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Ah, I guess some of you are wondering about the man behind the fic, ne? If so, then let's see...I'm a 21 year old college student, formerly majoring in computer engineering and now pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree in English. I dig Robert Jordan and his books, as well as Japanese short stories; I love The Izu Dancing Girl by Kawabata Yasunari in particular and Kokoro by Soseki Natsume.

You can probably guess that I'm into Naruto as well. But what you probably don't know is that I have several manga/anime that place well ahead of it in terms of my favorites to watch. Bleach, Trigun, Neon Genesis Evangelion, D. Gray-man and Elfen Lied all rank up there. And you can probably guess that I don't dig the Oxford Comma; I'm on a personal crusade to kill it!

Fic-wise, I'm working on Ablutions chapter two at the moment, but I also have about three others in progress. Aside from that, I've done some beta work for Empyreal Rebirth, and I am also now working with a nice dude named Spiffacles to edit his previous chapters and the current ones he's working on. So hopefully, you'll see something from each of us real soon.

One thing that I want to mention about Ablutions is that for me, this fic is of incredible importance. Even though I might -- in the future -- place other fics ahead of it, in terms of progress, Ablutions is something I'm doing to prove a point; I'm trying to leave my mark on the world of fanfiction, so to speak. That probably sounds incredibly arrogant, and it probably is, but understand this: fanfiction today has waned in quality. There are so many bad pieces of fanfiction out there, that it is no wonder we -- fanfiction authors -- are often denigrated by real authors.

The point of Ablutions is to show that an author can take one of the worst aspects of a community and turn it into something great and original. I plan to take a cliche and turn it into something wonderful, washing away that stigma of Naruto fanfiction being inferior to other fandom sources; hence the name Ablutions. For those of you not in the know, ablution is the act of washing oneself -- typically with some religious or at least, deep importance.

So all of you fanfic authors out there, heed the call! Don't let apathy overrule you! Don't become so comfortable and complacent that you find yourself falling back on old, reliable writing styles! Take your fic by the reins and turn it into something that you are truly proud to contribute!


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