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Name : Guardian-Of-Cerberus

Age : 21

Education : Finished High School In '04

Hobbies : Cars, Novels & Writing

Hello and Welcome to my bio

I am new to as you can plainly see by the lack of stories under my belt, but hopefully with some skill and a bit of luck I will hope to have one started soon enough for all of you to enjoy.

Please review and keep the comments either constructive or nice in general if you can thank you. Any people hating my story just because they can will be told off

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- When you cut someone off while driving always be sure to wave.

- Be kind to everyone because you never know who will sue you.

- A dollar today may be worth two tomorrow and nothing the next day when the economy crashes.

- If you have done something right, people won't be sure you have done anything at all

(More to come as I think of them)

Favourite Story Sayings :

- Fuzzy Wuzzy was a fox, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no socks, then the Yondaime came out to play and Fuzzy Wuzzy got sealed away.

Lycan Ninja by mdizzle

- Naruto looked at Iruka seriously for a moment. “Women are insane, aren’t they?”

“Well…yeah, but you can’t hold it against them. It’s not their fault.”

'Lycan Ninja' by mdizzle

- Orochimaru, The Sandaime took your arms, the Yondaime took your position and now the Godaime will take your LIFE!

'Naruto Arashiodori' by Lucifer-Allheart

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Ouroboros by TomorrowHeart reviews
When Chloe convinces Max to make things right, something strange happens, resulting in a new beginning and a chance at a life together. With everything seemingly "fixed," the two are ready to live normal lives. Lots of fluffy "Adventures of Max and Chloe with friends" with a bit of "dealing with things" thrown in. [Artwork credit to MaiQueti! Links to her art in my profile!]
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