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Hiya! Im a new user, but I can pack a... uh... really good story!

Likes: Video game characters like Luigi, Vaati, and lots of enemies.

Hates: Tingle, Tingle, and Tingle!!!!!!!!!

Loves: videogame bosses, from games like the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Pikmin 2.

Dislikes: When people call Ganondorf Ganondork.

Also dislikes: The fact that Ganondorf's real form is a big blue pig.

Really dislikes: Tingle!

P.S. I'll try to keep all my fics child friendly.

P.S.S. I don't like Tingle!

I don't like waiting 50,000,000,000 years for the next chapter in a fic to come out, so I will try to update monthly! Also, I don't like Tingle!

And now, the real profile!

Name: I don't feel comfortable telling you that tidbit of information 0_0.

Age: I can't legally tell you that 0_0.

Fav. Band: I have a feeling that I shouldn't reveal that bit of information to you.

Fav. Music: I luv all kinds of music_

Fav. Game: I have over 120 videogames, so I'm not sure 0_0.

Fav. Song: Not sure...+.

Fav. Quotes:

"Seriously, who cares about quotes?" By me.

"But really, just skip to my authored stories, seriously." By me.

"Seriously." By me.

"That's it, I'm deleting the quotes section!" By a person fed up with the quotes section.

...Well, that was useless...0_0

Anyways, about my stories. I'm planning on making some... fairly violent mario fics. I'm also planning to update my really old story, the adventures of Don and Tifa, within this month or so.

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