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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Fire Emblem, +Anima, and Fairy Tail.

New Note: College and work has been keeping me busy, but I'm back with fresh ideas in my mind!

First off, one fanfic category I work on is for Fire Emblem. As for Fire Emblem, I'll use as many characters as I can. My goal is to make a series, starting with the DS Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. The name will be: Magvel High School. In advance, I'll point out that this story WILL be AU! How awesome! Then, I'll continue with other high school based fanfics, in a series like manner compared to my first, staring from my Wii Fire Emblem game: Radiant Dawn. I'll try to get in at least another of the Fire Emblem games, and eventually, cross the characters into each other's stories! :) I can't wait! I've noticed that the beginning of every story I write, however, is always the hardest, but once I have a good beginning (I'll have to edit the ones I have up now), I will seriously be on a roll! ;)

Update on MHS: I have not progressed, and I apologize for that. I've read through all of the reviews time and time again and I thank those who've read and enjoyed the story so far. I will do my best to return and give you more. When that time comes, I hope to be able to contact you all to let you know. Thank you for your patience.

Secondly, as for WoW, I'll be doing some of my own characters and then my friend's characters, we play online pairings sometimes because we get bored when we're too low level to go anywhere until we find more quests. Nothing too special there, but I plan to go more for the action scenes in these fanfics instead of just romance. Now, that's fun! lol. So, if you are looking for a good battle scene, I'll try my best using WoW bases! Look forward to it! That is, if ever gets WoW in. Be looking forward to seeing my panda making her first appearance too! :D However, you may only see these fanfictions on deviantART due to the fact that doesn't have any categories that I see for me to put them into.

Those were just the game fanfics you will expect from me (Yes I'm a nerd with them both and hardly write anything for other games...) Other fanfics will come from recent anime that I've watched, or those that I'm really infatuated in, including my all-time favorites from the author Nahoko Uehashi, who created Seirei no Moribito and Kemono no Souja Erin. Oh how I wish for those two to be in my library of movies right now!!

I'll be doing action, to adventure, to romance, to tragedy, so you'll never be bored with my writings... I hope. Let's get along well. I'll take any criticism if it helps benefit and perfect my writing, so don't hold back. All I ask is that you don't curse or say anything too severe.

On another note, please be patient with me, I'll be updating really slowly, but I have everything right here in front of my on notebook paper. Look forward to my fanfics! Again, I'll try to update my Naruto fanfics as well so you can read more, but I can't recommend much lol.

Update on all things Naruto: I've sadly grown out of Naruto. While I love some of the characters still, it's just not my cup of tea. I might still continue on the story. Let's just hope.

Lastly, all disclaimers will be the same, though I'll still put them up on my fics; that's necessary. All will practically say: "I think it's obvious to know that no one on owns anything they write about. If they do, that'll be awesome and I'd like to meet them. Or at least, have them read my fics! :)" or something of the like.

That's all I have to say right now. I'll update both my writings and my profile so you can all read what I'm up to recently. Everything new will be in bold notes. Make sure to read them first! So, don't feel bad if I accidently don't read your reviews immediately. I usually don't, but they'll still be in my email, so I'll get to them. Don't worry. Please read and review my fics, and enjoy!

P.S. As for the email part, since I was using hotmail, it's changed on me and somehow everything disappeared. So yea, I'm not a happy person right now... But it all seems to be fixed now. Sorry if I may have missed previous reviews. I dont' think I'll ever get to see them now.

Newsflash!: I'm starting on my fanfic of Kemono no Souja. Not all too sure what title I'll be giving it yet, but look forward to it. My fanfics of Fire Emblem are currently on hold. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll keep you all updated on news right here in "Newsflash/Notes". Be sure to read and review my works please. I'll be honored to hear what you might want to put in my writings. I'm serious; give me some suggestions and I'll put some of them in. :) Until next time, please enjoy!

Also, I guess I should mention what pairings I support so that you can get a better idea of what pairings are put into my fanfics.

FESS pairings: EirikaxInnes and some EirikaxLyon, TanaxEphraim, VanessaxForde, FranzxAmelia, LutexArtur, NeimixColm, L'ArachelxRennac or L'ArachelxKnoll, GerrikxTethys, etc.

FERD pairings: MicaiahxSothe, VolugxNailah, IlyanaxSoren, IkexElincia, RanulfxLethe, LeannexNaesala, (i don't know why, but i find them together) TitaniaxOscar, and TibarnxReyson (yes, i can't believe it, but i'll have yaoi for you yaoi lovers, but not SorenxIke! Absolutely not! I like them both, but not together >.> I only see them as good friends. The yaoi won't be extreme or sexual, but if you happen to have any problems with yaoi, then I suggest you don't read.)

Also, I finally bought FEPoR! I don't see much difference in pairings though, so just read the above in RD for pairings.

I'll put up more pairings later. This is all I could remember so far, hence the "etc."s. Hope you enjoy my fics and I'll put up as much as possible.

Also, I had a review that asked me to put up my Deviantart account because I have my own stories on there as well. I'd also have some fanart for my stories when I get the chance. The link to my DA account is Please be sure to check up on it! :)

Note: As for Deviantart, I have story pics too. Look for "Aspyran" pics along with my latest: "Reaper"! ;D

Now that my resolutions are into plan, I won't be able to update as fast as I thought and I apologize. I've recently been working on my own original story instead. I've been on a goal to make into a manga someday, so I'm woring hard on it. So far, I'm on pg 115 (NEW RECORD FOR ME!! *applause*). It'll be quite a long story, so that's why I'm telling you guys that I won't be on as much. But, that's to be expected. I'm never on the computer at all on most days. Look on DA for the summary to my latest: "Reaper"; I'm becoming a big fan of it already ;)

*Aspyran has been changed to "Evanlion" now. Someday I wish to make it into a mmorpg. :)

*There may still be an Aspyran, and a mirrored version of it called Evanlion, in the story. This is what I finally came down to deciding. (Aspyran and Evanlion both belong to me. They're both part of my own story.)


AKA: Ilicia Eyzmair

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