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I have two great passions in this world and they are as follows:



Depending on my mood, that order of importance can change... lol. Either way I love being creative. Writing and music are my passions in life and they allow me to express myself rather than just sitting down and talking to people and they stop me from bottling everything up.

Maybe one day I'll come up with an epic novel for all the world, but for now I'll stick with my fan fics and other short stories.

Music on the other hand is in my soul. It seems to make everything okay, even when it's not. I don't have some great quote for you, even though I feel like I should, but I'll come up with something yet... I'm just waiting for the inspiration.

Anyways,how about just a little about me then? I'm 25 years old, I work a lot, in a job that I enjoy but hopefully it isn't going to be my forever job. My forever job should relate to at least one of my two passions, although I'd rather have the best of both worlds. I guess we'll see since life can certainly throw curve-balls at us. I am married to a wonderful man whom I love dearly (which is one of the reasons I'm not pursuing music as actively as I'd like to, but I mean who am I kidding, my music is for me and that's all that matters.

I work really hard, I'm talking a ton of hours so if I'm not updating my story (whatever I'm working on at the moment) I apologize, please be patient with me.

I read a lot of fanfics and I try to leave feedback where I can. If you are reading one of mine and leave feedback, I will do my best to reply as well as read your fanfics and leave reviews.

My fanfics -

Currently on the go... Unhappy Endings & New Beginnings

Set two years after the season 4 finale, the gang has gone their separate ways, however, slowly but surely, the gravitational pull of Tree Hill is dragging them back into each others lives, little by little.

Brooke, a successful fashion designer is living life to the fullest. Haley & Nathan are in college and trying hard to provide a good life for their son, while at the same time, trying to live their own dreams and stay close to one another. Lucas & Peyton have stayed in Tree Hill and are uncertain as to what their future holds. As for everyone else, well you'll just have to wait and see.

Final ships have not been determined because although I have an idea of how I would like this story to end, I'm not 100 certain if that's where the plot will end up taking me... so it'll be as much of a surprise for me as it is for you. Although the story follows much of what has happened until the end of S4, there is some slightly AU changes because I started writing it after the basketball championships.

Beta Reading -

So, I just wanted to leave a quick note on my being a beta reader.. I currently am beta reading or will be beta reading shortly for the following stories.

One Tree Hill Fics -

The first is May the Road Rise to Meet You by ThumperE23This is a sequel to All Roads Lead to Home, so I would recommend reading the first prior to the second in order to gain a full understanding of where everyone is at in the world of One Tree Hill. I've picked up beta-ing this mid story so you'll see my beta-ing kick in in section 5...

The Sequel to "All Roads Lead Back Home" It is the second half of the school year, a friendship will break, a relationship will end, a legacy will be re-established, shadows of the past return, dreams end and a life will change.

The second is Life in the Fast LIne by LadyGambit. It's currently being revamped from the beginning, so although the first few chapters are currently posted, new version are being reposted weekly.

When everything seems to be going down the drain all Nathan needed was one open road and a ten second car to escape it all one mile at a time but what happens when instead of ten second car he gets, what he calls, a ten second heart?

The third is Time to Face the Past by Lucas4Brooke4Ever. Another amazing story by a talented writer. Although the stories on a bit of hiatus, if you want a good read, take a look at it and maybe if you leave some reviews, the author will update soon!

It's time to come home after 4 long years but how have people changed? Is it time to stop running from the one that you love and come clean or are any feelings simply better off buried! BL

Twilight Fics -

Before the Dawn by supernatural-gurl12. This is an extremely well written story by a talented author and it continues from the original trilogy well. So, if you're looking for a good read on Twilight, take a look at this one! I began beta'ing this one from chapter 7 onward.

Bella was concerned about Charlie’s reaction to her engagement, but soon realizes that it’s the least of her worries. Things fall apart, and Bella must make the ultimate sacrifice for those she loves. And for true happiness, there’s always a price to pay.

There and Back Again by black011. Another excellent story! Another story that if you are looking for a Twilight fic to read while awaiting Breaking Dawn should check out this story. I began beta'ing around chapter 5 or 6 onward...

After 72 years of absence, the Cullen's return to the small town of Forks. What would have changed in this small town? Will anyone remember the Cullen's extravagent wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan? What about the Wolves?

I am currently not available as a beta reader as I am full to capacity with the stories I currently have taken on. When I am available again, I will change this note in my profile.

So I guess that about covers everything... please check out not only my fic, but the fics I beta for as well. They are all great stories that I hope you would enjoy!

Take Care!

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