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Hello there, and welcome to my profile. My name is Harriss, I do not write currently and probably never will, here's some information about me:

Name: Already mentioned... Why did I do this one?

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Location: Not telling, so don't ask please.

Favorite Music: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Tom Petty etc...

Favorite Movies: Hm... Let's See... Slumdog Millionaire, Forest Gump, Office Space, Adventureland, Saving Sarah Marshell, The Lion King(watched this pretty much every day in Preschool), Wallie and anything else by Pixar, Antz.

Tv Shows: Chuck, Scrubs, Medium, Bones, Red Dwarf, Dr. Who, The Calbert Report, That 70's Show, Freaks and Geeks, and recently I've been watching The Big Bang Theory, sadly there doesn't seem to be much fanfiction for that show.

Books: Holes, Harry Potter, Ink Heart, Life of Pie, The Incridble Adventures of Goth Boy and Fan Girl, Star Beast, The Outsiders.

Why I'm here: I used to just read fanfictions on this website but one day I decided I wanted to write a review, so I got a user name. Since then I've discovered that I love to review stories, I love to help the author improve the story through constructive critcism or find out why the author did something a certain way. So, in a nut shell that's why I'm here.

Favorite Quotes

From TV


J.D.: "Holy Infurarity Complex Batman! How lame is it that I'm the side kick in my own fantasy?"

Turk: "It could be worse, you could be the butler!"


Booth: "What do you believe in?"

Bones: "I believe in always swiming with a buddy."


Dr. Cox: "I love this moment so much that I'd cheat with it on that moment from before, marry it and have a family of tiny little moments."


Carla: "You know what your problem is?"

Perry: "Well I..."

Carla,(intrupting): "See, that's your problem, who answers that question?"


Elliot: "Do I look too desperate?"

Carla: "No. Want me to ice your nipples for you?"

Elliot: "Why? What would that do?"


J.D.:"I too decided it was time to act like the most confident girl in the room."

From real people

Man on Lightrail in Sacramento to woman on Lightrail: "You look like god dang Tina Turner." PS- these two had hooked up by the time my friend and I got off the train, according to aforementioned friend anyway.

My friend Ian, (who's obviously male) : "In a totally non-gay way, I'd have sex with Christian Bayle."

Romulian in Star Trek: "Start the drill!" My Sister to me: "That's kinda ominous in a Home Depot sort of a way."

My feelings on the fictional relationships of certain fictional characters:

Harry Potter







Harry/Hermione, sorry just don't like it.

Lilly/Snape, um, the existence of this ship would negate the existence of the series.





Ellie/Awesome, I really like them as a couple and I'm happy they got married finally.






Turla, they're great togather, seriously I love them, more the J.D. and Elliot even.

Elliot and Turk friendship, I just love the way the interact, I don't like them as a couple, but they are incredibly enteraining as friends.



Ted and Goch (how do you spell her name?), because Ted really needed to finally win one.


J.D. / Turk, I just don't see it.

J.D./Cox, NO! Just, no...


I haven't read any fanfiction for this show yet but I really like Bones/Booth.

That 70's Show


Eric/Donna, my favorite couple in this show.



Randy/Donna, I even liked Randy, but he just wasn't Eric.

Fez/Jackie, NO, just no.


I will never flame you. Ever. I do however give contructive critcism, but, to my mind if you really don't like a story, just don't read it. You're not going to make it any better by flaming it.

Update 8/2/09

I have decided to review absoulutely everything I read from now on. So expect reviews!

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