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Hey there. My name is Seb, UK-born fanfic writer and RPer. I'm in final year of high school and applying for medicine at university this year.

I've been a long-standing fan of the Star Wars universe, especially the KOTOR Era, in which I roleplayed extensively as a Miraluka Sith-turned bounty hunter turned Jedi, Valius Korr, former apprentice to Bastila Shan and childhood friend of Visas Marr. I also have been following the universe from the start of the New Jedi Order, the war against the Yuuzhan Vong and the Legacy era.

I've found the Warhammer universe to be one of countless untold stories so that I have few restrictions when coming up with new plots. I've been writing about an OC character, Verian Larcius, Captain of the XXth Company, Imperial Fists Legion, a far less mentioned legion than others like the Dark Angels. His story will cover the events prior to the Heresy, the journey back to Terra to serve as the Emperor's praetorians, the ambush by the Iron Warriors legion in an attempt to delay the Imperial Fist Warfleet in the Phall system and then finally the decisive battle on Terra where Mankind makes its final stand in the face of Chaos.

Other than those main fandoms... I am crazy about some animes, especially Fullmetal Alchemist (Mustang/Hawkeye ftw), Full Metal Panic, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. I love the Dr Who/Torchwood series and also the world of Tolkien along with a great deal of Final Fantasy I-XII obsession, especially Angeal and General Beatrix. And I think that's about it... Hmm... So yus...that's it. My fandom summed up in a few short paragraphs. I intend to write fanfics for all of them eventually but where is the time? Bleeh... Anyways, to those of you who read my fics, I hope you enjoy them and leave nice comments and reviews to let me know what you think.

Special thanks to my friends, Meg and Nicole, who never fail to read my fics, even from different fandoms and leave nice comments and reviews for me. You guys rock.

On-going Fanfics

Only in Death (Harry Potter) - Valius and Alaric Ravenor, commanders of the Aurors feint their deaths in order to draw their enemies out in to the open so that they might destroy them all in one single strike. Facing almost impossible odds, Valius must resolve his adversity with his long time nemesis and utilise every ability and weapon in the fight to restore a lasting peace to the wizarding world. Set several years after the events of DH and without any of the canon characters. Characters are taken from, an HP role playing site.

Verian Larcius, Imperial Fist (Warhammer 30,000) - Captain Verian Larcius of the Imperial Fists Legion battles the enemies of the Emperor throughout the course of the Horus Heresy.

The Road to Redemption - (Twilight) - Jasper Whitlock's early life was forged in battle and blood. Following in his older brother's footsteps, he joins the Confederates and becomes the youngest ever Major before his subsequent change to a vampire. Though happiness and his eternal love in Alice waits beyond, great suffering and hardship must first be endured. - ON HOLD

Complete Fanfics

One Blaze of Glory (Warhammer 30,000) - Captain Verian Larcius makes his final stand on Terra against the Traitor Legions against all odds.

Falling Traitor, Rising Star (Harry Potter, post-DH) - An Auror is one of the most powerful warriors at the Ministry's disposal. When Alaric's former master goes rogue, it falls to him to hunt down and bring him to justice finally.

My brother, my enemy (Warhammer 40,000) - Librarian Valius of the Wraith Angels brings the wrath of vengeance upon his fallen brethren, rage and sorrow in his heart in equal measures. No misfortune can be worse than having to face off against those you once called brother.

Coming soon... (soon being a very loose term here)

The Ravenor Chronicles I & II (Harry Potter, post-DH) - The Ravenor clan has always been one of warriors, every male raised to become an Auror or greater and eventually die in battle. The fate of Alaric Ravenor, alongside his older cousin, Valius, is no different. His path to his eventual role as Head of the Aurors and Commander of the Enforcement Squads is littered with battles, betrayal, loss and suffering. These chronicles relate his inception into the Accelerated Auror training program, the formation of the Zodiac unit under his command, his conflict against his former master and the battles he must wage to keep safe all he holds dear.

The Valius Chronicles I, II, III, IV (Star Wars, post-KOTOR era) -

I - Valius Korr's life began in peace and happiness, living in harmony with the other Miraluka on Katarr, his family and Visas Marr, his childhood friend. An accident leads to the death of a fellow townsman and the incarceration of his brother. When his brother seeks to escape, Valius is placed with the duty of eliminating him by the Council. Conscience and honour conflict as he struggles with the burden of crossing blades with his older sibling or dishonouring his family and risking punishment himself.

II - Valius Korr was left for dead when his homeworld was destroyed by Darth Nihilus. When he is found in the ruins by Bastila Shan, Sith apprentice to Revan, believing he has nothing left to live for, he accepts her training, battling to survive and fight for his life until he can be forged into a weapon to be used by the forces of the Dark Side.

III - With the death of his master, Valius lives on Coruscant, living as a bounty hunter and trying to bury his tormented past under a new life with his younger comrade in arms, Sasha Katen, and emotional support and love, Lavian Kasten. When Lavian's son is kidnapped and Valius nearly killed in an ambush, he pursues the culprits to find himself battling against two figures from his past whom he once called family.

IV - The past can never be laid to rest, no matter how many lives are built on top of it. Many years later, serving as the chief combat instructor of the Jedi Order, Valius is informed that after all these years, his brother lives, but has taken command of a dark faction of fallen Jedi. With a heart filled with sorrow and grief, Valius prepares to put an end to his past once and for all, putting the ghosts to rest forever.

Recurring characters: Over time, I've come to recycle many character names and they tend to become almost the same person in different fandoms...but I think it works out :P

Valius - Valius was my first ever character created out of any fandom, starting out as a simple Miraluka Jedi Padawan in the KOTOR era. From there, he changed completely to be given a far darker history and forge him into a much more powerful but also emotion-laden character. Valius' relationship with his family is strained and scarred by the events that take place in his lifetime but he eventally finds some measure of settlement with his niece, Valeria Korr.

Since then, I have used the character of Valius in many stories in different fandoms, always a powerful and skillful warrior with a bloody past, always blind with a blindfold across blank eyes so for different fandoms I have to work out things such as how he sees. XD In the Warhammer universe, he is the Brother-Librarian of the Wraith Angels Chapter, Third Company. In the HP world, he is a prominant Auror and Commander of the Auror First Company. He is the older cousin of Alaric and Sasha Ravenor, twin to Elyssia Ravenor and older brother to Regina Silvia Ravenor. He shares close relationships with his female relatives, making him less of just a mindless killer/warrior and added some depth to his character in the way he can fight with great emotion, fury towards his enemies and deep concern for the well-being of his family.

Alaric - Alaric was the second ever character I created for the HP fandom when I joined the RPing site, Alaric was a taciturn and solitary figure who avoided the company of others and clashed frequently with the Slytherins in his house over his half-blood nature and his disgust of many of their views and practices. He was created, at first, like a younger Valius, as a brooding warrior-type, but then eventually he is brought out of his shell by a close-knit group of friends that lend him strength and give him something more to fight for than just the desire for combat. He becomes Head of the Aurors after many trials and struggles and has an ongoing relationship with Devin McCauley. Later, his character was fleshed out with having a younger sister, Sasha, and an older cousin, Valius. He is constantly at odds with his cousin, Avialle Ronseberg, the head of the Department of Mysteries though occasionally finds himself allied with her.

In the SW universe, Alaric has then featured as a Jedi Knight and has close (almost brotherly) friendship with Sasha Katen. In the Warhammer universe, Alaric is the Sergeant of the Wraith Angels Third Company and so a 'brother' of Valius. He is always protrayed as being of medium height and broad build. He has dark hair cut short and usually only has one eye, the left covered by an eyepatch (because the avatar I used for him was of post-series Roy Mustang). Often, while Valius is shown as a warrior who lets his emotions show outwardly whether in care or rage, Alaric is a far more reserved individual who only conveys his feelings through the subtlest of gestures or phrases which tends to make people think he doesn't care.

Verian - Verian was first invented as the father of Valius Korr, an aged warrior who was a leader of the town they lived in. His role was pretty small so I just filed away the name for later. When I took part in creating an original RP site, involving super-humans battling vampires in a post-nuclear war Earth, Verian became a far more prominant figure, as a soldier who unites the surviving humans and creates Elysium, a fortress-city where they can be safe from vampires. He is established as a warrior who has the responsibility of the fate of the human race on his shoulders while at the same time looking after his granddaughter, Valeria, who serves in the Elysian Defence Forces. Most recently, Verian became a Captain of the Imperial Fists during the Horus Heresy era, a competent and dedicated soldier, who fights for what he believes in against those who seek to crush the dream he shares with the rest of the Imperium.

Sasha - Sasha Katen started out as Valius' sidekick in his days as an Auror. Only a teenager when he finds her in the ruins of her home following a venegeance killing on her law enforcement parents by gangsters, Valius raises her and she eventually becomes one of his closest friends and allies. She is often a more cheerful and positive-minded foil to Valius' pessimism and dark moods that frequently affects him. In the HP world, Sasha is Valius' younger cousin and sister of Alaric Ravenor. Conflicting with her brother often, she spend most of her time with her cousin instead so forming a very close bond with him.

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