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hi. I am a teen in California.
I am Arete Vesilagor. Greetings, etc. HOWDY!

STAR WARS... I love Star Wars. I am a huge fan of the Rogues (Specifically Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie). I like the movies, books, comics, everything Star Wars.
INDIANA JONES... I love the books, movies, and I have yet to read the comics (if I ever find them). I love all the movies, including the Young Indy ones, but I haven't seen them all. For the books, I like the ones by Caidin and McCoy. I'm not that crazy about the McGregor ones because of the way he makes Indy's character. The plots are pretty good, however. But doee he need a new girl every single book?
THE LORD OF THE RINGS... Tolkien is a very descriptive author. I've read the trilogy and the Hobbit. I liked the Lord of the Rings more than the Hobbit...

THE MUMMY and THE MUMMY RETURNS... These movies are great! uh... "You lighten up. You, big trouble. You, get in the car" (or something like that)
WILLOW... finally coming out on DVD! YAY!!! If you haven't seen this movie, get up from the computer and go rent it!
REDWALL... Big Fan. My favorite characters are thw hares and the otters, wot wot? My fave book is probably Taggerung.
BATMAN BEYOND...Noooo. They canceled the shows on WB and the comics!! How could they?!
GLADIATOR... The fighting is good, the plot is good, the music is good. It's a great movie!
THE GOONIES... Great movie, i don't know if a lot of ppl. have heard of this

ZELDA games...i hate Zelda, she talks waaay to much...the flow of time is blah blah blah that kinda stuff. Zelda is evil! Destroy Zelda! She talks to much, crossdresses, and takes credit for everything. She also stands around screaming as Hyrule castle is coming down on your head instead of opening the doors. And what's up with Malon? You save her life and she won't give you a cow until you race about 100 times to beat her impossible record?
AMERICAN OUTLAWS... (am I boring you yet?) great movie, not that popular where i am.
INIVISIBLE MAN... Great TV show. quote: "Oh crap" BEASTMASTER
EARLY EDITION... "Chuck" is the answer to all mistakes/problems (Why didn't you finish your project? Chuck)

MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL... are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

also action/adventure movies (Anything with fighting blowing up, guns, that kinda stuff), and a bunch of other stuff that I cannot think of right now. I also enjoy mythology and history. Almost anything with elves, dwarves, swords, fairies, dragons, unicorns, etc. Also , I love movie music, such as songs by John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer, etc, so if you see mad ravings about movie music in my fics, that's where it's coming from.
Not really into Harry Potter. Okay. Don't likr it. Don't hate it anymore, just don't care. New person to hate! (See below)

PETER JACKSON MUST DIE. I WILL HUNT HIM DOWN FOR RUINING EVERYTHING. S.O.B. Slaps his logos all over the books he will die. He who raped MIddle-earth. suffer. death. burn. ahem. OVER THAT.

okay. terribly sorry about not updating. not time. APs. tests. stupid *%&%^%#* standarized tests that test how good you are about following what people tell you to do. dammit.

i have added to things, just not updated. I have some trouble getting on the Internet. not my fault. no connection at home (gasp). So, if you have the patience, I really will try to update. In awhile. Just check, I'd really appreciate. If I never update, you can call me a deceiver, a speaker of lies, and I will beg your apologies a thousand times on my knees. I really am sorry. I want more time to do things I like, but I have to learn and flourish into the young new future that is ever so bright.

Frozen Tears by Ice Sage reviews
Ruto watches Zora's Domain freeze over.......then does something about it. Please read this. I honestly believe this is my best fic so far.
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Chapter 3,4 IS UP!!!Mummy/ Indiana Jones crossover. It's about the pilots in charge of moving the heores around form place to place. um... Indy and Rick meet, and their pilots, Izzy and Clarence meet. They go out to find some stolen artifacts. Please R/R.
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The Deaths of Arwen reviews
PG for a few deaths... i suppose. The many deaths of Arwen (from the upcoming movie. I have nothing against her in the books)
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