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Well, I'm Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx and I was 21 when I wrote this profile (Scary the way times fly by). I live in North America, I love reading, watching movies (but not so much anymore) video games and God (Yep, I'm a Christian). I'm very lazy, a hardened procrastinator, and a born whiner (But I'm not a super genius... Danm you Shikamaru! *shakes fist*).

I read all kinds of stuff, once a find something interesting, I can't stop myself. I read what I like to call classics: Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, etc...), Charles Dickens, Tolstoï, Victor Hugo, Shakespeare, Molière, Asimov... mangas, comics... everything I tells ya.

I like to make my own fantasy world when such character from X story doesn't die and such (but don't we all).

Well... what else now...? Oh I know, Ma langue d'origine est le français, mais j'écris mes fanfic en anglais. plutôt étrange non? Malheureusement, Je n'aurai pas le temps de faire la traductions de mes histoires, mais si cela vous intéresse, vous avez ma bénédiction.

I won't bother translating the thing above so... basically my native language is French, and I'll be translating most if not all my fanfics in French... eventually. Or not, but you're free to translate any of my fics in any language, as long as I know and that get the credit.

Ah... did I mention that I also like roleplaying? You should definitely try it if you have the time... And if you have the time to be reading this, you DEFINITELY have the time.

One important thing: Uchihacherry. What is an Uchihacherry you may ask? Well she's an author, a very good one a that (Seriously, if you haven't read her fanfics, do it. NOW!). And it's thanks to her that I'm writing fanfics (Heck, I don't think I would even have a profile if it wasn't for her)

On to more interesting stuff: What kind of Fanfic do I usually write/read?

Read: Fanfics about my favorite manga characters. Usually I look out for humor the most. but adventure is also nice. whether there's romance doesn't really bother me. Pairing that I like: usually cannon parings, but I tend to disregard that alot in favor of how I like the story and how the characters in the fanfic are reflected. NO YAOI NOR YURI

Write: Fanfics about my favorite manga characters. Action/Adventure/Romance/Friendship/Humor... depends on the inspiration and the mood. once again, only hetero stuff.

BTW if you see things that sound too much like another story (enough to be called blatant plagiarism), please let me know... I don't/can't read all of the fanfics so...

Shadow & Wind Summary

Preparation The First Mission [1-4 5-22]

Shikamaru gets promoted to Chunin. Genta is the main instigator. He also reveals Naruto’s Jinchuriki status to the shinobi population. After a disastrous meeting with Team Seven due to the announcement, Naruto is almost captured by unknown shinobi.Kakashi’s saves the day, but Naruto runs away. Shikamaru volunteers to bring back Naruto under the pretense of taking on a mission. He Shikamaru finds Naruto and they decide to complete the S-rank mission.

As they start training they end up at a certain village troubled by bandits. Shikamaru and Naruto try to help the villagers, it doesn’t turn well with Naruto almost killing Shikamaru because of the Kyubi. Shikamaru and Naruto train afterwards for a month. They attack the bandits again, this time successfully. They make an unpleasant encounter there.

Shikamaru and Naruto leave the village where they end up accompanying Daichi to his village. There they find the target of their mission at Daichi’s village: Kohaku Hyuga. They confront and fight him. The match ends in a draw, and the three go back to Konoha. Shikamaru and Naruto capture Kohaku in Konoha, fixing one issue of the Hyuga clan in the process.

Naruto learns: Body Flicker, Missile bombardment, Wind chakra manipulation, better chakra control, more efficient Taijutsu, basics of the Juggernaut style, Fireball Technique, (Great) Breakthrough Technique

Shikamaru learns: Reverse Chakra manipulation, completes Fire chakra manipulation, fireball technique, firebomb technique. Body Flicker. Better Chakra control, more efficient Taijutsu, seals, exploding tag, noise grenade, light grenade.

Combo: Infernal rave (Breakthrough Technique Fireball Technique)

Peacemakers [23-35]

Naruto asks Shikamaru to help him train. He also has problems with his team. Shikamaru and Naruto get a new protection detail mission in the Mountain Village due to a political game between Genta and the advisors. Meanwhile Sasuke and Kakashi are sent to find Jiraiya. They are accompanied by Shino Arabume and Yugao Uzuki. They learn this mission will have them deal with the Sans Siblings. They are not amused, and train in the mean time. During the trip Team Oblivion meets the Armored Shinobi and Naruto learns a cool new trick.

The shinobi of the Leaf arrive at the Mountain Village. The first meeting doesn’t go well. The Leaf and the Sand eventually get on good terms. Shikamaru end up fighting Temari again. Genta tries to trap Shikamaru and Naruto with a stolen scroll. With the help of the Sand Siblings and Shino, they outsmart his underlings.

On their way back, the armored shinobi capture Shikamaru. Naruto & co go rescue him. On their way back the meet Danzo. Following that they meet Akatsuki. Back in Konoha, Naruto starts to resolve the issue with Team Seven.

Naruto learns: Wind version of Chidori, faster movement, use of chakra conducting weapons, Wind Fists, Tornado Upper, (Flying) Wind Blade, Corkscrew Hurricane, Wind Stlye Containment technique, Star shower.

Shikamaru learns: Shadow Sewing/Needle, Shadow Summoning, Shade manipulation, Shadow Sneak, Mind Flicker Shadow Neck Bind, Shadow Constriction.

Combo: Infernal Fire Blast (Breakthrough Technique Firebomb Technique)

The Fifth [36-47]

Jiraiya wants to take Naruto on a trip. Naruto declines. After some spars with Hinata, Naruto rethinks the offer. Naruto uses Jiraiya to seal the Kyubi further. The Kyubi is displeased. Akatsuki appears again. Shikamaru and Sasuke get dragged along. During training, Jiraiya tells Naruto about his heritage.

Shikamaru and Naruto meet Aya (again). She tags along. They also meet Shizune. They finally find Tsunade in Tanzaku town. She’s is reluctant to leave. Tsunade makes a bet with Naruto about the Rasengan. She loses. Genta and Danzo learn of Tsunade’s predicament. Shortly after Tsunade meets with Orochimaru. Team Oblivion & co interfere.

There’s a large battle. Team Oblivion & co win. They make a detour to Stem Village on the way back. There’s some tension between Jiraiya and Tsunade. Team Oblivion does a side-quest. They leave Aya behind and return home. Naruto deals with his inner self. Team Oblivion deals with Orochimaru’s retaliation.

Naruto learns: Corkscrew Drill, Rasengan, Storm Mode, Gale Storm, Rasendan (Spiraling Bullet (Rasengan Wind Style Containment Technique))

Shikamaru learns: Shadow Daggers, Shadow Seal, Vacuum Shade.

Combo: Path to Oblivion (Corkscrew Hurricane Vacuum Shade)

Jutsu-pedia (now including TYYT Jutsu)

So here's how it works: the name is in brackets, the Letters and number next to it is the chapter of the fic it is found in, so try not to read too far ahead, it might spoil you some...

[Lightning Element: flash Wire Technique] 4
C Rank: The User sends his Lightning chakra through the metal wire, numbing the opponent. The intensity of the attack depends on the refinement of lightning chakra. Prolonged exposure to the technique is lethal.

[Fire Element: Fireball Technique] 4
C Rank: User send a scorching fireball form his mouth.]

[Clone Technique] 4
E Rank: The User makes an image of himself made of chakra. Purely used for misdirection purposes.]

[Transformation] 4
E Rank: The User takes the shape of an object or another person. The user gains some of properties of the object of transformation up to a certain extent. ]

[Body Switch] 4
E Rank: The User exchanges his current place whit an object or another person, usually piece of log. ]

[Body Flicker] 4
D Rank: User moves in a burst of speed so fast he seemingly disappears. Usually hidden behind smoke in order increase effectiveness. ]

[Shadow Bind Technique] 6
User traps the opponent within his shadow, forcing the opponent to mimic his every gesture.]

[Shadow Clone Technique] 6
B Rank: Enable the user to make a physical copy of himself. The Jutsu uses a great quantity of chakra and afterwards the chakra is split among the clones. The clones can attack and even perform jutsu.]

[Naruto Missile Bombardment Technique] 10
D Rank: The User makes Shadow Clones that throw each other in a kamikaze attack against the opponent. Each clone retains the body weight of the user, making this technique lethal if not defended against adequately. The technique is powerful, but wastes a lot of chakra.

[Wind Element: Breakthrough Technique] 14
D Rank: The User blows a great deal of wind from his mouth. The wind retains its cutting properties, but to a lesser degree. ]

[Ninja Arts: Absolute Control] 15
D Rank: Secret Technique of the Nara clan. The User enters a state of unconsciousness in which he is granted full access of all of his brain functions, including hormones production, chakra coils and even temporary control over vital functions. The changes only last as long as the jutsu is in effect, the only exceptions are changes made to some functions of the nervous system and some of the chakra coils.

[Fire Element: Fire Bomb Technique] 15
B Rank. After making the hand signs, the User emits a fireball with explosive properties from his mouth. The fireball will explode into an intense inferno once it makes contact. This fireball’s flames are less intense than the regular fireball technique, though the travel distance and speed are greater.

[Dual Element: Infernal Rave] 19
B Rank. Combination attack. The Users will perform a fireball technique and a breakthrough technique in tandem, creating a gigantic fireball. The fireball loses its impact power, but gains intense burning properties instead. Everything that comes in contact with the technique will be set ablaze. More Users using either the Breakthrough or Great Breakthrough techniques will further increase the potency of this technique.

[Naruto Skill: Juggernaut Taijutsu] 19
Naruto makes use of his incredible stamina and coats his limbs with chakra in order to increase his strength. This method is the opposite of Legendary Sannin Tsunade’s strength. The potential power of Tsunade’s method is greater, but Juggernaut Taijutsu requires significantly less control, though it requires more stamina (chakra). Coating one’s limbs in chakra only at the right moment decreases the stamina consumption so that Naruto could theoretically make use of this method without any drawback.

[Eight Trigrams: Air Palm] 19
The User sends a shockwave from his hand towards his opponent. ]

[Chidori] 23
A Rank: Assassination technique. User gathers lightning chakra into his hand, which gains incredible piercing properties.

[Shikamaru Skill: Reverse Chakra] 24
Shikamaru makes use of The Absolute control technique in order to control his chakra coils he accidentally creates this new type of chakra. The ratio of physical/spiritual energy is reversed – hence the name. While ‘normal’ chakra focuses on giving chakra and Jutsu in general their forms, reverse chakra focuses on the effect of said things.

[Mind Flicker] 26
C Rank: After making the required hand signs, the user will experience a great sharpening of his senses, giving him the impression of seeing things in slow motion. Using this jutsu for extended periods results in mild headache. The maximum time the user can stay in this state without drawbacks increases with training. This jutsu can only be used with reverse chakra.

[Whirl] 28
B Rank: Combination attack in tandem with a summoned weasel. The user will send out strong winds while the weasel sends out shard wind sickles resulting in great devastation.

[Wind Element: Air Cannon] 29
C Rank: Requires the user to give physical form to his wind Chakra. The user spreads the chakra through his hand, granting him the ability to send a condensed air gusts up to ten meters. The gust has about the same power has the user’s fist. The gust is invisible to the naked eye, though there are telltale whirlwinds around the user’s hand.

[Shikamaru Skill: Reverse Shadow] 29
Making use of the fact that Shadow is an element, Shikamaru tries to create his Shadow element from reverse chakra. This chakra is unstable and tries to drain any nearby chakra in order to return to a steady state. It cannot siphon non elemental chakra from the user himself nor of his Shadow element chakra and jutsu.
Add: Known as Shade as of chapter 42. Mixing Shade with elemental Chakra has varying results.

[Shadow Element] 29
Shikamaru uses the base of the Chidori learned from Kakashi in order to prove that Shadow is an element, which means it can theoretically be created from chakra.
Add: Like all elements Shadow as a certain effect, however unlike the other elements it isn’t a physical one: Shadow seals. It can virtually seal anything: sound, movement, etc… with the exception of light. A user of Shadow element is immune to his shadow’s effect

[Wind Element: Tornado Upper] 29
C-Rank: Requires the user to give physical form to his wind Chakra. The user creates a small tornado with a uppercut motion, trapping his opponent. The damage is done via the small cuts done by the whirlwind. The jutsu stays as long as the user puts in the chakra. When the technique ends, the opponent is sent a few meters upwards giving a change to follow with another attack. Mastery of this skill increases the potency of the wind cuts, and expels the oxygen from within the whirlwind.

[Shikamaru Skill: Shadow Sneak (currently unnamed)] 30
Shikamaru makes use of the effect of to coat part of his body with this element making him able to not make any noise. He could potentially approach and even touch a target with the target realizing it if the touch is light enough. Things that cannot be seal by his shadow element can still be perceived by an opponent (i.e. Shikamaru can still be seen, etc…) Very useful when stealth is required. The user cannot use any other type of chakra (Reverse Shadow or even ‘normal’ chakra) when using this skill.

[Wind Style: Containment] 30
E-Rank: The user creates a bubble made of wind in order to encase an object. The wind chakra does not interact with the object instead the air pressure made by the technique is what contains the object. The bubble will break either a few seconds after leaving the user’s hands or if it makes contact with a foreign object. The user’s own wind jutsu does not affect the containment technique.

[Naruto Chronicles: Star Shower] 30
D Rank: The user makes use of the Wind Style Containment Jutsu to store large amounts of shuriken into a single projectile. requires a large quantity of weapons or Shadow Clones. More cumbersome version of the Shuriken Shadow Clone technique.

[Dual element: Infernal Fire Blast] 31
A Rank Combination attack. The Users will use a Firebomb technique and a breakthough technique in tandem, creating a more powerful firebomb. The size of the fireball will remain the same, but the speed, travel distance, as well as the explosion’s radius and power will be dramatically increased. More Users using either the breakthrough or great breakthough techniques will further increase the potency of this technique.

[Great Cutting Whirlwind] 31
B Rank: Sends a whirlwing that traps the opponent, which suffers from cuts due to the cutting property of wind Jutsu.

[Shadow Neck Bind] 31
Once an opponent is trapped in his shadow, the user can use his Shadow to kill his opponent by breaking his neck. The shadow takes the shape of a hand that constrict the neck.

[Shadow Constriction] 31
Modification of the Shadow Neck Bind. Instead of Using the Shadow Neck Bind on the opponent’s neck, the user moves the Shadow Hand to one of his limbs, permanently disabling it. It requires more chakra do to so.

[Wind Element: Wind Fists] 32
C Rank: Completed form of Naruto’s Air Cannon. Requires the user to give physical form to his wind Chakra. The user spreads the chakra through both his hands, granting him the ability to send condensed air gusts up to ten meters. The gust have about the same power has the user’s fist. The gusts are invisible to the naked eye, though there are telltale whirlwinds around the user’s hands. The user has two shots, one for each hand.

[Corkscrew Hurricane] 32
A Rank: Requires the user to give physical form to his wind Chakra. The User puts his whole body in a spinning motion in order to deliver a corkscrew punch. The small tornado surrounding the user’s hand, gives it drill like properties enabling to pierce through metal, since the justu is still incomplete, the technique ends prematurely with a whirlwind affecting both the user and his opponent.
Add: As of chapter 37, When the user punches, a horizontal condensed cutting whirlwind his sent forward. It is a more focused and powerful version of the Great Breakthrough technique. This new version has C Rank offensive capabilities.

[Earth Splitter] 32
C Rank: The User coats his weapon in earth chakra, giving it incredible durability and the ability to corrode whatever comes in contact with it. The User uses a downward slamming motion with a blunt object to further increase these properties.

[Wind Blade] 32
B Rank: Requires the user to give physical form to his wind Chakra. The user transfers the wind element into a chakra conducting bladed weapon, giving the weapon a cutting power beyond normal wind chakra. It also grants the user the ability to launch one wind sickle. The sickle travels up to thirty meters cutting almost anything on its path. The wind’s sickle cutting power is slightly less than a bladed weapon coated with wind chakra.

[Extended Earth Splitter] 32
B Rank: The User coats his weapon in earth chakra, giving it incredible durability and the ability to corrode whatever comes in contact with it. The User then extends his weapon and uses a downward slamming motion with a blunt object to further increase these properties. The power of the blow his multiplied due to the weapon’s reach without affecting it’s speed.

[Earth Spear: Thousand Stabs] 32
C Rank:
The User repeatedly stabs with a blunt object with great speed, Meanwhile the weapon extends and retracts at will giving the advantage to attack with the same efficiency up to a distance of twenty meters.

[Earth Restorer] 32
D Rank:
Can only be used if the weapon was made using a earth element jutsu.After making the hand signs, the User plunges his weapon into the ground. The weapon will repair itself by taking the desired minerals from the earth to pristine condition.

[Revolving Earth Drive] 32
C Rank:
Can only be used in combination with a fullsuit. The User fixes the blunt weapon to the back of his non dominant hand and coats his weapon in earth chakra, giving it incredible durability and the ability to corrode whatever comes in contact with it. The User will then make the blunt weapon rotate with incredible speed before rushing at his opponent with a shoulder tackle. .

[Dream Walk] 36
D Rank: Genjutsu. The user puts his target under the illusion that he is still in movement, while in fact they are immobile. The effect increases the faster the target travels due to tunnel vision. a keen observer can easily see through the genjutsu after a moment.

[Flowing Gentle Style] 37
Taijutsu. Hinata developed this style after realizing her limitations in the traditional Gentle Style. Taking inspiration from the traditional Hyuga dances, the user will will make use of their gracious and flexible movements to put the attacking target off balance before attacking with more traditional Hyuga techniques.

[Dual Piercing Fang] 37
C Rank: After the familiar transforms into a copy of the Inuzuka clan member, both the familiar and ninja will begin a spinning attack. The preferred time to attack is when their opponent is showing an opening. Using this chance the fast rotating of the two attackers will cause a damaging impact on their opponent when they connect with their claws. While using this technique, both attackers are able to rotate and strike from multiple angles.

[Protective Eight Trigrams: Sixty four Palms of the Hand] 37
B Rank: Technique developped by Hinata, therefore requires the Byakugan. The user will emit chakra from her palms and move her arms in sweeping pattern movements to provide a full 360 degree range of protection for her body. This chakra will be also be able to cut through most any target which dares penetrate the protective sphere. By expelling a more sharper, stronger and more flexible amount of chakra, she can increase it's effectiveness against more massive incoming objects.

[Rasengan] 40
S Rank: The technique is unlike other jutsu in that it does not require any handseals, it just relies on the ninja's ability to mold chakra. The user concentrates a contained, fast, rotating sphere of chakra in the palm of their hand which can cause much destructive impact upon contact.

[Lightning Element: Thunderbolt Jutsu] 41
C Rank: After making the required hand signs, the user will create multiple sparks of lightning the size of a basketball and will send them (individually or all at once) at their target. Each ball will numb anyone who comes in contact with it.

[Shadow Hand / Shadow Seal] 40/42
C Rank: The Shadow User gathers his Shadow Element onto his hand and makes contact with the opponent. Whatever part of the opponent's body that has been touched is sealed and cannot function. The more shadow gatherered, by the user, the longer the effect lasts, up to about thirty seconds for the average Shinobi. The effect can be maintained for longer if the user maintains contact iwth the sealed body part. The Jutsu if contact is made with the opponent's head, The opponent may lose his five senses as well as the use of his body, depending on their chakra capacity, and will lose consciousness is contact is maintained.

[Darkness Hand / Vacuum Shade] 42
B Rank: The Shadow User gathers Shade Element onto his hand and makes contact with foreign chakra. The Shade will siphon foreign chakra of any kind in order to become stable Shadow Element. Once the Shadow element has formed it becomes detachable part of the user's Shadow, however once it has detached it cannot be re-attached and will disappear once used.

[Corkscrew Drill] 42
A Rank: Modification of the corkscrew Hurricane. The hand still gains drilling properties, but now the whirlwind formed of the excess chakra, is created intentionally and directed at the opposite end to the fist, propelling the user and giving the corkscrew punch even more destructive power.

[Storm Mode] 42
C Rank: Requires Naruto to give physical form to his wind chakra. Narutogives physical form to his wind natured chakra and gathers it into his fists, creating the base for Naruto's Wind Chronicles. Naruto then quickly gathers wind natured chakra to his fists in a constant manner, enabling him to use any and all of the Wind Chronicle Jutsu at will. Naruto becomes unable to mold any other kind of chakra, and therefore user any other kind of jutsu until he cancels the Storm Mode

[Ten Finger Drilling Bullets]
Using his Shikotsu Myaku bloodline abilities, the user will use his fingers to fire his distal phalange bones as bullets. As the bones fly through the air, they will rotate and drill into their target once they make contact.

[Dance of the Camelia] 43
Using his ability to manipulate his bone structure, Kimimaro will remove a long bone in the form of a sword from his shoulder. Using fluid and precise movements, he will then cut through any opponent within striking distance.

[Shadow Daggers] 43
C Rank: Requires 'Detachable' Shadow Element made by Shikamaru's Shade Element.Shikamaru detaches a part of his Shadow and gives it the form of a dagger, enabling him to use a long distance, but much weaker version of the Shadow Seal Technique or the Shadow Bind Technique Depending whether the Dagger makes contact with the opponent or its shadow. Once the Shadow Dagger has made contact and has been broken, or if it misses its target, it disappears.

[Chaotic Mental Collision] 43
Changing the chakra in his hand into electricity, The user can create an electric field to disrupt his target's nervous system. What results is commands to move one body part being relayed to another, making it near impossible for them to move unless they have high skill and understanding of the body. Since Kabuto is seen using the technique, it is reasoned he stole it from the legendary Tsunade.

[Dual Ultimate Technique: Path to Oblivion] 43
S Rank: Combination Technique. Requires One User to be able to Physically form wind chakra and the other to mold Shade Chakra. Mixing the right quantity of Shade chakra with Wind chakra makes for an even more unstable Chakra, that will literally consume almost anything in order to stabilize until it collapses on itself. The right mix is crucial; not enough Shade Chakra and The Shade will stabilize and revert to Shadow. too much and the Jutsu implodes too fast, potentially hurting the wind user.

[Gale Storm] 44
B Rank: Requires Storm Mode. Once in Storm Mode, Naruto can now fire as many shots as he can provided he keeps gathering wind chakra into his fists. The shots are a bit stronger and travel a bit farther. Naruto can also gather more chakra into his fist for as long as he want to and fire one super concentrated burst – Ending both the Gale Storm and the Storm Mode.

[Spiraling Bullet (Rasendan)] 44
S Rank: Requires a Wind User. The user
first starts by making the required hand seals for the Wind Element: Containment Jutsu and gathers the jutsu into his left hand. The user then creates the Rasengan and then contains it with the containment Jutsu. The user must constantly put chakra into the containment jutsu for it to be stable or it will cancel within seconds. The User can either throw the contained Rasengan or blast it with a wind gust. once it makes contact or after a few seconds, the containment jutsu cancels and the Rasengan is unleashed, with its destructive power intact.

More info on sites dedicated on Naruto like leafninja.

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