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Loyal Subject

aka: The Jumbo Shrimp

About Me:
I am 21, attending college with a concentration in Digital Filmmaking. I've been writing fanfiction since high school (not that that's something to extraordinary or anything). I do this mostly because it is not only fun but I feel as though it helps me when writing dialogue for my scripts. Because, let's face it, I suck at dialogue when working on my scripts. It also helps me to develop stories on my own, practice character development, etc. In short, it's good practice and also a lot of fun. I also think it's great that I can always come back here and see how much I've grown as a writer.

Current Projects: OC Projects that will not be posted here. Mainly because they don't focus on any main characters in their respective series. Which means no one will read them. Which means there's no point in posting them. Perhaps some Korra fics will come shortly though I've already written one so maybe not.

Current Obsessions: Korra, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Kingdom Hearts/Disney

Current Things That Have Interested Me But I Wouldn't Call Them Obsessions: Twin Peaks, Pulp Fiction, Young Justice, Thundercats

Favorite Books:

In general, I prefer children's literature or classic literature. These are in no particular order and I'm only listing some of them. My favorites are always changing but these seem to stay the same when I think about what my favorite books are.

Alice in Wonderland

Peter Pan

Pride and Prejudice

A Christmas Carol

The Graveyard Book

The Chronicles of Narnia

To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movies:
Again, I'm a bit of a sucker for Disney movies. But I've got a few slightly normal favorites...though my favorites are always changing. I'm only listing a few.

Beauty and the Beast

Nightmare Before Christmas

My Neighbor Totoro

Where the Wild Things Are

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Great Mouse Detective

Favorite Male Characters:

I've got a lot of favorite characters...and I mean a lot. But, I'll just list the ones I've been thinking about lately and why I like them. In general, I tend to like quirky, dorky, or overly intelligent to the point where they kind of an ass characters.

L: I've always liked L from Death Note and he definitely fits into the 'I'm so smart I'm going to be a complete ass about how smart I am' category. I also have a thing for tall, scrawny pale guys.

Sherlock Holmes: I pretty much like any incarnation of him and the archetype that he is (again, the total ass but he's so smart so it's okay he's an ass). There are a couple of exceptions of course but in general I like his character and any adaptation of him. This includes Basil from the Great Mouse Detective. I'm just a big Sherlock Holmes fan and yet, it's pretty pathetic that I've only read a few of the stories. I know in a way I shouldn't even call myself a fan. But I am. So there.

Zuko: He kind of falls into the 'dork' category. I love Zuko the most when he's being a dork. I also like his overall story.

Mako: What can I say? Firebeneders are hot. But,in all seriousness, I also like his determination and the way he cares about his brother. He's definitely become one of my favorites due to that.

Eleventh Doctor: I know a lot of people like the 10th Doctor. But, in many ways, the 11th was my first Doctor. When my friend first told me about Doctor Who and what it was basically about, I imagined the sort of character the 11th Doctor is. Which is why I like him the best. He's quirky, he's intelligent, a bit arrogant, and I love him.

Agent Cooper: Honestly, I only stuck with Twin Peaks because of this guy. This dude. He is awesome. The definition of quirky to the point where he's absolutely adorable no matter what he does.

Peter Pan: I've always had a crush on Peter Pan. Leave me alone. I don't care if he was only 12 in the movie and 7ish in the book...

Clopin: He is just a badass. I love him.

Kakashi: Pretty much the same reason as Clopin.

I've got a lot more favorites but honestly I'm getting kind of bored writing this. Really, I only started to re-edit my profile because I don't want to work on an essay I'm supposed to be working on.

I was going to do a list of female characters but honestly, I usually tend to prefer the male characters when I'm watching a show as opposed to the female. Or rather, my favorite character is usually a guy regardless if I'm kind of crushing on him. Plus, I think a majority of my favorite female characters ever would largely consist of the Disney Princesses with some exceptions. But most of them would be because of the memories/image I have of the Disney version of said character...so really there's no point in going over them.

Some other random what-nots:

Dehatterfy: To take off someone's hat particularly when said person is a suspect in possessing world portals, squirrels, dead dormice, and/or other unusual things under his or her hat.

-I have an unconditional love for my Oswald plush at the moment. There are times when I wake up and find that I've went to grab him in my sleep and hug him. I've also hugged my other toys as well recently...I guess this is a new habit I've developed. And yes, I still sleep with toys.

-I have never read the Lord of the Rings. Shocking, I know. I did read The Hobbit though.

-My favorite superhero is Batman. I wouldn't call him a 'favorite' male character but if I had to pick a superhero, it will always be Batman.

-The scariest movie I have ever seen was The Ring. It gives me nightmares to this day and I will never watch it again. Actually, I didn't even fully watch the movie the first time around but it's still traumatized me somehow.

-I am eagerly awaiting my letter from Hogwarts. It still hasn't arrived yet though.

-I've been inside the TARDIS. It's not as big as it appears in the show and it also oddly looks more like a bathroom...It IS bigger on the inside though.

-I used to have an imaginary friend that was based off of a very old TV show on Nickelodeon. I believe the show was meant to mimic Star Trek or Lost in Space or something. Either way, I eventually had to drop her off at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It was a very sad day.

Disclaimer:some of those were jokes...in case you were suspecting I'm completely mad.

Stuff from my old Bio

Pairings I Support

Yuuki x Zero: duh

Hatter x Alice: another duh. I mean, who else can she be with? Oh right the White Knight...grins

Randy x Sharona: confirmed in the last episode of Monk where Sharona returns and it's cute. I think, anyways.

Shawn x Juliet: Come on, these two were totally meant to be! Screw Abigail. Spoiler: Abigail dumped Shawn officially in the season finally! Ha!

Natalie x Gus: yeah, I know. They aren't even in the same show. BUT if they ever did a crossover between Monk and Psych (which USA should) then I would totally support this pairing. It just fits. In my eyes anyway XD.

Dodge x Alice: from the Looking Glass Wars. This series is merely okay. It isn't great but it isn't terrible either (considering it is written for children) Spoilers: finally they get married in the end! /Spoilers

Snape x Lily: Yeah, I was bitten by this bug a while ago...and I still support it. Why the series ended the way it did, I will never know.

Tifa x Cloud: Go to thelifestream.net or whatever. It's been confirmed all you non-believers! Officially cannon. Yeah.

Zack x Aerith: Well, now that Cloud is busy with Tifa, it is only natural that Aerith and Zack are together in the lifestream as lovers. The end.

There are probably more but that's for another day. After all, this is more of a list of the oddball pairings...sort of...that have to do with my current obsessions. Also, I didn't bother to mention the obvious pairings like Minnie x Mickey. Seriously...that should be common sense. XD

The story of my life: Me, L, and Takuma decided to put the sprinklers on my trampoline. We slipped and slid all over the place. L almost jumped over the trampoline net. It was loads of fun!... until my mom found out hehe.

L is for Love

Going to an anime convention with Vic Mignogna is like Halloween and Christmas together!

Tandokucon was amazing- Vic, Aaron, Johnny, Lex Lang, Liam O'Brien, and every else - YOU RULE!

Tora Con 09 was just as amazing- I got a hug with Vic!! dies And my friend and I saw Colleen in our hotel...yeah that's right you are all jealous! (well, I didn't have my glasses on so I don't know if that counts as seeing her but still!)

Vic- Hey you all laugh now but I'm walking down crunchy street!

Vic Mignogna saying my line: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T83hIn-aQGM

Nothing new in life. It just goes on...and on...and on...OMG FILM'S CLASS ROCKS!! (I miss you film's class =( )


My Loves

L- the detective "Fifteen Love" Omg he said love!

Kakashi- the shinobi "Behind this mask is...another mask! Pretty cool huh?" Oh yeah that is just too cool -_-

Takuma- the vampire "Let's have a pillow fight!" Yeah! Pillow fights are super fun!

Ulqui- the arrancer Why did you have to die? tear

Yako- the book worm Just caught you're very own spin off series and you're just as awesome as ever!

Zuko- the banished prince "Hello, Zuko here" Yes, I can see that. (Oh jeez he's such a dork, I love it! And have been watching Avatar religiously until Monk and Psych start up again)

My BFFs from my ordinary life

Pieces of Hope- "Bite me."

Reiko Minase- "Loyal Subject is an oxymoron?"

WinchesterGal- "No frickin way."

deaf- "you are the queen of Halloween."

Animefan48- "I didn't steal them I took them."


Vic Mignogna: I may be as free as a bird but I'm not as free as a cow.


LS: So how's PoH doing?
Edward Elric (pretending to be PoH): she's okay...I mean I'm fine! I don't know why you're asking me when I'm always talking to you!
LS: hahahahahaha got you
Edward: BITCH!


LS: O_o you're the one that brought him up...

I think this happened for a reason. Him dying. Me finding this.
Stottlemeyer: What are you talking about?
Randy: Circle of life.
Stottlemyer: That's the Lion King.
Randy: Exactly except instead of the lion its me and instead of a baby cub it's a diet coke.
Stottlemeyer: Randy I'm going to let you have this on one condition. You know what you said about the lion and the baby cub and the diet coke... you don't ever repeat that again as long as I'm alive. Hahaha! I love you guys :)

Loyal Subject: L keeps eating all the sweets in the house -_-
WinchesterGal: So hit him
LS: But that's mean...
Just hit him!
LS: He isn't here yet
WG: well wait for him!


Animefan48: Are these hot cause I'm eatin them.
LS: It says "Kick Yo Ass Hot" on the front O_O


Marcie: Oh wait I wrote that one. It's called fan fiction -- THANK YOU MARCIE! WAY TO SUPPORT THE MONK FANS!


When you're born dead you're alive and when you die you're dead -- old quote but still :)


LS: L likes your profile picture
Pieces of Hope: I figured
LS: Though he prefers cake
PoH: Of course

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