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Writing for: Glee, Twilight, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hart of Dixie and any Harry Potter stories I write. Perhaps even a little bit of Beautiful Demons, Peachville High saga.

I love reviews, reviews make me happy, motivate me to continue posting. However, I write for myself, and I publish for myself. Do you know how many times I seek out my own profile to reread stories? I write so much and so many that sometimes I forget that I was the one who wrote that story, or forgot it even existed until I reread it, lol. I go looking for a story, can't find it, so I write it. Or I have a what-if that I just have to get out. Sometimes I get to the point where I don't need to finish because I've accomplished what I wanted. Sometimes I push to finish because it makes me giddy to do so and I want to share EVERYTHING I have planned for a story, especially with a fast-forward to the future opportunity. There's something satisfying about doing the entire backstory and then able to show what life is for these characters afterward. Sometimes a story doesn't need that. I've been learning as I read more stories that sometimes it's ok to just have an excerpt of an event in a universe that could have a lot more exploration into it, but you might not need to to be a good story. I've read SO MANY one-shots/drabbles that had an excellent back story and never, ever went into it, just touched on it with the way they handled it within context. I'm going to challenge myself to try that at least once or twice.

One minor Glee rant follows:

A quick Google search and some minor research would have saved the show so many continuity errors. Chief among which were birthdays/years and what grade they'd be in (and they wouldn't have all been Seniors at the same time... some would have graduated the year prior... ugh). The other big thing was the order of competitions. It should go REGIONALS, SECTIONALS and then Nationals. NOT sectionals, regionals, nationals. Look at any other competition in real life, that's the correct order and I will continue writing it this way despite what the show canon is. I WILL NOT fall prey to their terrible research!

And the most important thing about me and Glee:

I just LOVE Kurt and everything about him, even his worst quirks, I could understand why he does those and I still think they're adorable. I'm Kurt-centric, and I make no apologizes for it. I will tear all the other characters down and rebuild them or keep them down and I don't apologize for that either.

The other thing I guess is that my stories are not easy to swallow. I'm not good at pure fluff, there's always going to be something in them that will make you question whether or not these people deserve a happy ending or other characters that are just not good or nice people that should be ejected from the other characters' lives. However, that's not real life, there are people you just deal with, still love, still tolerate/keep in your life and bad people have happy endings too. More than that though, it's GLEE, all of them cheated on each other or on other people on the show (yes, even Kurt) and the entire show was based on dark humor and things that you look at objectively when you're not drawn into the characters and are rooting for them that make you go - that wasn't at all a good or ok thing to do and they're just going to ignore it? Sometimes even praise it or reward it? SERIOUSLY? Yeah... that's what the show was and these stories all have a little bit of that edge in them too. It's not something I condone but it is in-line with the show. I just twist it for the situations and characters that I want to explore. Unlike the show however, sometimes the characters make the same or similar mistakes but overall they grow better or worse but they're at least consistent in their trajectory. Sometimes there's rebound or a second thought or purposefully acting the opposite of their path but if a character is growing in one way they are steadily heading that way, not bouncing around like a roller coaster, unless of course, that's their character (Rachel).

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Kurt has everything he thought he wanted - he's in a school where he doesn't get bullied, he's a member of the prestigious Warbler showchoir, dating the one and only Blaine Anderson. So, how come he still feels like something's off...and why does he feel that 'something' with Sebastian Smythe? A Dalton AU where Sebastian attended Dalton at the same time as Blaine and Kurt.
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On a night out in New York, Kurt is far more sober than the rest of the group and having trouble keeping his patience. But when a drunk Blaine is slipped a date-rape drug the night abruptly takes a turn for the worse. Set Season 5, includes violence, Blaine whump and bad language.
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Sideways by CrissColferL0ve reviews
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In many ways, the ones that mattered the most, Pavarotti ended up being Kurt's greatest confidant. Kurt wasn't sure what that said about him. And Blaine, he was just worried.
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How 10 minutes could change everything. Blaine, Kurt and Sebastian learn this the hard way, time and time again. Fair warning: all three are going to be less than perfect and make questionable and maybe frankly terrible decisions as they learn and work their way through things. Each continues to change throughout the course of the story as they learn about themselves and each other
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controlling outcomes, bending light, something clear is filled with colors
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Sebastian has 'put up' with a lot of contenders but now he was just done and would put a stop to it once and for all. Maybe his methods haven't always been exactly legal but he didn't apologize if it meant he'd gotten what he wanted in the end. Jealousy just did that to a person.
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Kurt and Finn grew up as brothers as their parents married when Kurt was 10 years old. Now they were both 17 and the boys are trying to navigate their teenage years and high school and they don't always agree but they always have each other's backs and love each other. Pre-season 1 to wherever it ends
Glee - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 27,549 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 10/21/2020 - Published: 10/4/2020 - Kurt H., Finn H., Puck
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