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Hey guys! I'm Amanda, I live in California, right outside San Francisco. I'm 19 years old, going to community college, working at a preschool and one of the local elementary schools, and doing shit tons of volunteer work through church. I work with children, meaning I never have to grow up. A child at heart is what I am and always will be. I'm productive only when I listen to music. I have a terrible addiction to Minecraft and Pinterest, a desperation to find some good books, and a love of reading and helping people get their writing to the next level! I adore talking with and meeting new people, so feel free to message me anytime.

BOOKS/ AUTHORS- Ellen Hopkins, Darren Shan, Taylor Mali, Kelley Armstrong

TV AND MOVIES- Bones, Castle, Kitchen Nightmares, Soul Eater, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Big Bang Theory, Food Network Star, PIXAR and Disney ANYTHING, all the Marvel movies

This is where you can really believe I haven't grown up. I'm continuously the most excited person in the movie theater when the latest Disney movie comes out. Be it my first, second, or third time being there watching the exact same movie in theaters.

MUSIC- All Time Low, All- American Rejects, Breathe Carolina, Cartel, Cute is What We Aim For, Fall out Boy, Goo Goo Dolls, The Maine, Matchbox 20, Neon Trees, Panic! At The Disco, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Relient K, Rocket to the Moon, Sparks the Rescue, Train, We The Kings

* We read to know we are not alone - - - C.S. Lewis *

* "Sticks and stones will break your bones but my words are gonna fuckin kill you" - - -Taylor Mali *

* "Forever has no meaning when you're living in the moment... I wasn't ready for the moment to end" - - - Ellen hopkins *

* It won't take me long to prove to you that I am a total PSYCHOPATH. It will take me far less time to make you totally LOVE me for it. *


Well I may as well make this completely blunt... Anything I have started right now probably will never get finished. Everything I had written on them, all my notes, all my segmented parts, everything, was lost about 3 months ago when some bitch sat her fat ass in my chair, knocked over my laptop, and completely destroyed my hard drive. (And if she happens to see this, I don't give a single flying fuck about insulting you, Kylie, you rude and arrogant bitch.) These include Clover (which I actually had been working on), Inhuman, Ghostly Romance, and possibly My Immortal, Torn Apart. Might pick that one back up, it's not hard to redo, just painful to look at because, well, it's My Immortal.

That being said, I'm cramming for some new ideas to get back into writing. My brother recently recorded hours- and I mean HOURS of Danny Phantom and it's like my childhood slapped me and wont let me go, and I'm fangirling over it just as much as I did when it first came out. Oh my Lord. It's incredible. I'm possibly going to be coming out with a story for that, and I might pick up a few more. Between school, work, and my volunteer projects no promises though.

Update on that note up there, I have an idea in progress, Prisoners of the Heart (working title) and a general very bare outline of it. I seriously, seriously need someone to brainstorm with me. Hit me up guys. Please. I need some help on this one. Here's my blurb, to see if it spike's anyone's interest.

Prisoners of the Heart

Gregor has really got Sam wrapped around his finger. Sam has really fallen hard for Gregor. Danny has really gotten pissed about the entire situation. But when things in the Ghost Zone start to lose control, Danny needs to figure out quick what so close to home is the cause of it. Because someone is breaking the rules, he just doesn't know who.

I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas and brainstorm with, if anyone wants to chat, message me! I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you, lovelies!

XOXO, Amanda

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