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Author has written 8 stories for Ranma.

I'm a big Mitsuru Adachi fan. But my first love is Ranma 1/2. :)

I have a lot of ideas in my head that is hard to put into writing because I easily forget the story. There are times when I finally had it into words but then something would change my mind and I end up not even starting it.

Fanfics are really hard to make especially when you need to think of other possibilities for the story to grow and develop. I have four fics in mind right now aside from Wishing to the stars.

Pending : (I misplaced my already written chapter, so now I'm considering it gone after looking for it several times. I need to reread to story and write another chapter for it.)

Wishing to the stars - At first I don't know what title I should write in it but thanks to my friend's visit and unintentional advice, I finally knew the title of it. I just don't know if I'll be able to finish it. Truthfully, I've lost every desire to finish this fic because I often get distracted every time I start to continue it. However, I will try to update it every month until I finish the whole story.

My other ideas... (These will remain as other ideas as I haven't continued writing or rewriting them. Most of them will be one-shot since its easier that way.)

Tangled Lives - This one is what I'm really busy doing right now. I just love writing it but every time I finished the chapter, I realized that something is lacking so I kept on re-writing it. But I really like this story. -- It's about Ranma not being a Saotome. The story is somewhat common but I think the new characters that I will introduce are really interesting. I'm really excited about it.

Drifting Away - When Ranma and Akane goes with their separate lives.

Unwilling Adviser - When Akane gives advices about love to someone.

Gamble - A story of how Ranma gambles for love. Been trying to write this for almost two years now but I kept on ending with a oneshot. Don't know if I'll post it here.

When the leaf lets go/ Nature - It's focused on Ukyou and how she feels about Ranma and his fiancees. I like Ranma and Akane pair up but I love Ukyou. Perhaps because I sympathize with those people who are trap in a one-sided love. (Still don't know about the title) I've finished the first half of it. (oneshot only)

The disinherited disciple - Finished with the concept and almost with the prologue. It just needed some more time for me to finish the first part.

Ideas for other mangas and animes

I wanted to write some other fanfics for other manga like H2, cross game, touch and steins;gate but I'm not too familiar with the characters yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to write even one from any of these.

For Young Heart:

FYI: I got a few reviews asking about the growth mushroom since its different from the anime. It is based on the manga actually so if you haven't heard of it, try reading I think its in chapter 32 or 33. In the anime, the mushroom episode is like a love potion or something.

Hopefully I can post soon. Already did two scenes for it but rethinking of making a different one.

For Crazy in Love:

Thank you for those who read it and to those who reviewed.

I'm not sure if I can write a sequel, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to write more heart breaking stories like this one. I'm thinking of a compilation for 'Just another sad ending'... :) The challenge for me is on what chapter can I make the readers cry.


Young Heart's New Chapter will be posted soon. Won't be proofreading it much because RL distractions... :D

Days is still in hiatus. But will be posting the last three chapters of it soon.

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