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Author has written 16 stories for Naruto, Final Fantasy XII, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Final Fantasy VII.


Sure, my best friend draws me stuff lots, but she does that cos she likes the story AND cos she's my best friend

This person just did it cos she likes the story.



Go look:

The first fanart

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Note: This is all me drivelling on, so feel free to skip over it all and get to the stories. XD

The Basic Stuff

Name: I have no name. -smirks dramatically- Or, well, at least no name I will tell the general public. XD

Age: Not really any of your business. High school age anyway.

Gender: Female.

A Bit About Me: I always go totally blank when I try to think of things to say about myself. Really. But here's a tiny bit, anyway. I live in a small-to-medium sized country called New Zealand most notably famous for its sheep, its rugby team, and a rather elderly former mountain climber called Edmund Hillary who climbed Everest first or something like that. -doesn't really care- I'm probably best described as a slightly insane otaku with a Final Fantasy fixation. Everything else, as a fairly famous author once said, "is subject to change without notice". And yes, I have read all the Pern books. Not sure if I liked them or not. My one goal in life is to get one of my original stories published. Oh, that and convince Square Enix to do a remake of FFVII with better graphics so poor Reno doesn't look like a crack addict and everyone else stops looking like Lego men. (The most pitiful thing about that ambition is that it's actually true... I very obviously don't want much out of life, do I?)


And now I shall rave on about the more important things in my life, my stories. (Wow, that sounded pathetic!!) Can't be bothered talking too much about the oneshots, so I'll just list 'em.


(Or sorta Oneshots =P)


Tears and Kisses in the Snow - GaaHina (Gaara x Hinata) Romance. M for language. Oneshot.

Broken Dreams - GaaHina. Romance. K+ Sort of Oneshot. It's in two parts.

Hinata's Christmas - GaaHina (Again) Romance. M for language and suicidal-ness. Oneshot.

Promises - GaaHina. Romance. K+ Oneshot.

A Love That Burned - GaaHina. Romance/Angst. K+ Oneshot.

Her Savior - KakaHina (Kakashi x Hinata. My Gods! Something that isn't GaaHina!!) Romance. T for a near-rape scene. Oneshot.

Night of Remembrance - No real pairings. (Characters: Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Hinata, Kakashi.) General. K+ Oneshot. (Better actually explain this one since it's almost completely different from all the others. Basically, it's of five of my favourite-er Naruto characters thinking of those they've lost. As in died. Yeah, vastly different to all the other ones I'd done before.)

Never and Always - No real pairings. (Characters: Haku, Zabuza.) Angst. K Oneshot. (Just a side note... I LOVE HAKU!!!)

Words: GaaHina. (Oh, what a surprise...) Romance/Angst. T Oneshot.


After Hours - ReTi (Reno x Tifa) General/Romance. K+ Oneshot.

Multi-Chapter Fics


A True Love - GaaHina. Romance. T Currently two chapters. For everyone who's read this and wants another chapter, I'M SO SORRY! For some reason, I haven't been able to work on it for ages, and now that the Lost Chronicles of Reno has come along, it's been been put on the back burner, probably indefinitely. I'm SORRY!! Anyway, now that I've got my Ritsu-ness out of my system... It's more or less the sequel to my very first fanfic Tears and Kisses in the Snow. I haven't worked on it in so long it's probably gone mouldy. (Eeewww... Mouldy story...) I will finish it someday. Promise. - DISCONTINUED (For now)

The Random Little Naruto Stories - Varied pairings. General. Rated M to be safe (for swearing). Currently three chapters. Exactly what it says on the packet. It's all the Naruto drabbles that I've written, added as I come across them. Includes GaaHina (ah, but of course), SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura) and probably others but I can't remember. Haven't touched it in a while so it's covered in a three inch layer of dust.


D's Assistant - Not sure if there will be a pairing... General. T Currently five chapters. Includes my lovely OC Erika Hunter, who is not as Mary Sueish as I expected. In fact, people seem to actually like her. (What a shock!) Summary: In short, D, for inexplicable reasons of his own, hires a teenage girl to work at the petshop for him. Enter Erika and a bunch of rather strange events. Currently on hold, mainly because I have the most dreadful case of writer's block imaginable regarding it. ON HIATUS


Sky Pirate and Gamer - Balthier x OC. M for language. General/Romance. Currently four chapters. Yes, now this OC (Jessica Blake) does not quite measure up to Erika Hunter, I'm afraid, and she has been known to show Mary Sueish tendencies... Written in a burst of creativity after playing the game, and will probably never be finished, unless I unearth FFXII and play it again. It's one of those "sucked-in" stories, where the OC ends up inside the game he/she/it was playing. Yeah, the idea was that she and Balthier have several spectacular fights and then get together. Never happened. Probably will never happen. DISCONTINUED.


The Lost Chronicles of Reno: Part I: Rat - Runo (Reno x Rufus) General, because it's a bit of practically everything. M for lots of language and violence. Three chapters and FINISHED!! Normally I can't finish ANYTHING but this time I managed it! Admittedly, the series has another two parts to go, but I've FINISHED this one!!! Alright, now that I have had my little spaz-attack, I'll tell you all about the story. It's Reno's life starting from when he's first press-ganged into joining the Turks to just after Advent Children. It's gonna be a three part series and this is the first one. I'm working on the second right now. It's a Runo (Rufus x Reno) fic, so yes, it is yaoi/shonen-ai, whatever you want to call it. If you don't like that kind of thing, then please don't read it.

The Lost Chronicles of Reno: Part II: Reno - Runo. General. M for language and possible scenes in the future as well as violence. Currently five chapters. The second part of the above series. Having abit of trouble with it right now, but it should work out. There should be more in the way of Rufus x Reno action in this one, so if you don't like shonen-ai then don't read it. May contain a lemon at some stage in the future... If I can write lemons. -


All done. That took forever and a week... And I don't even have that many stories, at least compared to a bunch of other writers on here...

-is depressed-

Oh, well, I'm working on it!! XD

And Hello Random Things!!

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I have an attitude problem and a seperiority complex and, oddly enough, really low self-esteem. Wonder how it all goes together... Oh, the complex being that is my life!!!

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Holy Huckleberries, this thing is long!!!

Bye now!

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