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New Note: Hey guys, I'm back from the dead!

Okay but seriously, I'm sooooooo sorry for being gone for so long. As always work has me tied up, but that's no real excuse because I've had time to write when I wasn't at work. My main issue was school and assignments and real life bleh crap, so I hope you all understand when I say that writing fanfiction is a true luxury if I ever find the time to do it. Now, onto my newly updated profile. (I know, it's been frozen for quite some time it's even got its own Disney animated film... I kid)

I still do some fanfictions for Fire Emblem, but not as much anymore. Honestly, I can switch writing subjects at the drop of the hat. However, some of my ideas I've come to realize that I don't particularly like them anymore, such as the AU knock off of "Magvell High School" where nearly all characters are portrayed as students. So, you'll probably notice that I've completely scrapped that story. Instead, I'll probably be issuing fanfictions of different varieties in accordance to the series titles. There are no details yet as nothing is really set in stone. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and any fans of "Magvell High School." I still may have the idea to come up with a story for the character to cross into each other's universes, but it won't be high school based (because honestly, that's embarrassing right?) Any who...

As you all may have also noticed, and as I've just stated, my interest has switched from the Fire Emblem franchise back to Legend of Zelda. I've come to realize that, while I boast my fandom for the series, I have yet to create a physical format of my creations. I really suck with my drawings by the way, so those aren't the types I will share freely around the web. Instead, you'll see uploads of a fanfiction I'm writing on currently. I will warn you that it's going to be considerably long - I'm not totally sure where it'll end - and there's an obnoxiously long author's note at the start that I created because I couldn't hold back my excitement for being back. Seriously though, if you don't want to read the note, that's fine, you can continue on with the next page and excuse my babbling xD So, feel free to check it out. The title may be subject to change, but right now it's called "Collision of Fates" (Sounds kind of crappy I know...) until I find something better.

Reviewer's Note: I'd like to personally thank all who've read and reviewed my stories so far. If it weren't for you, I probably would never show my face here again. You are all wonderful. I go through all of your reviews, even if it doesn't seem like it with my lack of replies. I look forward to future reviews and suggestions you all will have for me. Criticism is welcome.

I know I mention it nearly all the time, but I'll tell you again. Expect all kinds of genre from me. I'll be doing action, to adventure, to romance, to tragedy, so you'll never be bored with my writings... I hope. Violence, abusive content, and gore can and will rear their ugly heads as well, but you will be fairly warned either in the summary or in author notes at the beginning of every page. The context of rape will not be included in any of my stories. Any chapters having to do with graphic or sexual content will have warning labels on them, and, for the most part, I'll make them to where they can be skipped without affecting the story if the readers choose to do so. That being said, even if I label my stories as T or M, you can choose to have a fairly clean story to read if you skip over these parts. Though, that isn't to say you should go through it if you're under the age 18. I recommend viewer discretion as I won't be held accountable for your actions. You have been warned of my fanfictions' contents.

On another note, please be patient with me, I'll be updating really slowly sometimes and sometimes not at all, but I have everything right here in front of me on notebook paper or in the computer. Look forward to my fanfics!

Lastly, all disclaimers will be the same, though I'll still put them up on my fics; that's necessary. All will practically say: "I think it's obvious to know that no one on FanFiction.net owns anything they write about. If they do, that'll be awesome and I'd like to meet them. Or at least, have them read my fics! :)" or something of that nature.

That's all there is! Updates on both fanfictions and profile will be made every now and then when I have the free time to do so. Most times, I'll have updated my profile after updating one of my stories, so that you may check by any time to know what's going on. Everything new will be in bold notes. Make sure to read them first!

Newsflash!: I haven't forgotten about my Anima fanfic. In fact, it's second on my list of priorities story-wise after my new creation of "Collision of Fates." I'm just a little bit stumped on the scene I'm on currently, and am racking my brain for something different to edit it with. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll keep you all updated on news right here in "Newsflash/Notes". Be sure to read and review my works please. I'll be honored to hear what you might want to put in my writings. I'm serious; give me some suggestions and I'll put some of them in. :) Until next time, please enjoy!

Also, I guess I should mention what pairings I support so that you can get a better idea of what pairings are put into my fanfics.

LoZ pairings: ZeldaxGanondorf, mild ZeldaxLink, LinkxOC (OC here refers to another female role in the games), and maybe even GhirahimxFi.

FESS pairings: EirikaxInnes and some EirikaxLyon, TanaxEphraim, VanessaxForde, FranzxAmelia, LutexArtur, NeimixColm, L'ArachelxRennac or L'ArachelxKnoll, GerrikxTethys, etc.

FERD pairings: MicaiahxSothe (kind of sibling, but not incest, more of a sweet budding relationship), VolugxNailah, IlyanaxSoren, IkexElincia, RanulfxLethe, LeannexNaesala (OTP!), TitaniaxOscar (don't ask me why I see them together), and TibarnxReyson. Yes, i can't believe it, but i'll have yaoi for you yaoi lovers, but not SorenxIke! Absolutely not! I like them both, but not together >.> I only see them as good friends. The yaoi won't be extreme or sexual, but if you happen to have any problems with yaoi, then I suggest you don't read.

Maybe in the future... Fairy Tail pairings: LucyxNatsu, GajeelxLevi, MiraxLaxus, etc. There's a few I'm missing...

I'll put up more pairings later. This is all I could remember so far, hence the "etc."s. Hope you enjoy my fics and I'll put up as much as possible.

Kaffeindz (My avatar has changed guys!)

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