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Yes...I am BrolyFTMFW...the number one antiromance writer on, if not the the whole world. I used to watch DBZ as a kid, but now I watch Death Note and Bleach...however I have access to both animes, and even though I have tried others (Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Universe...what a failure that was LOL), these are my favorites to think about and/or write about.

For DBZ, my favorite stories involve a cool Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta getting the shit beaten out of him. I also like those AF fics people try to write.

For Bleach, my favorite stories involve LTG (hehehe) as well as Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia getting completely destroyed LOL. Ichigo because he says the same stuff over and over ("I will protect blah blah") Renji because he's the Vegeta of Bleach in that he thinks he's good...but he's not, and Rukia because she's always feeling guilty over some stupid thing, overanalyzing when Gin says "jk" and she starts to scream, and also because she is just weak as hell. Then of course, she is also A WOOMAN!

My favorite Death Note fics are anything that isn't LxLight, because that's pretty much all the dirtbags write on specifically, if you rewrite the ending to something a little less...crappy, I'll read it (I'm gonna make a few of my own as well)

So now I am going to put down several pairs of people who I consider to have DBZ/Bleach personalities. Only a handful of people (you know who you are) will get this:



Mr. Popo/Uub/Tousen/Gin (It's undecided who's who for these two LOL)

Videl/Rukia (Wooman FTMFL)


Broly/Zaraki (the perfect fit IMO)




Yeah...there's more bleach than there are dbz characters so I'll leave it at that...

If you love romance, you will hate my stories. If you love theh wooman, you will hate my stories. If you love liberal behavior, you will hate my stories...looks like 90 percent of the site would hate my stuff LOL.

Update: This shit got too homotional for me for a while, I might restart, might not...but in case people were wondering, yes I am a student-athlete at an elite (think top 10) private university. No you may not attack me with insults such as "ur prolly a fat looser!" or "omgz u bastard u have no life" because they probably apply a lot more to you than they do to me.

Update 2: lmao at me logging back into this account over 6 years later. Cringe levels through the roof.

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