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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

Concerning Vestal Harlot:

Or Ellen, but you can call me whatever you like.

My goal is to create original and engaging plot lines.

I have a penchant for dark, unusual pairings. A few words to describe the stories I like: Mysterious, odd, unique, and perhaps even a little twisted.

I am quite opinionated and I am always honest. I hope this reflects in my writing. I'll always do my best to deliver an honest and (circumstantially) believable story.

Someday, I hope to become a professor (history or classics).

2017 update --> I am in law school. Professor route seems doubtful. Interesting to read through all of this, sort of like a time capsule. As much as I want to edit this profile, I think I'll keep it as a memento to my younger, more free and creative self.


My favorite character is Hermione Jane Granger. She is THE heroine. As you'll notice, nearly all of my favorite Harry Potter stories feature Hermione as the leading lady. I absolutely adore her. She's brave yet not idiotically so, devastatingly clever, ferociously protective of her loved ones, and naturally beautiful to boot. While her bossiness might be irritating to some, I believe she is that way because she wants what is best for those she cares for. Even if this is lost on Ron, who I do not think is a suitable beau/lover/husband for Hermione. He simply isn't intelligent enough for her, and I don't find him to be the epitome of a true Gryffindor. He is selfish, very self-oriented, a bit cruel, and not very loyal when it gets right down to it. She would have been better matched with Harry in canon, but he has never given her the same regard as he has to the less loyal Ron. I feel ambivalence towards Harry in general. He isn't a very well developed character, is not extraordinarily talented (I agree with Severus that his reputation is more bloated than his worth; however, he is not a useless wizard), and prone to temper. However, I can't really say I loathe Harry. He's just Harry. He is a selfless person to a fault, and that is something to be admired, although perhaps not imitated.

I have a weak spot for the Slytherins. I find Severus Snape to be one of the most complex characters in the series. He has incredible snark. My feelings toward Draco Malfoy fluctuate. Usually, when I'm reading a fic with Hermione paired with someone her own age, I prefer to read her with Draco, because it makes for a generally interesting (unfortunately not very varied) junk food read. Draco himself, though? I find canon Draco to be somewhat weak and a bit of a coward. In "reality," I don't think a relationship between him and Hermione would work because he couldn't handle someone like her, and would leave her if his father became threatening. However, I think it would be fun to write a story that involves a maturing Draco who would eventually stand up for himself and his relationship with Hermione. It would be a suitable challenge, and one I plan to attempt someday.

Lord Voldemort and Tom Riddle have always been my first choices for potential mates with Hermione. Before I discovered fanfiction, I always imagined Lord Voldemort whisking Hermione away, whispering secrets of flight and power to her. Tom Riddle is sexy, and, looking pass the sociopathicness, is suitably talented and intelligent enough for Hermione. She needs someone who can mentally keep up, otherwise she'd be bored to tears (cough marriage to Ron cough). Imagine the adventures that couple could get up too. They wouldn't stop until they've discovered every secret the world has to offer, so great is their thirst for knowledge. I think that's the bottom line of why they could be compatible. With that being said, I think Lord Voldemort is rather two-dimensional in the Harry Potter books. But...there is SO much potential. I work with that potential. Also, I realized it's a bit F* up, but that's kinda what makes me like it. Oh, the layers.

Luna Lovegood is my second favorite female character in the series. I love her oddness and honesty. She carries an air of mystique about her that I find intriguing. Maybe it's my love for the oddball misfits of the world. I do not like Ginny. She comes off as a bit Mary Sue-ish.

Of course, everything comes down to this: How well written is the story? A well written story can bring cardboard cutouts to life.

Pet Peeves:

A lot of things annoy me when it comes to writing fanfiction. I believe it to be absolutely necessary to have someone proofread all your writing before you post it. Now, that's not to say a reasonably talented writer who accidentally left out a comma or forgot to delete a coordinating conjunction should be banned for life. No, it's those chronic writers of "hermione and ginney went to the mall and bought a lot of makeup because hermione really needed to be more sexy for her last year of school. They also bought hermioen a tight tube top, a black minney skirt and, hermione breatehd as she saw the sexy witch in the mirrow, i look hot now all the boys will be drolling now."

THAT is what I'm talking about. Apart from the EGREGIOUS punctuation and grammatical errors the subject of the story is disgusting. Obsession with physical perfection and outside beauty, be it in reality or the concoction of a fanfiction(dot)net writer, is downright sickening. It makes me fear for society and human kind even more than before. It's starting to sound like Twilight.

Which leads me to my next peeve. The Twilight series. Terrible. I'm going to be as choppy as I can for fear of creating a 20 page rant against Smeyers.

-Two Dimensional Characters

-Predictable and unoriginal plot line

-Too focused on physical beauty

-Obsession, not love

-Mary Sues galore

TBC. It makes me too angry to focus on for an extended period of time. Twilight is the epitome of bad fanfiction. Now, with that being said, I don't have a big problem with actual Twilight fanfiction. If you can somehow manage to give Bella a backbone.

Here's something all writers need to look out for: do NOT overuse SAID. It's annoying, and there are plenty of more fitting words to substitute for it. I can't tell you the number of times I've put down a book because I started counting the number of times the author used "said." Out-Of-Characterness (OOC) grates me as well because usually there isn't a good reason for it, apart from the writer trying to create a believable scenario. Nota bene: the Hermione and Ginny makeover scene above.

Other Characters (OCs) should never, ever upstage canon characters. It's rude, and no one wants to read a story staring Mary Sue. Well, I rescind that. Look at the popularity of Twilight...

Last, but not least, song fics. Yes, music is a great source of inspiration, but please don't keep interrupting the story with lyrics. It's annoying, and breaks the flow of the story.

Yet, despite all these irritants, I keep coming back. Why?

Diamonds in the rough, and the allure of imagination.

Regarding Obliviate: This story is an experiment in Tabula Rasa and the Allegory of the Cave. Nothing is quite as it seems. The beginning chapters are mostly philosophical/set up, but this story will eventually get pretty nasty. You have been warned.

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