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Author has written 3 stories for Gokusen.

About me: i'm a college girl...

I LOVE GOD!:) and i offer everything i do to him... the good ones, of course.

i love my family and my friends...

i love reading books and writing things!! haha... though, I don't really think i'm good at it... hopefully one day, i'll get better...

i am a fan of stories about forbidden love! aaaww... it is such a sad thing how two people love each other but because of circumstances and destiny they can't be together.

i love dancing, acting, music, movies, volleyball, and food!...:)

I hope you like my story/ies... cross fingers

although, it's alright if you don't... we all have different opinions and likes anyway... hehe!!:)

take care!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS!!:)


Serendipity... history repeats itself for destiny.

this so weird! i have no idea why this story came up to my mind! haha... the story occurs after Shin graduates at college.

by the way thanks for the readers!:) i actually thought no one would actually read it knowing it's not a SHINKUMI pairing... haha! anyway!! READ & REVIEW...:) thanks!:)

i lost my inspiration in writing this... i sort of want to change the story and add the cast of gokusen 2 in it... haha...! sorry for the delay... i'll just continue this and work on another one with the cast of gokusen 2... haha!!


Only She Knows... just read it if you want to know what the story is!! haha!!:) i so suck at summarizing things...:) by the way...


please READ & REVIEW... whether it be a positive or a negative one... i'll truly appreciate it...:) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!:)

hello to all! i'm really sorry for not being able to update my two unfinished stories. i know it's not a good enough reason but i'm really just busy and so uninspired. nonetheless, i will still continue this but it may take a little while. probably on my next vacation, i will force myself to write.:) thank you to all who are patiently waiting and again, i'm really sorry :) God bless you all!:)

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