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Author has written 5 stories for Silver Kiss, Furi Kuri: FLCL, and Twilight.

~i love this pic of jimmy urine from msi. i mean come on hes a penguin!

Name: iShallFade

Age: sixteen

Gender: female

Favorite Foods: blueberries, grapes, mashed potatoes, apples

Favorite Snacks: nerds (the umm candy ._.), chocolately things like reeses and Kit Kats, wheat thins (for some reason I can't stop eating them...), vanilla pudding, melted charleston chews (hellz ya), salt and vinegar Chips =)

Favorite Color: purple! + black ( i chose purple cuz i couldnt choose between red and blue so i chose their mixture..yay!)

M'kay. Now that you know some random things about me, I might as well say hi. I admit I don't go this much anymore, but I really do want to finish Reverse This Curse. So I'll try to finish that soon.

Favorite Quotes:

"I'm nauseous." -me

"Weesnaw." - Spongebob

"Naitive girl must stop!" -Haruko, FLCL

"Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had a lot of hair." - adam

"Stop rubbing my legs." -adam

"All gone!" -Lala, Teletubbies

"Again! Again!" - Dipsy, Teletubbies

"Easy Peasy Pumkin Peasy! Pumpkin Pie Mother F--ers!" - Gerard Way

"Fierce." - Christen, project runway

"OMG, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW!" hysterical sobbing continues - one of those girls in Laguna Beach

"'Excuse me. Excuse me. Uh, excuse me, sir. I believed I ordered a decaf, nonfat, no whip, sugar-free vanilla-flavored latte." - Tall Latte by Devin Townsend on his album Ziltoid the Omniscient

"I am so omniscient. If there was to be two omniscients, I would both." -By Your Command by Devin Townsend on his album Ziltoid the Omnscient

"Go fly a kite!" - the step-mom, Juno

"Dance with us, Gir. Dance with us into oblivion." - the cows Gir sees as weiners talking to him, Invader Zim

"'Who dares to soil my normal boy head with this...pork cow!'

'That's a stinking muffin!" -dialogue between Zim and red headed boy, Invader Zim

"Sleep peacefully now for it is the last peaceful sleep you will ever know from this moment on!'

'But we're not asleep right now!'" - dialogue between Zim and lunch kid, Invader Zim

"I even got to ride a moose." - Dib, Invader Zim

"Ring the alarms." -me

"Holy smokes." -sara

"We are not arguing!" adam, our arguement about arguing

"'Geez. Banana, shut your friggin' gob, okay?'" - juno

"'I'm going to Women Now just cause I hear they're helping women now.'" -juno

"'I'm off pills.'

'That's a wise choice. Cause I knew this girl, she had this, like, crazy freak-out cause she took too many behavioral meds at once. And she just, like, ripped off her clothes and dove into the foutain at Ridgedale mall, and was like, 'Bligh, I'm a kraken from the sea!''

'I heard that was you.'

'Well, it's good seeing you, Su-Chin." - dialogue between Juno and Su-Chin, Juno

"Hey big puffy version of Juno." - Juno's dad, Juno

"I have a smoke my bedroom over my bed." - eutavuan (i think, i dont remember her name), Pee Wee's Playhouse

"American penis so big." -japanese makers of chinpokomon, South Park

"Just because I'm a squirrel doesn't mean I don't poop." -me

"Ugh. This tastes like pig vagina!" - someone from Tila Tequila

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" - my mommy

"Too early in the summer to be sick of beans." -brokeback mountain

"Shark people wear shark clothes!" - from the song Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps by I Am Ghost

Fanfic Suggestion:

For Naruto read Asphalt Love's work!

For FLCL read Fresh C's stuff.

Please Read And Review!


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