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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Lunar: Eternal Blue, and Naruto.

Name: Amber

Nicknames: Ambi, AmbiKitty, obviously; bad kitty, (because I scratch my brother by accident a lot and because I like cats); and on Youtube, my username is: ImTheCutestKitty. Strange thing is, cats are my favorite animal, but I feel that I act more like a wolf...if that even makes sense.

Age: twenty-seven years old, though some people mistake me for younger, probably because I'm so short. -_-;

Looks: I'm 5'1''. (Yeah, see, I'm short, aren't I?) I have dirty blonde hair down to my waist, and hazel eyes (at least that what my birth certificate says, but they're rimmed in green, so I'm not really that sure what color to call them.)

Friends on Escachick357 and AmazonSakura (also has an account under the pen name: Raya2); so please go read their fanfics.

I love: anything cute: cats, moogles, bats (yes, I kinda think they're cute), pretty much anything that's furry; you name it, I'll probably think it's cute. Except spiders. What else? Oh yeah, I love garlic. You wouldn't believe how much we go through at my house. I put it in most anything. I also really like marshmallows, milk chocolate, and Black Forest Gummies.

Favorite animals: cats, moogles, even though it's not a real animal; wolves (werewolves kick ass, too), dragons (any fantasy being, actually, but mostly dragons) and large dogs. Small dogs never seem to like me at all.

Favorite things to do: read, write, cook, draw, do puzzles (yes, Puzzles. The harder and longer it takes me to finish it, the better.), watch anime, and play video games, (mainly RPG's, but hack and slash, racing, puzzle, and adventure are okay too.)

I do take requests and suggestions for fanfiction, so if there's anything that you would like to see written, please let me know what it is, and I'll see if I like it. If I use it, I'll credit you for the idea/request.

I have some videos on Youtube, now my username is: ImTheCutestKitty, so please check out my videos. Had other vidoes, but lost them after the many times I've had to make new accounts, because I've been banned. If anyone knows a good video-hosting site, that will actually respond when you contact them, PLEASE let me know.

The few anime that I watch or have seen: FMA, Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee, YYH, Black Cat, Lucky Star, K-ON!, Wolf's Rain, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Arc the Lad (sucked beyond belief), Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (second season isn't that good), Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, Naruto, Naruto Shippucen, Seto No Hanayome, (quite funny, if not a little weird;) and some others. Yeah, I don't watch too many anime. I also like Miyazaki Movies. I guess you can consider them anime.

Favorite games: World of Warcraft, Perfect World, Forsaken World (rarely), most Final Fantasy, but mostly 7, 8, 9, 10 & 10-2; Breath of Fire 3, 2, 1, & 4, in that order, not even gonna mention 5 it sucks so bad; Tales of Destiny 2, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, (regardless of the over-use of hand movement), Legend of Dragoon (awesome game, though it's old-school)c Wild Arms 2 & 3, Lunar 1 & 2, Arc the Lad 1, 2, 3, & 4 (don't like 3 quite as much and one's real short, so it's a little hard to like), and, well, that's really all. I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Favorite video game characters:

FF7 - Tifa, Cloud, Yuffie, Barret, Nanaki/Red XIII, Vincent, Cait Sith, (if you can even call him a character, I mean, he's a robotic cat or something); Sephiroth (he's so cool. He's got a lot of issues, though. Too bad he's such a momma's boy. lol), Cid (he's so frickin' funny. He's always cursing at someone. lol. I was real mad when he had, what, two lines, in Advent Children), and Reno, (I know he didn't have all that much screen time either but he's still kinda cool).

FF8 - Rinoa (kinda), Squall (has abandonment issues though), Zell, (he's funny), Selphie (even if she is really preppy and always happy), moombas (they're so cute...!), Carbuncle, I know, I know, that's nowhere near being a character, but I don't care, and uh...Angelo...yes, Angelo. He's a dog, but he saved my ass in that game, more times than all the cast magic I've ever used. Okay, maybe not that much, but he's still cool.

FF9 - Vivi, Eiko, and all the moogles, (how could you NOT love them?), Eiko's summon thing (what Mog really is, I love it because it's cat-like; Can't remember what it's called though), Zidane's cool, a perv, but cool; Garnet/Dagger, and Freya, I think that's how you spell it. Okay, so I haven't played this game in a while, so I can't remember half of it, sorry.

FF10 - Rikku, she's really cool, (I don't like thunder either,) Kimahri, (he's kinda cool,) Auron, (two word: BAD. ASS.)

FF10-2 - Yuna; because she's toughened up a lot, Rikku; (she's still cool), Paine's cool, Gippal's kinda cool, Marnela...yes, I know she's just a giant cactaur, but I like her anyway, and...uh, that's really all there is, really.

Arc the Lad - Tosh, Poco, and Kukuru (hey, it's a short game, okay?)

Arc the Lad 2 - Elc, Lieza, Paudit, Kukuru, Tosh, Shu, and Poco.

Arc the Lad 3 - Lutz (he's real funny), Cheryl, Shu (bad-ass), Tosh (also bad-ass, and Elc.

Breath of Fire - Ryu, Nina, Bo, Bleu; Breath of Fire 2 - Ryu, Nina, Bleu (yeah, she's in there, if you know where to look), the shamans (most of them), Patty/Yua, Valerie, Katt, Mina, hm, you'd think there'd be a longer list.

Breath of Fire 3 - Ryu, I guess Nina and Garr are okay, Bleu/Deis, Rei, Momo, I guess Teepo's okay too, poor guy...

Breath of Fire 4 - Ursula. Yeah...short list. Honestly, Ryu and Nina are kind of bland in this one...

Dark Cloud - Okay the ONLY cool people in this are Osmund and Xiao. No one else. No one. The whole game should be just those two. And the other Moon People.

Lunar 1 - Jessica, 'cause she's always bashing Kyle's ego, Kyle, because he's funny; Mia, because of her magic; and Nall (WOO! Dragon's rule!) Yep. That's it. No one else is cool enough to be named on this page.

Lunar 2 - Ruby (YEA! More dragons!), Nall; yes, I know I already put him on this thing, but he's in this game, too; Lemina (kinda preppy but, eh, she kicks ass with her magic,) Jean, Nall, Ruby (Yay! More dragons,) Ronfar (he's a perv, but he's funny,) Leo. (kinda pompous, in the beginning, but he makes up for when he becomes 'Mystere'). Yeah, everyone else is kind of a whinner or bland.

Wow, that's a lot.

Video game characters I DON'T like:

Breath of Fire V- The whole entire thing sucks. I spent a good half an hour just trying to get out of the first area. Not a soul on this planet cares for this game. If they really do go and make a BoF VI, they better do the game series some justice, because they've a ways to go before they've made up for this one.

FF7 - Aeris/Aerith, she's just a whiney, goodie-goodie, little Mary-sue. Sorry if you like that character, but I just don't like her at all; I've yet to find anyone who really does. Adding the fact that you have her for, what, and few hours? Otherwise you're just running around looking for her. No thanks.

it has come to my attention that only the North American/English version of this game made the storyline Aeris/Cloud centric. Turns out that the original/Japanese version made the storyline seem more Tifa/Cloud, relationship-wise. It was the translator's fault, so I'm going to cut her some slack.

FF8 - Irvine, he's nothing but a pervert. Not really a pervert but...yeah... he thinks he's cool, but he's not...uh, yeah, there's not really anybody else I don't like in this game.

FF9 - Queen Brahne, or as me and my friends call her, "Queen Fatass" or "Queen Fatty". I know it's not nice to make fun of fat people, but can you not honestly say that when you first saw her, you weren't like, "holy-!" or "the harpoons! man them!" or something? I don't much care for Steiner, either. Don't hate him either, but he's really just there to be made fun of.

FF10 - Uh, Yuna's kinda too goodie-goodie in this, so I don't like her too much, but I don't dislike her either. Tidus, on the other hand, He talks to himself far too much and he's such a whiner about it. That's why me and my friends call him: "Pansy Boy" or "The Pansy", Lulu's kinda slutty; 'cause her you-know-whats are hanging halfway out of her; then there's Seymour, (heh heh, Seymour. See more butts. lol. Okay, if you don't get it, just don't ask, you probably don't want to know anywayc Esca says he's gay and she even made a song, which made him sound even more gay then we thought before she wrote it, so go check that out. Yeah, so, I don't like him at all.

FF10-2 - ...Yeah, there's not really anybody I don't like here either. Oh wait, there's Brother. The guy just can't get a clue. I mean, he must know that Yuna's his cousin, right? ...Sick... Anyway, that's all I can think of to share right now, but I'm sure I'll add more later.

Lunar - Nash. Little brat sells out his friends. His home. Himself.

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