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Y do u want to no about me? Are you some itiot on drugs? No matter all ramble on 4 ure amusement.

I love a little bit of everything. I got spontaninous chaotic personality that strikes at any moment and in the end I either scare some1 or I get THREATENED.

I've only wrote Jhonen fan fics but I will eventully write about: Senifeled, Brekfast Club, Harry Potter, V for Vendetta, Calvin and Hobbs, and if they ever make one I luv Halloween. Oh and if they make Plan 9 From Outer Space and Bride of the Atom.

Random stuff: There should be a section where we can rite fan fics about songs, Naurto sucks, JTHM roks, All kinds of rock rock wether its hevy metal, vini, garage, electric hair, hard, acid, classic, punk, hard core punk AKA emo, collage, world class, rap rock, Christan rock, tecno rock, punk tecno,alternitive, funk, disco rock, disco punk, arena rock, or anything I 4 got. As I'm sure you might not imajine from what uve already read I'm actully a hihgly devot orthodocx Roman Catholic.

Thats all I got 4 now bye peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got more ya I no i rammble im gonna mak a fic 4 avatar and dilbert also I can't belive u guys r redin myin it maks me feel like the voics arnt the only 1s who care about me! Lol! No i dont want to kill them there my friends no i wont eat those spiders leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!

Plese refram from makin fun of tht I get enough of it already

WOW I had no idea we had Zim fan fics well thts on there to srry bout not publishin much lately I LUV doin wat im doin NOTHING!!

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