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New Note: If you gift me with coffee, I shall grant you three wishes. (Okay not really. I'm not magic)

Edited: December 25, 2017 (I edited this partially half-hearted)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my profile once again. If anyone's even watching my profile :P Not a whole lot of difference here, just here to keep you all updated on a few things. As usual, work and school has me tied up most times. Fanfictions are hard for me to do in what little spare time I have, but I'll never stop creating them. They're a guilty pleasure of mine after all. That being said, I know you all are tired of excuses, but I will still apologize for any stories I have you all on hold for. My priorities lie in the stories I have going on currently.

My Legend of Zelda story is still on the priority list, but it's no longer on top. I'm still stuck on the chapter, so I'm sorry for any of those who are keeping an eye out for that one. It may be a while before I update that still. I still have plans to make up for this by loading two chapters when I do update again. Rest assured, I haven't forgotten about "Collision of Fates." I will be back in due time. I originally thought of leaving another long-ass author's note chapter to update you all on that, but thought better of it. Personal rants are annoying right? (That's why I have this profile). So far, my main concerns lie in updating "Illuminating the Truth." It's taken up most of my interest for the moment, so you'll be expecting a new chapter for that soon. I'm sorry it took so long for me on that one as well. I've become horribly stumped for the second half of the fall semester that I literally had no time for anything else. Even my job was suffering. Worst semester I've ever been through, emotionally. The Invader Zim fanfiction I have in progress right now will be removed from priority as I haven't had any interest in it lately. I won't remove it though, since I've received very motivational reviews. So, all I can say is keep it on watch and I'll have it updated eventually. Other than my Overwatch and Legend of Zelda fanfictions, all others I've created or will create will be worked on rather slowly. It's not that my motivation or inspiration has dried up for them, just that I feel like working on them a little bit at a time. Whereas, with those on my priority list (OW and LoZ) I intend on updating more frequently and in large parts. Also, Anima "Fight to Protect" will be seeing future updates with editing and possibly brand new content. The plot will remain the same, but if you've read it so far, I recommend re-reading it after I've updated to see what's changed in the current chapters. Magi is one fanfic I've been wanting to work on for a while, even long after I've finished the last chapter of the series lol. It won't show up anytime soon, but I will be creating a story for it as well. Just keep an eye on my profile for updates regarding that.

In other words, the update timeline will look something sort of like this (and pretty much in this order of importance to me):

1. OW "Illuminating the Truth" - roughly a chapter update for every two weeks
2. LoZ "Collision of Fates" - roughly a chapter for every two weeks
3. IZ "Fun and Games" - a chapter for every 1-2 months
4. Anima "Fight to Protect" - chapter for every 1-2 months (I will be picking this one back up sometime in the near future)
5. Xiaolin Showdown "Untitled" - chapter for every 1-2 months (Another old resurrected fandom that I'll touch for a bit; untitled because of obvious reasons. A title will be appointed when uploaded)
6. Magi "Untitled" - chapter every 1-2 months (first of the bunch to not be heavily romance)


Let me also point out that I've recently gotten into playing Overwatch since the year started (*cough* I'm obsessed now *cough*). I'm mostly on it now with friend's I've made there and we just goof and have luls, but I couldn't help my fandom-ass self from setting ships. ReinhardtxAna is too pure for this world. I'm what you would call a ship-aholic, so you'll be seeing some stories for Overwatch as well (ie: "Illuminating the Truth"). So, some of you will have something to read in the times between my updating. I've considered uploading my OW "Secret Santa" fanfiction that I have in the works. It'll be late for Christmas of course, but it's just going to be a short fanfic for some entertainment.

As you can guess from this profile update, yes I've honestly started yet another fanfiction, but it's a short one. Like I said, it's not on priority to update, so don't get hooked to it too soon. I won't be adding more chapters to it for at least a month or at least not until I've added a new chapter to either "Collision of Fates" or "Illuminating the Truth." Most stories will probably end up long (more than 10 chapters), but short stories and one-shots will be making appearances soon. You will be notified if that's the case, but for the most part you can expect the majority of my stories having no end soon. Any updates will be posted on chapters or here on my profile, so make sure you keep up with both :) I may even include juicy information here in the future.

Reviewer's Note: I'd like to personally thank all who've read and reviewed my stories so far. If it weren't for you, I probably would never show my face here again. You are all wonderful. I go through all of your reviews, even if it doesn't seem like it with my lack of replies. I look forward to future reviews and suggestions you all will have for me. Criticism is welcome. Special thanks to Deep Blue Dragon for the reviews on "Collision of Fates." You're awesome!

I know I mention it nearly all the time, but I'll tell you again. Expect all kinds of genre from me. Just because a story is labeled as "action/horror" or whatever doesn't mean it'll be limited to just action and horror. I'll be doing action, to adventure, to romance, to tragedy, to comedy, to...EVERYTHING, so you'll never be bored with my writings... I hope. Just from skimming over my current fics, you can probably tell I heavily lean towards more romance than anything. There isn't really any special reason, other than I love to ship and wholesome ships make me bubbly inside. But all of my stories won't be heavily mushy or cheesy, so you don't have to barf just yet. Violence, abusive content, and gore can and will rear their ugly heads as well, but you will be fairly warned either in the summary or in author notes at the beginning of every page. The context of rape will not be included in any of my stories. Any chapters having to do with graphic or sexual content will have warning labels on them, and, for the most part, I'll make them to where they can be skipped without affecting the story if the readers choose to do so. That being said, even if I label my stories as T or M, you can choose to have a fairly clean story to read if you skip over these parts. Though, that isn't to say you should go through it if you're under the age 18. I recommend viewer discretion as I won't be held accountable for your actions. You have been warned of my fanfictions' contents.

On another note, please be patient with me, I'll be updating really slowly sometimes and sometimes not at all, but I have everything right here in front of me on notebook paper (talk about old-school) or in the computer. Look forward to my fanfics!

Lastly, all disclaimers will be the same, though I'll still put them up on my fics; that's necessary. All will practically say: "I think it's obvious to know that no one on FanFiction.net owns anything they write about. If they do, that'll be awesome and I'd like to meet them. Or at least, have them read my fics! :)" or something of that nature.

That's all there is! Updates on both fanfictions and profile will be made every now and then when I have the free time to do so. Most times, I'll have updated my profile after updating one of my stories, so that you may check by any time to know what's going on. Everything new will be in bold notes. Make sure to read them first!

Newsflash!: Chapter 6 of "Illuminating the Truth" is on its way. Currently working on revising it for the update. Also currently working on the latest chapter of "Collision of Fates." I can't wait to see my OC in action finally. Sometime, in the future, I may consider starting a Blackwatch fanfic, but it'll be a while before I do that. I'll keep you all updated on news right here in "Newsflash/Notes". Be sure to read and review my fics please. I'll be honored to hear what you might suggest for my writings. I'm serious; give me some suggestions and I'll try to put some of them in. :) Until next time, please enjoy!

I guess I should mention what pairings I support so that you can get a better idea of what pairings are put into my fanfics.

LoZ pairings: ZeldaxGanondorf, mild ZeldaxLink, LinkxOC (OC here refers to another female role in the games), and maybe even GhirahimxFi.

Invader Zim: ZimxGaz, DibxTak, mild GazxTak (nothing too hardcore though).

Overwatch: AnaxReinhardt (OTP YO!), MercyxGenji, LucioxD.VaxSymmetra (I'm not picky, 3TP), HanzoxMcCree (lol damn curiosity), MeixJunkrat, etc.

Maybe in the future... Fairy Tail pairings: LucyxNatsu, GajeelxLevi, MiraxLaxus, etc.

There's probably several I'm missing...

I'll put up more pairings later. This is all I could remember so far, hence the "etc."s. Hope you enjoy my fics and I'll put up as much as possible.


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