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We are Mika and Sadie; we are Omnipotent One MZ3. Why are two of us using one Omni title? Well, why not?

Both of us are in college, are veteran fanfiction writers, survivors of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and incredibly epic people. Don't hate; college is ten million times what you think it is, if you can live through your wangsty emo years to see it. Stay in school, stay off drugs and away from alcohol, and you too can some day hold your diploma up for a thousand and one pictures at your graduation; then you can be off to a bright future that doesn't involve getting your G.E.D. and winding up as a cashier at some random fast food restaurant.

In addition, get over yourself. You deserved what you got. You can get better if you believe you can, but if you don't motivate yourself, it's not like you can buy inspiration in a store or off your television like a Snuggie. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen - this rule applies to fanfiction as well, and no one is or should be afraid to grill you, especially if you aren't doing a good job.

Visit us some time, and we'll return the favor.