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Name: Rei

Age: 18, September 24, 1988

Location: USA

Hobbies: Reading, writing, piano, drawing, videogames, (also getting into cosplay)

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(These are the stories I'm planning to bring here after I finish revising them. All Stories are brought over from my Quizilla account. =) Hope you enjoy!)

Guarded Soul
Kira Hitori is the last of her clan, her father long dead since the attacks of the Nine-Tailed fox demon and her mother an unknown woman from Kirigakure. Kira is one of the elite ninja in the village of Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. An ANBU Black Op charged to the protection of the Third Hokage. With an eye technique given to her through the blood of her father, Kira goes like any Shinobi should, an emotionless tool of her country. That is, until one Kakashi Hatake steps into the picture...
Anime: Naruto
Paring: Hatake Kakashi / OC
Grene: Action / Romance
Chapters: 31-??

Guarded Soul: The SECRET Chapters
In the past how was Haru Hitori and his young daughter forced into hiding? Why did they have to run? What happened after the Nine-tails attack?
These questions and more are answered with in these chapters, the hidden chapters that have yet to be completely reviled.
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: Hatake Kakashi / OC
Grene: Informative / Action
Chapters: 1-5

Eyes Wide Shut
Seina was working for Maleficent, the evil withch after the hearts of seven Princesses to open the portal into Kingdom Hearts. Hoewever Seina has other plans. Though she works for the witch, she wants nothing more than to open the portal to find the heart of her father, Ienzo but as time progresses, as the shadows slowly eat away at her heart, will she fall into darkness or will the silver haired teen named Riku somehow be able to help her?
Game: Kindom Hearts
Pairing: Riku / OC
Grene: Action / Romance
Chapters: 1-12

Falling Towards the Sky
Xisane is a Nobody, a creation of darkness that is not supposed to have a heart or feel emotions. She is member XIV (14) among the ogranization that lives within the halls of Castle Oblivion. In her short time pulled from darkness she has already befriended thee of the younger members. Roxas, Demyx and Axel. These three bone-headed crazies are just what she needs to open up a little more. But...
If Nobody's can't have feelings, why does she enjoy being around them so much and seem to have fun?
Is it possible there is something more to her?
Game: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Pairing: Axel / OC
Grene: Action / Romance
Chapters: 2-??