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Name: you shall never know you stalker...

okay, so in these things they tell you to give a breif discription about yourself. so i'll try to be a breif as possible...

i'm in love with a fictional character named edward cullen, i do like jacob but he isn't my favorite.

2. twilight is my life, everything i say or do in ways revolves around it

3. i have a very long nerdy list of things to do and completeing the story you will find below is on it

4. i love reading and writing, otherwise i wouldn't be here blabbering on about myself

6. i forgot the number 5 but i'm too lazy to go back and change it

and 7. i hate it when people say "u" instead or you or stuff along those lines. i just find it really annoying... sorry if it insults any who read this...

"i want to get married like that... in the middle of a big fight scene... killing random fish people..."-me

"the human in me is scared but the elf in me says YES!"-my sister

"sophie, you'r hair is like starlight... it's beautiful!"-howl

"i miss him already,

he is rather charming,

NO BODY MOVE, i dropped me brain..."-the many faces of captain jack sparrow

" if you're a whore, i'm a whore... "me...again

"you make me feel suicidal..."and yet again... me

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