to life than just that? Credit goes to Disney. (Coming Soon!)

Tale to two goons : From the Italian animated film, West and Soda, by Italian animator, Bruno Bozzetto. This tells the silly misadventures of Ursus and Slim. After beaten by Johnny, Slim and Ursus have nothing better to do. The town no longer fears them and The Big Bad Guy (Cattivissimo or Phineas Gruesome depending on which version you saw) is dead. The two settle on their own to cause trouble every which way they go. Can they get away with what they do before a bounty hunter captures them? (Coming Soon!)

The Navajo Returns : An alternate ending to the spaghetti western, Navajo Joe.

(Untitled for now) : (Might scratch this) If home on the range was a spaghetti western but it was focused on Rico. An arrange of short stories where the bounty hunter goes after bandidos, money and other outlaws. The women love him, the men want to be him. This may be rated M for mature since spaghetti westerns are more violent and have sensitive and adult themes like alcohol, tons of murder etc.

My brother, A Cowboy : (Crossover! I am aware there is a sequel and a show to The Emperor's New Groove. I do know what the sequel is about even though I haven't seen any of them. This takes place before the sequel.) Kronk claims Rico as the brother he never had and always wanted after realizing he (secretly) looks up to him and figures they may share certain things in common. He invites the cowboy to his house with hospitality and they get to know each other. In other words. Just 2 handsome men who look like each other and are complete opposites bond in a collection of short stories.

Black Roses : Spinoff/Squel of Pink Magnolias. This tells the story from Rico's point of view. I suggest you read Pink Magnolias before (or after) I write and publish this. I'll still credit Jujubee. Might scratch this)

Maybe these outlaws have done it again : (Might scratch this or keep and change title) In an alternate universe where Slim and his half brother are kids and they go on silly adventures from running away from home, stealing pie off of windowsills, getting caught by a gang, meeting a mysterious poncho wearing kid who calls himself Rico.


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Home on the Range - Rated: T - English - Romance/Western - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,196 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 2/26 - Published: 1/2/2020 - Alameda Slim, Rico
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