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Author has written 15 stories for D.Gray-Man, Kingdom Hearts, and Supernatural.

Name: Silly Blue, but feel free to call me Steffi :D (or any other nick name that I go by, like Effi or Smu.)

Gender: female

Age: 25

Occupation: MA Student at the University of Basel

Nationality: Swiss (German speaking part)



If you want to chat to me, just send me a PM or get in touch with me via LJ or dA!

I mainly write for the D.Gray-Man fandom. But from time to time you might find me writing for different fandoms, most likely Kingdom Hearts, Supernatural or maybe Kuroshitsuji (one day).

Pairings I support and you might find me writing or hinting at in my stories:


- Kanda/Allen
- Tyki/Allen
- Rabi/Linali


- Dean/Castiel
- Dean/Sam
- Sam/Castiel

and a lot more ;3

Things that I am interested in and like to explore in fanfiction is similar to what interests me in my studies: Victorian England and its social class system, relationship, gender issues, family, the effects of war, dark and broody stuff, strange plots. Ah, and genderbending. There haven't been many fandoms where I've resisted the temptation of genderbending.

As far as ratings go I like to stick to what feels most comfortable. I do like suggestive themes therefore I prefer to rate most stories a bit higher than might be necessary. An M-rating will most likely have sexuality as a topic somewhere in the course of the story. I'm never that graphic when it comes to sexuality or violence, and you probably won't find vulgar/ crude language in my stories - it's not something I need in an academic context and I haven't put much effort into learning elaborate ways to swear ;3

I don't currently work with a beta-reader because my updates don't follow a schedule at all. However, I am open for (constructive) criticism or discussions.

I went through many, many fandoms since 1998 (when I started liking Manga and Anime) but I've never been active in anything until I've dared posting DGM fanfiction. Though, I still would not call my involvement in fandom active, as I am mainly a shy person that posts fanfiction or fanart from time to time.

I'm the process of broadening my horizon, so maybe you can expect a wider variety of interests, but maybe I'll stick to my few fandoms and only temporarily flirt with others. ;3

What I currently engage in: Supernatural, D.Gray-Man and Kuroshitsuji. Thought right now my focus seems to be entirely on Supernatural.

hearts for everyone


Ivory Tales is currently my major project. It has Allen Walker as a female character that was not abandoned and taken in by Mana as a child. Even though the story starts with her joining the Black Order and follows the events in the manga up to the beginning of Vol. 19, the change of background has a great impact on how Allen (Ellen) behaves! While family seems to be a big topic in DGM, I do work with it in a different way! Despite my expectations for the first story published online, it turned into quite an epic...! :3 (What was totally expected though is that it's a Kanda/Allen story!)

In Noah of Destiny I wanted to write a story about Allen Walker being Kanda's "that person". As usual the story has girl!Allen in it, Kanda/ Allen is the pairing the story works to establish, but it has to compete against other things. Other than Ivory Tales its plot is mostly original and it rarely has light-hearted moments. This story is not my priority right now.

I’ve also written a couple of one-shots, mostly Kanda/Allen, that you will find below. Not everything I write goes up on the internet, while other one-shots are published anonymously. There are also some projects that might be posted when they’re at a decent length and I know that I won’t abandon them halfway through!

While it might take me long to update, I don’t actually abandon stories. If there is no pressure then I tend to work slowly or just let some projects rest for a couple of weeks, months...


From time to time I draw. I've also done some pieces for my fanfictions Ivory Tales and Noah of Destiny. To spare you the trouble of looking through my gallery for illustrations (you still can do that, I'd be happy) I include the links to the various pics here:

Noah of Destiny: Ellen Walker in her Noah Outfit

Noah of Destiny: How the Noah of Destiny might look like (opposed to Ellen)

Noah of Destiny: Chara Sheet of Kanda

Noah of Destiny: Chara Sheet of Ellen

Noah of Destiny: Chapter 24 Illustration

Noah of Destiny Illustration "Path of Fate"

Of course, there are more random DGM pictures in there, as well as some KH things and original work.

UPDATE (15/02/2012)

Uploaded a short SPN one-shot~ University starts soon, so I probably need to get some writing done before Monday!

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