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Forgive and Regret (Klonoa) - Klonoa and Guntz have been bounty hunting together since their primary adventure two years ago. The two have developed a close bond, but undesirable faces from Guntz' past threaten to tear them apart and force their old partner back with them. Despite Guntz' attempts to ward him off, Klonoa makes it his business to save him from the crooks before they can turn him back into the ruthless killer he once was.

Lost Hope (Klonoa) - Nahatomb has managed to take over all of Lunatea and shroud it in darkness. 4 years later the world is a hollow pit of hatred and death. No one dares to stand up to their monstrous ruler and return their once peaceful planet back the way it was. Only one rebellion group dares to defy him. Guntz still isn’t over the loss of a dear friend that was all his fault and has given up all resistance to the new world. Can he find his will again and join the rebellion to fight against Nahatomb?

Legend of Rebirth (Klonoa)- Legend has it that every ten thousand years the planet's lifespan is spent and must be reborn. It grows weak and plants die, diseases spread, and weather goes completely out-of-wack. Prophecy has it that only when "light and darkness fall together" will the planet be reborn again. It is the year 10,999. In a year, the planet will die. With it starting to show signs of the same thing that happened 10,000 years ago, Klonoa, Lolo, Popka, Guntz, Leorina, and Tat are sent out to find this "light and darkness". New, stronger monsters are appearing and the planet's death isn't the only issue going on. Not only that, but some of our heroes haven't even gotten their own inward conflicts settled out amongst themselves. Can they fulfill the prophecy and fix their own issues in a year?

First Love(Klonoa) - At age 15, Guntz goes on a bounty hunting mission to protect a princess as she's transported to her kingdom. Little does he realize that this princess is about to change his life.

New, Interesting, and Unusual (Klonoa) - Klonoa, Guntz, and Pango suddenly find themselves in the human world. The humans don't take their visit lightly and make a big deal about it. The three heroes must find out why they got there and how to get back home before things get out of hand.

Wizard of Moo (Klonoa) - For the safety of Popka from the mean neighbor Leorina and to find a more exciting life, Lolo and Popka run away from their home. They meet a fortune teller who lies to get Lolo to go home. When she does return, a twister hits. It sends Lolo's house soaring through the sky and into an unknown land. Now she and Popka, with the help of some odd friends, must find the Wizard of Moo to help her get back home.

Reikoku no Tamir (Hamtaro) - A knight of a rodent inhabited kingdom is sent out to explore the outside world. He finds the Ham-Hams and mistakes them for a kingdom of their own. But he soon find out that this "kingdom" is none like he's ever seen before.

About Me

Name: Fly

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Likes: Animation, raccoons, clay, pumpkin seeds, flight, drawing utensils, gum, sour candy

Dislikes: Strong smells, swimming, dollar stores, buses, volleyball, loud noises, spicy food

Favorite Food: Cheese! Everything I eat has to have cheese in or on it.

Favorite Books: Silverwing trilogy, Airborn, The Fox and the Hound, Bambi

Favorite Mangas: Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Pokemon, Detective Conan, DNAngel, Inubaka, Tuxedo Gin, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Favorite Anime: DNAngel, Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hamtaro, Last Exile

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, Klonoa, Okami, Final Fantasy(s), Tales of Symphonia, Pokemon, , Sly Cooper, Star Fox

Favorite Movies: Arashi no Yoru ni, Mulan, Spiderman, Cellular,

My Pets: Kirby (Miniature Beagle), Nikita (German Shepherd), Fuji (hamster), Pandora (cat), and many chickens (that I don't eat)

Personal Quote: "I'm neither black or white. I'm gray--in the middle. It's warmest in the middle."

Favorite Word: Skedaddle

Favorite Couples:

Sakura & Syaoran(CCS/TRC): Who doesn't love this couple? These two were made for each other. Syaoran's had to deal with loving Sakura with Sakura showing no signs of the same affection for him for the longest time. And when Sakura found out how long Syaoran's loved her she seemed a bit upset with herself. There's also Syaoran's dedication for her in TRC. He gets himself half-killed all the time for her. There's also the fact that she'll never remember anything about him, but he's still willing to recollect all of her feathers. Sakura obviously had no clue why he's doing so, and I felt terrible(for mostly Syaoran) after Sakura got suspicious of maybe Syaoran knowing her more than she knew and winding up having to get her memories erased of even thinking that seconds later. Though I honestly think Syaoran feels indept to Sakura(putting aside the fact that he loves her). He was an emotionless kid when he first met Sakura, but she never pitied him or gave up trying to have fun with him. She eventually made him what he is now(along with a lot of help from Fujitaka). I think after a while Sakura started to feel indept to Syaoran(while also developing new feelings for him). This is shown pretty much true when even after the Syaoran she knows is revealed to be nothing but a clone made to serve Fei Wong Reed and he goes all evil on them(hurting Fay severely and later killing a whole village of people), she still wants to return his "heart" with all the power she has. The scene when Syaoran loses his mind says a lot of Sakura's feeling toward him. After waking up to find two Syaorans fighting(one wearing strange clothes and one bleedng to no end) she cries and makes her hands all bloody trying to get out of the strange orb thing she was in. She was apparently able to tell the two Syaorans apart after begging the real Syaoran(who I like to call Li to make it less confusing) to not kill the clone(who she didn't know was a clone then). This causes, to Sakura's terrified dismay, the real Syaoran to receive a harsh blow to the leg from Clonie(I like to call him "clonie" X3). She is trembling when Clonie breaks the orb she is in and forces the feather he has into her. But she fights sleep to make a last desperate attempt to stop him from leaving later(which doesn't work after Clonie cruely brushes her off). All of this causes Sakura to become more independant and completely dedicated to finding Clonie(despite the fact that he'll probably try to kill Kurogane, Fay, and Li). There's also an awkward atmosphere around Sakura and Li. Though Li seems to be as dedicated to Sakura as Clonie was(perhaps he loves her, too?). It seems that Sakura is desperately trying not to think of Clonie when she looks at Li(which must be next to impossible). I have no idea where this relationship is going, but I can't imagine too many good things to come of it in the next few chapters. Everyone on TRC forums seems to think that they'll be together no matter what in the end, but I just wonder...(I mean, can Clonie live with the fact that he's killed so many people? That's just saying he regains his senses ever).

Shinichi & Ran(Detective Conan): Only someone who's truely in love would wait so long for somebody(who can only lie to excuse himself). I put a plus on this after Conan said he'd cut himself out of the picture if it'd make Ran happy. I also love the way it seems to become harder and harder to convince Ran that Conan isn't Shinichi everytime she gets suspicious. I also find it amusing when Conan gets all protective when Ran's in danger(it looks strange for such a small child to act that way).

Fay & Kurogane(TRC): My only approved yaoi coupling. These two are great together. It's too bad lately Fay's been pushing himself away from Kurogane, though. But Kurogane certainly notices(and seems to be disturbed by it, maybe even more disturbed than when Fay was calling him pet names).

Conan & Ai(Detective Conan): How can I possibly approve these two when I also approve of Ran and Shinichi? But, still, I like these two. Ai is obviously showing feelings toward Conan, though it might only be because he's the only one that can relate to her situation. She's always hiding behind his back when the Black Organization is near(despite how she tries to sound calm). There was also that moment in one of the movies(5th?) where it showed that Conan thought Shiho looked pretty.

Heiji & Kazuha(Detective Conan): We don't get to see much of these two, but when we do, they're always together. Too bad Heiji's too naive to understand Kazuha's feelings for him. Even though, Heiji's very protective of Kazuha, but there aren't too many opportunities for him to be(because most of the girls in Detective Conan kick butt!).

Kaito & Aoko(Detective Conan/Magic Kaito): There's not much of Kaito KID let alone this couple. Though if it wasn't for their not-as-neat hair, they'd look just like Shinichi and Ran(nice save, Aoyama-sama). They also remind me a lot of Daisuke and Riku. Aoko hates Kaito KID, but she loves Kaito Kuroba. I loved it when Aoko asked Kaito on a date just to prove to her father that Kaito wasn't KID. Kaito(being his cute, nonchalant self) hasn't shown much feeling to her. Though he called her "a precious person to him" in Detective Conan movie 10 when he was diguised as Hakuba(though it was never proven that he was talking about Aoko, I'm sure he was).

Daisuke & Riku(DNAngel): These two had a bit of a rough start, but it was clear Riku had an interest for Daisuke since the beginning. There was also the questionable problem that Daisuke started liking Riku soon after Risa rejected him. Still, fights and suspicion only make a relationship stronger in the end. I think I actually like their developement better in the anime than the manga. The anime just seems to say more between them.

Numbuh 3(Kuki) & Numbuh 4(Wally)(KND): Yes, I'm serious. I don't watch this show much, but whenever I do I always look for an episode about them. Naturally, being the kind of cartoon it is, there is little developement. But I can't help but squeal whenever Wally gets jealous over Kuki for whatever reason.

Jake & Rose(American Dragon): The only Disney Channel show I like. I love couples like these. Rose, the dragon slayer, and Jake, the dragon. They defy their destinies to be together. Rose is my favorite character in the show and she hasn't been showing up too much lately(though her relationship with Jake has developed greatly over the past few episodes). I've heard a rumor that someone was supposed to be killed off in one episode(stupid Disney cancelled the episode because it was too "dark"). It was suspected that either Rose or Sun would be that someone. I'd hate it if Rose was killed off... But it turns out that no one was killed in said "dark" episode. Instead, Rose's life was changed because Jake selflessly wanted her to be happy(despite the fact that she had betrayed him moments before). When he sees her the next day(with her parents and new, happy life), he's sad that he'll probably never see her again, but happy for her happiness... But with Rose gone I don't think I'll find much to keep me watching the show.

Danny & Sam(Danny Phantom): Danny Phantom is such a... slow cartoon. There is rarely any developement of anything in the episodes. The only things that have effected future episodes are new powers, that memory erasing episode, and Danny's relationship with Valery(sp?). Sam has shown affection for Danny, but he showed little for her until he was dumped by Valery(which creates suspicion that Danny doesn't really like Sam). Danny was hardly over Valery dumping him when that Gregor kid showed up and started flirting with Sam and he got jealous. It just showed that he didn't know what he had 'til it was gone. I don't approve this couple all that much and I don't expect to see any new episodes to help me(especially since it's being cancelled).

Sora & Kairi(Kingdom Hearts): Of course, why not? Kairi liked Sora during the first game and their relationship grew throughout the second. I loved it when Sora nearly killed himself just to return Kairi's heart to her body and how she later refused to leave without him(and Riku). And then, in the second game, her heart refused to completely forget Sora(as everyone else had done) and she even left her safe island to search for him. Sora was also thinking of Kairi in the second game(daydreaming of her and blushing whenever seeing two other people together).

Klonoa & Lolo(Klonoa): I'm not so sure about this one... I mean, Klonoa is a long-eared cat and Lolo is a girl with a tail... It just seems strange. Although the world of Phantomile and Lunatea is filled with strange creatures, I'm sure there are odd-looking relationships elsewhere in them. I just think they're cute together, especially when Lolo was crying frantically when Klonoa had to leave. And, according to her, Klonoa helped her realize that she can't always rely on other people to help her with everything(though I think it was really Popka who told her that). She also seemed slightly embarassed with herself when Tat said that Klonoa was pesky and she said that she liked pesky boys. And in Heroes Klonoa nearly got himself killed trying to stop Janga from kidnapping Lolo. He also shifted his goal to becoming a great hero to only saving Lolo. I know this couple is overused, but there really aren't that many girls in the Klonoa series(though I know there are a lot of fan yaoi couplings).

Klonoa & Guntz(Klonoa): I usually like to look at these two in a close brotherly relationship, but Solitary Shadow is pushing be toward yaoi with her manipulating fanfics(X3). I mean, thinking about it, they do seem to care for reach other as more than just friends. At first Guntz thought of Klonoa as an amusing tool to use for his advantage(ex: lying to him and using him as a decoy to easily get into the Moon's Ruins). The two also disagreed with each other a lot, for--Why not?-- they're completely different. Klonoa is a naive, selfless kid who only wants to help people. While Guntz, with his messed up past, only seems to care for rewards and doing what's best in convenience to him. Guntz especially seems to hate Klonoa when Janga uses him as a sheild to escape. Though by then, in finding Janga, Guntz' tensions were already at the ceiling. Klonoa's "if we lose, we can't win" speech oddly seems to calm Guntz down and put him back on his side. Later, on the moon, Klonoa's softness seems to rub off on Guntz as he decides not to kill Janga when he receives the perfect chance to. Because of this, Janga tries to kill him, but Klonoa pushes himself in the way, nearly getting killed himself. Guntz seems more flustered than Pango when the question of if Klonoa will even survive comes up. Still, when Klonoa does come to, Guntz is too embarassed to show that he actually cared for Klonoa's safety and acts all nonchalant... Shoot... this little rant is pushing me closer, too. Oh well, don't be looking for any fanfics about this relationship from me. I can't write yaoi. It's against my "policy" and writing ability. I'll certainly read it, though(so long as it doesn't go past PG13)!

Roxas & Namine(Kingdom Hearts): Not much about this couple is said. They seem to have something for each other(especially during the end-sequence when it shows Sora and Kairi, then Roxas and Namine).

Least Favorite Couples:

Conan & Ayumi(Detective Conan): Blah, c'mon, they'll never be together. Ayumi's just got a little crush on him(though she uses the word "love"). Ayumi's, like, 8 years old(somewhere near there). I can't imagine someone that young really falling in love(although Mitsuhiko and Genta are mature enough to get jealous). She doesn't seem to take their relationship(what relationship?) too seriously, either(nor does Conan).

Risa & Dark(DNAngel): Even Risa knows they can't be together. She learns it the hard way in the anime and by herself in the manga. At first Risa only liked Dark because he was interesting and something "different", but later she seems to truely start to love him(and he, to his own dismay, starts showing feelings for her). In the anime, he is forced to give it to her plain and straight that they can't be together because she starts doing stupid and dangerous stunts to get near him. In the manga, Risa already knows they can't be together and sets up a "good-bye" date with him.

Dark & Riku(DNAngel): This was just a phase, it seems like. Riku's always hated Dark and Dark only started liking her by chance. He gets closer to Risa and soon forgets his feelings for Riku(spending more time supporting her and Daisuke). Riku seems to get a different impression of Dark after the "dream" scene, but still never admits liking him any more.

My Rants:

(Spoiler Alert)

Warriors: Firestar’s Quest –

This book was just plain stupid, simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Warriors series. But this one book just makes me wonder what the hell the authors were thinking. I’ll admit, I didn’t finish the whole thing. I only got through a bit more than half before moving onto something that was actually interesting(which turned out to be Silverwing at the time). The only interesting part was the very beginning. I liked the way it filled in the gaps between the first series and the second. For example, Brambleclaw’s apprenticeship and Longtail’s blindness(I’ll bet the rabbit who did it was Bigwig! X3). The mysterious disappearing cat left us with a questioning start, which is always good in a novel. And I liked Smug’s reappearance. But after Firestar and Sandstorm left, it all went downhill.

First off, the two argued over every little thing that happened. Since when was Sandstorm so bitter? Since when was Firestar so insensitive? I get the feeling Erin Hunter forgot who her characters were. It was hard to imagine that these two were mates. What I found really weak was the way the authors seemed to be trying to cover up this mistake. Just after an argument, in which Sandstorm threatened to go back home(something I certainly wouldn’t have minded), she gets swept away by a river. Firestar immediately acts all panicked and stricken. He makes it seem as if he’ll break down if he doesn’t find her soon, which is a clear exaggeration considering he actually seemed to lighten up when she’s not around to constantly argue with. Unfortunately the only sane cat was a kittypet who Firestar could only act spiteful around.

When Firestar finally does find Sandstorm, what do they do? What else? Argue, of course. Over what? Nothing of any importance. Then they go one their merry way, consistently uncomfortable with each other’s presence. About a quarter of the ridiculously long book goes on with the two saying no more than a sentence every three pages as they travel across some boring old forest along a boring old river with no boring old issues other than themselves. You could’ve at least thrown in a badger or a fox to spice things up, as unoriginal as it is.

And then they finally find the wondrous SkyClan camp they’d been searching half the book for. Only one problem, no one’s there. How interesting. All they find are a few troublemaking kittypets who like to go out of their way to bother some old tom who visits every so often. This tom, who they called “Moony,”(don’t think I read far enough to get his real name) has spent his whole life following the SkyClan tradition his mother taught him. Despite the fact that he’s never actually been in a Clan, he’s very loyal to these beliefs(even though all it does is leave him shunned and mocked).

That’s as far as I read. If “Moony” has a reason for wasting his life following these beliefs that for all he knows could be fake, well, I’ll probably never know. Perhaps I’ll get back to it someday, whenever I run out of things to read. But overall I found this book quite pointless.

It was filled to the brim with unnecessary and confusing details and issues. The characters were no longer familiar. I was never a fan of Firestar, but my view of him lowered after this book. He’s quite stupid, to be blatant.

Silverwing Trilogy –

I loved this series. It was filled with interesting characters and unique never-before-explored ideas. Who would’ve thought bats could be so interesting? My favorite was the second book, Sunwing. It was probably because of Chinook. He’s the best character, hands down. He was a jerk at the beginning of the series, but later on it was revealed how envious he was of Shade. How he admired him. And he even admits it himself eventually(regarding my favorite quote, “I feel safe when I’m with you.”).

The whole trilogy would’ve been perfect had it had a better ending. I wasn’t fond of Firewing. It took an odd turn to fantasy land. Besides constant references of Nocturna and Zotz, the basic Silverwing plots have been quite realistic. But being sent to the underworld? Okay, it’s pretty interesting. I mean, we got to actually see Zotz. Too bad we never saw Nocturna. And Goth finally died, though he only winds up coming back to life in the end.

Griffin I thought was a very unique character. Pressure by his father’s fame and popularity, he turns out to be a complete coward. He has to talk to himself to settle his thoughts(which I found quite humorous at times). Luna seemed like a Marina replacement to me. There wasn’t much of a different between the two. And I felt that the ending would’ve been more emotional if she and Griffin had to say goodbye(if Luna hadn’t been brought back to life).

Java, Nemo, Yorick, and Murk I felt were just fillers. New characters to make the story interesting. It worked, I suppose. I was particularly interested in Murk, who’s the only friendly Vampyrum Spectrum we’ve ever met. I was waiting for him to go and betray them all, but he wound up sticking to his word.

Frieda’s reappearance made me squeal with joy. But one thing she said leaves me a bit confused. She said that she soon would no longer be needed to travel around and send bats to the tree, for someone would come to take her place. I assumed it would be Shade(for I, being the spoiler-seeker that I am, already knew that he’d die). But Shade wound up leaving the underworld when he died. So what became of Frieda? Now she’s stuck never to rest in peace because she has to help others rest in peace.

Speaking of Shade’s death, I found it all a little disappointing. I predicted him having some great battle to die from, probably killed by Goth as it had been constantly foreshadowed. But he wound up killing himself to give up his life to both Griffin and Luna. It seemed an all too easy way to kill off a great character. It wasn’t emotional enough, either. I could’ve easily been led to cry had more effort been put into Shade’s death. But it all seemed so rushed.

Something else I’ve been wondering… Shade’s life was split in two so that it could revive both Griffin and Luna. That means they both have half a life… which means they’d only live for as long as half a life can take… which is half a lifetime. Not too smart.

Goth living left me with quite a frustrated feeling. This time the bad guy really did win. No matter what happens, Zotz will eventually escape the underworld and take over the world. It’s the only future for us to look upon…

Not only was that part of the ending left wide open, but the very last chapter was very unsatisfying. Shade flies around as some sort of ghostly spirit thing and makes it seem as if he likes being dead more than being alive. It seemed like a desperate attempt to give the reader a peace of mind(which certainly didn’t work for me). And we never got to see Marina’s reaction to Shade’s death. I was looking for a sweet quote. Something like, “He kept his promise. He brought you back.”(Regarding when Marina told Shade to “bring Griffin back.” She never mentioned Shade bringing himself back). But we got nothing…

Also, what happened to Luna’s body? I suppose they buried it. But wouldn’t it be freaky if she came back with her body still there?(Ooh, paradox. O.o).

There really needs to be a fourth volume.

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