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Author has written 8 stories for Labyrinth, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I guess if I am going to write some fanfiction I should write something in here.

I don't like to start posting stories until im finished writing them, that way i won't have to worry if I never finish, but here is a list of what i've done and what ideas are in my head.

Stories and Ideas


1. My Dream - Completed: Felicia works in a restaurant owned by Jareth. With a little pushing she finds that there is more to Jareth than she ever knew.

2. The New Plague - Completed: Sequel to My Dream. A plague has swept through the underground and their only chance to survive it is a witch named Morgana.

3. Little One - In the works: Sequel to The New Plague. Morgana and Hoggle are slowly patching up their relationship, but suddenly something happens that neither of them are ready for.

4. A New Light - Completed: Jareth is dying and the labyrinth is in ruins, a young woman wishes herself a way and Jareth finds that she might be the key to bringing life back to the labyrinth.

5. Avoiding Darkness - Completed: Sequel to A New Light. Kiara is the Goblin Queen and learning more about Jareth and labyrinth: Will she be able to handle her new life and control her magic? Can she and Jareth learn to put up with each other?

6. Science of Magic - In the works: A girl escapes from a lab, somehow she is connected to the missing creatures in the underground.

7. The Future of the Underground - In the works: Jareth's heart never healed after Sarah left him and now he is an old man. The aboveground is mostly destroyed after a nuclear war, there is no one to believe in fairytales anymore, but can one woman help bring back the magic to both worlds?

8. A Cinderella Story - In the works: Two witch sisters go to a ball thrown by the one and only goblin king.

Pirates of the Carribean

1. The Oracle - In the works: Jack is getting old and so is the crew of the Black Pearl, Gibbs and Will hire someone to take care of him

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1. One Year Later - Completed: Charlie forces Willy to hire an assistant. Christy is hired and slowly brings Willy back into the real world.

2. Life Changes - Completed:Sequel to One Year Later. The continuing story of Christy and Willy.

3. Daddys Girl - Being Posted: Sequel to Life Changes. Laurana and Willy don't get along very well, will time change that?

4. Living - In the works: Sequel to Daddy's Girl, 4th story in the Christy/Willy saga. Willy is depressed and the only way that Charlie can think of to break him out of it is to force him to visit with his estranged daughter, Laurana.

5. Discoveries - Completed: A girls walks up to the chocolate factory looking for her father. Is it Willy Wonka?

6. Competition - In the works: A new candy store has just opened up with better chocolate than Wonka's. Willy tries to get revenge that backfires in a horrible way.

7. Finding a Hair - In the works: Willy used to be a normal guy with normal dreams until the spies crushed them. He tried not to think about what he left outside until Charlie brings it back in.

8. Visions of the Past - Being Beta'ed: An outing with Charlie and his girlfriend forces Willy to reform a friendship he once left behind.

9. Chocolate Magic - In the works: Charlie learns the truth behind Willy's candy and a side of him he didn't believe could exist.

Stargate SG-1

1. Twins - In the works: Two people come in through the stargate claiming to be from an alternate universe where they are part of the SG-1 team. Slightly AU.

World of Warcraft

1. Switching Factions - In the works: Blood has a lot to live for. He is the greatest shadow priest in all of Azeroth and is married to a beautiful dreanei healer. Although there have been some bumps in the road none has been as bad as his death.

Alice in Wonderland

1. Not the Right Alice - Being Beta'ed: Alice Kingsleigh wrote down her adventures in Underland before she died in a mental institution. Kaya reads it and soon finds its the last straw to her breaking her sanity.

2. The Right Kaya - In the Works: Sequel to Not the Right Alice. Mirana finds a way to bring Alice back, but have things changed too much?

3. Finding What's Lost - In the Works: Alice returned to Wonderland and married the Hatter. Now they are happy until they take their son to the spring festival where the Hatter's worst memories took place.

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