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UPDATE REDUX: So when I'm not writing fanfics (well, I guess the singular would be more appropriate), I'm helping program SBURB! No really, I'm actually being serious here. It's called the Overseer Project, and it's a web-based fangame of the Homestuck fandom where you literally play SBURB with your friends, with a focus on community interaction. If you encounter a combination that doesn't correspond to an item yet, you can design and submit one. We already have 5,500 items in the database and it's growing every day! You can check it out here:

A friend of mine is making a comic based off of Another World, although she's been distracted lately and hasn't really worked on it in a while. Still, as it's a comic of my fanfic I feel it's only fair that I should link to her deviantArt page, where you can find it:

I have a blog, although I don't really care to use it often so meh. I'll probably use it to post updates on things that I do like fanfiction and videos, when I get around to it. Have a look-see:

So hi. Blahsadfeguie's the name, Fanfiction's the game! But you probably guessed that if you're reading this.

My style is... basically to keep experimenting until I see some potential. This is why you haven't seen anything from me in the past... really long time. I didn't write anything that I felt like I should keep.

Remember when I said that Fish out of Water was "the one"? Looks like my judgment failed yet again! But hey, I do have another new story up that has even more potential (for actually being completed, that is), and I'm already 20 chapters into it. If you liked my old stories, you will probably be ok with this one.

As for the others, who knows, maybe I'll get back into them as well. Multitasking is the bane of my existence, so it's not all that likely, but it could happen.

Games/shows/series I like, in no particular order: Pokemon, Sonic, Bo-bobo (although it's kinda exhausted by now), Homestuck, My Little Pony (fancy that!), Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, and many others to a lesser extent. Any of these might spawn a few ideas from the author in me, but again, I'm not posting anything I'm no more than a chapter into :L

Anything past this line is stuff that doesn't relate to my career, so read at your discretion.

They used to call me the Random King but nowadays I'm a little on the calm side. I've kept all of the humor and none of the insanity. Or was it the other way around...?

I have a Youtube account which is home to several Let's Plays and TF2 replays (because what channel would be complete without a few of those). It is Sophocles12, an account I have had for MANY years, though you'll probably find me by searching Blahsadfeguie. As per usual, none of my LP series are truly finished.

I also do Steam stuff like Terraria and TF2 so if you're completely bored and have no other option you can punch in Blahsadfeguie there as well. :L

Roleplaying is also a thing I like doing.

And so is drinking root beer and other ridiculously unhealthy carbonated beverages.

Yep. I'm out of things to say.

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