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Hello everyone!!

This is Nienna Silmarwen speaking here. Just wanted to give you all a brief explanation on some things.

Myself and the famous Van Helsing/Dracula Authoress Remember have decided to team up and do a co-authoring. We have come up with a lovely story and we both hope that you all enjoy it. Details will come at a later point when myself and Remember aren't running around like chickens with our heads cut off as far as college hee

Okay, that's it for now! I know, I know...lame...


~ NS (& Remember) ~

March 14th, 2007

Rem: New year means new profile message thingy... (is confused)... I think.

Dracula: Yeah, nice try genius, but if you haven't noticed... you're three months late.

Rem: SO? And its STILL a new year, so there! (sticks out tongue)... (grumbles)... arrogant ass.

Dracula: Excuse me? You want to run that by me again?

Rem: You know what... one of these days, I will get revenge on you for all the crap you've put me through... (points at him)...

Dracula: (chuckles in amusement) Are you threatening me? (laughs) Oh god... this is priceless. Nienna! You've gotta see this. Remember is threatening me!

Nienna: Really? Well God, Rem, its about time!

Dracula: Ha ha ha... wait... what?

Nienna: See Rem? I told you he wasn't as bright as he looks.

Rem: Yeah... but he sure looks good though... He's definitely one of those all beauty, no brains type.

Dracula: (doesn't know if he should be insulted or flattered)

Rem: Tee hee... yeah, I'm WAY too bored... got too much free time on my hands. So yeah, Neinna and I are still working on "The Darker Side of Destiny"... she's almost done with the first chapter and as soon as I read through it, we'll post it and I'll work on the second. We're just so wrapped up with school and OUR OWN stories we hardly have time... that, and our Dracula convo is SO much more fun :) tee hee. Although the twist in it makes me look... unfaithful. BUT DON"T BE ALARMED! Its for the plot! I SWEAR TO GOD!

Dracula: I still hate the idea of you being with...

Rem: (covers his mouth) SHH!!! You'll give it away.

Dracula: (grumbles) Stupid bastard... I swear Rem, if you have sex with him in that story, I'll...

Rem: (palm to face) (to Nienna) He REALLY doesn't know how to shut up, does he?

Nienna: Nope.

Rem: That's what I thought. Well, toodles! READ OUR STUFFS!!!!

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