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Author has written 3 stories for Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, and Simpsons.

Name: shall not be revealed, but you can call me Darkness; it's just an alias I've aquired, don't think too much about it
Age: you don't need to know that
Gender: female
Likes: cartoons, knitting, drawing, animals, neopets, hats, animating, roleplaying
Favorite Animal: cat
Pets: 2 cats, Manewkans (Me-new) and Dewteronomy (Dewey), and 1 parakeet (Spooky)
Favorite Movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Kung Pow, Princess Bride
Favorite Cartoons: Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, Detective Conan/Case Closed
Shows I Like That are not Cartoons: Scrubs, That 70's Show, The Colbert Report, Medium
Favorite Quotes:

"I sure like TV, and wearing pants."- Zim

"The good news is I named my nickel Phillip."-Cosmo
“What’s the bad news?”- Mark’s dad
“It’s a girl nickel!”-Cosmo

“You are one seriously crazed up fruitloop.”-Danny Fenton

“The innermechinations of my mind are an enigma.”-Patrick Star

"That is the most ridiculous hat I've ever seen -and I must have it-" -J.D.

"This is my world, I'm just letting you live here" -Mandy

“And, once again, the number one threat is bears.”-Stephen Colbert

"Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata, hiding with the candy." -Master Tang

“The left side of the brain looks to the right side of the brain and says, ‘it’s dark in here…and we may die’”-Lewis Black

"Get me a box of kittens, stat!" -J.D.

"Hey, what are you all still doing alive?!...Oh that's right, it's only Tuesday." -Zorak

"This is super special awesome." -Abridged Yugi

"Oh he's just a little shy because I've tried to kill him so many times." -Robert Underdunk Terwilliger (Sideshow Bob)

"HUGGBEES!" -0_o


Many times I'll talk to myself, or my little characters. Some of them will make cameos of themselves in fics, and some will give me ideas. They could very well be muses, but at this point they're only strange characters in my head that bother me a lot. These include:

Darkness- She is the reason I will sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person. She looks exactly like me, but wears a black top hat, cape, and monocle. She is the ringleader of all the residents in my head, and is quite manic. She tells me to do silly, random things, sometimes diabolical things, but half the time I don't listen.

Crescent- She is a vampire squirrel that only communicates through hisses, but if you know the language you'd understand her. She is in no way evil, despite her sinister appearance, and is in fact friendly. She contains my admirations for all things paranormal such as ghosts, aliens, etc. She's also the reason I love animals, sometimes more so than people.

Mr. Pickles- He's a miserable stick man (never smiles), and has two homemade comic books. Horrible things happen to him a lot, but by now he's used to it and he doesn't complain too much. He'll question my logic sometimes because he prefers things to make sense, since half the time the things that he goes through really don't make sense. He's usually the one that tells me I should read over my stuff again and again, pointing out my errors, but he's usually so quiet I forget.

IC: He's an angry little lion cub with black fur and red eyes who just loves it when people suffer, as long as it's not him. Sadly though he has suffered a bit, which was what led him to acting so cruel. He carries a giant mallet around, which he uses quite often on peoples heads. He bottles up all his emotions except anger and likes action just as much as suffering, so he'll occasionally suggest that I should include more of both. I love the little guy, but he's often ashamed of me and sometimes avoids me. But if he thinks I'm writing something wrong, he'll step in and tell me so quite bluntly. But he's five, what does he know about writing?

Thomas: He's a ghost lion, inspired by (of course) Danny Phantom. He is a fairly lonely lion, but good natured and quick to trust and not to fight. He likes it when evil characters show that even they have some good in them. Angst and evil are some things he doesn't care for, but IC's louder than him so he'll just leave me alone. However being the hopeless romantic that he is, he suggests that I include some sweet moments.

Greg: Uh...he's a giant, floating, mutant gecko. Mr. Pickles claims he likes to eat people, I'm not sure how he influences my writing.

Lampost- It has no name, it's just a simple area located in the endless black abyss that is my head and flickers a dim light. It is my glimmer of hope, compassion, trust, and anything good. It may seem overpowered by dark, but is actually there to add a lightheartedness to all things creepy and macabre, encouraging everyone to embrace the creatures of the night instead of fear them (for they are so misunderstood). I assure you I am in no way devoid of all light, but actually consumed by it, I just so happen to like making friends with weird, maybe even a little crazy people. Luna moths constantly flutter around this post, for this is my favorite bug.


Finished Storie(s):

Chokehold- (don't read! needs to be rewritten)
Trust Your Instincts- (don't read! also needs to be rewritten)
Furry Phantom
Not so Hidden Secrets

Stories in Progress:

Clown Shoe's on the Other Foot- Starting chappie 5.

Future Stories (hopefully):

Unleash Your Dark Side- Anti Cosmo has made yet another plan to be able to play nasty tricks on others LEGALLY, but this plan involves the return of Nega Timmy! What will Cosmo and Wanda do when their godkid is taken over by the forces of evil?

Far From Over- Danny has felt the sharp blade of the Toon Reaper, the very real fate of an ended cartoon. Where do all toons go when they are canceled? Some of us call it a graveyard...well what if it was? What if it was such a bleak and dark place, all toons who go there suffer a horrible transformation of the mind, whether it be angry and vengeful or depressed and hopeless? What will happen to Danny, and will he be able to save himself and the Cartoons of the Past from completely losing their control of their bodies and launching an attack on the very world that sent them to their doom?

If you read my stories you might notice how I lack decent writing flow, or at least I notice this. I will always apologize for this, especially to the people who really read my updates and review. I'd like to say that I'm trying to improve, and I am, and I hope you enjoy my little fics here. Thanks a bunch, and good day (or evening) to yas.

I would also like to apologize for my late updates. Hopefully I'll find more time to type things up. But I promise, I will get to them, the stories have NOT been abandoned.

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A Ghostly Cry by P.A.W.07 reviews
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Clown Shoe's on the Other Foot reviews
Sideshow Bob is framed for robbery, irony! And he feels the only ones who can clear his name are the very children who have foiled his evil schemes: Bart and Lisa Simpson. Will they help him or turn him in? What if Bart is still on his hit-list?
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Furry Phantom reviews
Danny always told Vlad to get a cat. Well, now he might regret giving him that suggestion. How is Danny going to protect anyone when he's been turned into a kitten? Being not much of a threat, can he even protect himself?
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