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So scratching everything ever said here, truthfully this page is going to be for Glee, Twilight, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hart of Dixie and any Harry Potter stories I write. Perhaps even a little bit of Beautiful Demons, Peachville High saga.

I love reviews, reviews make me happy, motivate me to continue posting. However, I write for myself, and I publish for myself. Do you know how many times I seek out my own profile to reread stories? I write so much and so many that sometimes I forget that I was the one who wrote that story, or forgot it even existed until I reread it, lol. I go looking for a story, can't find it, so I write it. Or I have a what-if that I just have to get out. Sometimes I get to the point where I don't need to finish because I've accomplished what I wanted. Sometimes I push to finish because it makes me giddy to do so and I want to share EVERYTHING I have planned for a story, especially with a fast-forward to the future opportunity. There's something satisfying about doing the entire backstory and then able to show what life is for these characters afterward. Sometimes a story doesn't need that. I've been learning as I read more stories that sometimes it's ok to just have an excerpt of an event in a universe that could have a lot more exploration into it, but you might not need to to be a good story. I've read SO MANY one-shots/drabbles that had an excellent back story and never, ever went into it, just touched on it with the way they handled it within context. I'm going to challenge myself to try that at least once or twice.

One minor Glee rant follows:

A quick Google search and some minor research would have saved the show so many continuity errors. Chief among which were birthdays/years and what grade they'd be in (and they wouldn't have all been Seniors at the same time... some would have graduated the year prior... ugh). The other big thing was the order of competitions. It should go REGIONALS, SECTIONALS and then Nationals. NOT sectionals, regionals, nationals. Look at any other competition in real life, that's the correct order and I will continue writing it this way despite what the show canon is. I WILL NOT fall prey to their terrible research!

Followed by a few Glee notes/story things:

I never really liked that Blaine was [so much] younger than Kurt and I'm likely to change that for almost all Glee stories from now on, whether I say it or not in the AN. All except a few, "Attempt One", "Symphony" and "Mariposa" are of those where the age difference is going to remain the same, and the age difference could go many different ways.

Also, for me, Season 6 of Glee doesn't exist. I like VERY small moments of it (looking at you robot Sue and bear in Karofsky's bed - but can still use that elsewhere). The rest of it was just... weird and just scraped together when it made no sense. For example, Kurt tells his current 'boyfriend' that he's going to go to the wedding with Blaine, then Blaine comes over and asks Kurt to go to the wedding with him??? The edits were terrible and the whole season is not worthy of revisiting except for what I said above and other cute Blaine/Kurt moments which were far and few between. There were SOOO many other loose ends they could have dealt with instead. So again, SEASON 6 of Glee DOES NOT EXIST.

Let me explain myself real quick about my Glee stories:

Released stories:

Attempt One: Seasons 4/5, deals with breakup/jealousy/insecurity

Symphony: Rewrite of Seasons 2-6 where things don't go canonically. (And is quite easily my first EPIC for Glee, and no longer my only one. I will release another in time, once I finally finish them, see below. As of 4/21/2021 it is over 300 pages long and not yet finished, though is in season 3 currently, so be warned).

Big Brother: What-if where Finn, Puck and Kurt are a lot closer a lot earlier, pre-season1 to wherever it ends. Intentionally goes through the seasons fairly quickly.

Sunday Best: Changes to the canon history, not focused on Jerimiah but Jerimiah really changes how events unfold. (Had originally meant the role to be an OC but found Jerimiah (I always spell his name wrong, thankfully there's spellcheck) to fit the characterization well enough, especially later).

Cause: Kurt is not content to just sit back and get through life, he wants to make life better for those like him. There are consequences though to this path. (Inspired by a few things actually - one was a random line in a dark one-shot from another author AND from the 'Five Years Later' bit in (shocker, shh, season 6) where Blaine and Kurt are advocates for gay youth. Totally disrupts the timeline and Canon, so I can't even say what seasons this is, takes place Sophomore year of high school though, so season 1-2? The writing style in this one is totally intentional and the pace is intentional. Things get dark, very dark, almost too dark but skates that edge.

Mariposa: I've been reading a lot of Kurtbastian stories and I've seen a lot of Sebastian possessive/protective/jealous of Kurt and acting out against Blaine and they're set in high school/college/future, depending on what story it is. I started to think/seek for a Sebastian being that way when Kurt starts to get closer to Elliott and unsurprisingly it's a small pool to even have those two interact with each other, much less find what I seek. Sooo I decided to write my own. I am a unicorn afterall, :D.

Yet to be released:

Gotcha: It's an epic and it's own thing though it does follow and doesn't follow the path of the show. I haven't decided if it's 2 parts or just 1, depends on my muse any given day but as of 4/10/2021 it's over 400 pages long. Like I said, an epic.

Colors: An attempt to copy the writing style of one of my favorite stories [to stretch my own skills/see how I like writing it/fits my intention for this story] (unfortunately not on this site so I can't direct you to it easily, despite the title, give it a chance - it's on archive of our own - the One Where They're All Strippers). Again, it's just the style; this story itself explores an upended canon where Blaine and Kurt have known each other for, forever and Kurt and Finn have been brothers for even longer than in Big Brother. It's actually supposed to be a breath of fresh air for those who read my stuff, though I can never promise it doesn't deal with heavy stuff, it's just a bit... not lighter, just doesn't deal with the same problems because there's no chance for it to happen.

O Sunrise: What-if focusing on season 2 where things go dark. I should change that to read - things start out dark and deals with that darkness.

Yet to be started other than concept figured out and knowing I want to write them and release them eventually:

Reasons: Seasons 2-6 exploring canon a bit more with a potential to not end the way things did.

Love Me Like You Do - What-if season 2 where Blaine and Kurt don't wait/hook up earlier.

Starving: What-if post season 4 where Blaine and Kurt never met in school. DK's drama very toned down compared to other stories.

"Currently Untitled": Jealous/Possessive Blaine and Kurt soaking up the attention and being confused by it in equal measures from all involved and Santana has to explain things to him.

Rockstar: Kurt is famous, Blaine is famous, Rachel is working on it. The problem is that Blaine and Kurt have never met, they live on different coasts and inhabit different worlds, until one day those worlds collide by chance.

Others may follow/have been started and stopped and may be revisited and continued down the line. I have on the backburner a Rachel/Finn story (surprise!) but I haven't started it yet, where I have for the others. I'm also trying to write a Kurtbastian story/stories (more) because despite it all, I love them in fandom and there's hints in the show too with the way the actors look at each other.

Now the explanation. It may seem like I'm obsessed with the dark side of season 2 and that is categorically untrue. I just need to explore it fully. I don't actually like vulnerable/hurt!Kurt, I like making him strong mostly through experiences and so you'll see lead up, aftermath or hints at things but I just cannot hurt him in writing like that. I've tried and it just doesn't feel right so I stopped trying. It's just a nod/hint/reference at it instead.

In some stories it doesn't happen at all.

I just LOVE Kurt and everything about him, even his worst quirks, I could understand why he does those and I still think they're adorable. I'm Kurt-centric, and I make no apologizes for it. I will tear all the other characters down and rebuild them or keep them down and I don't apologize for that either.

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