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Author has written 4 stories for IT, LXG, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

About My reviews: The mere fact that a person has dedicated time to writing a fiction and has left it open for criticism immediately commands my respect. Any story has good in it, so I will probably never just tell a person that their story is bad and leave it at that. I deal with idiots often in real life, and have found most people online (at least on fanfiction. net) to be gracious and fairly intelligent. My opinions are not be-all end-all, but they are generally well thought out. It is my sincerest hope that anyone posting on the forum to gain something from the experience.

I have deliberately kept this profile fairly vague about me as a person, just because I don't want my writing be judged on my age, location, or personal beliefs. I want my writing to be judged on how good it is. I'm not going to lie, I like good reviews. But I've noticed that many people prefer to not leave a review instead of leaving a bad one. Please, though, I'm here to learn as well as write.

My style of writing is that I'll put down about a hundred short ideas at the bottom of my story, about half of which will be incorporated later. This means that I constantly have to fear not remembering which of my ideas I've put in, and I think the biggest favor a reviewer can do me is point out plot discontinuity.

I’ve honestly seen some stunning works being posted, and I don’t know what I can say. It’s discouraging, but hopefully I will attract some of the better writer’s attention. But I’m not going to kid myself either way, this is definitely better than some I’ve seen, too.

My stories that I have completed, I am probably not going to edit or change for anything. In addition to being a sort of marker for how my writing was 5 years ago or a month ago, I simply no longer have the time nor willpower to go back and do much with them. My in-progress stories, though, I am always willing to go back and change what's wrong if something is.

My first story was In Between. At 84,765 words in three parts, it is by far my longest. It was based on Stephen King's novel "It." I spent most of my time thinking of this fanfiction out on a swing I had, a plank attached to a rope. After I was done writing my fanfiction, I never went out there again. I would like to think I used up the last of my childhood out there, as sentimental as it sounds.

Pros: I was amazed at the length, and that I actually ended up finishing it. It was my first, and I think I kept the plot going pretty well.

Cons: I'm pretty sure I went Mary-Sue on this one. It was pretty blatant self-insertion.

The next story I wrote was Couldn't Hurt . Two years after my last fanfiction, I didn't think I could do it again, and actually planned on it failing. Instead of thinking of a good title, I took one from the first sentence of the story. I started considering putting it up online when it reached 70 pages. Somehow, the name stuck. So, here it is: my Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen fanfiction. One of my friends took me to see Jekyll and Hyde, the musical. It started a seed of obsession, and I went into the LXG just because Jekyll was in it. It's pretty obvious that Jekyll is my motivation, just because my entire story is pretty Jekyll-centric. This fanfiction finished at 43,621 words, which is about half of my last one...but god help me, I'm seriously considering a sequel. ((edit 6/30: I'm almost definitely going to post a sequel. My premises have evolved into a plot by now. I expect to have it up pretty soon.))

Pros: Plot continuity, no self-insertion, decent characterization.

Cons: The entire story took place on a ship, and the premise became a plot unto itself. My POV thing was pretty crazy, and I started to regret it towards the end.

My Dr. Horrible fanfiction...oh my god, don't even go there. "The fists are not the hammer" was a puny 1,807-word one-shot. It was written and posted while I was writing my LXG fanfiction. I don't know what came over me. I wrote it in a single night, I believe right after I bought the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. It's sort of amusing how many people are still reading it. I had sort of hoped that it would fade into obscurity.

Pros: Good characterization, different genre than I usually write.

Cons: The plotline. Don't read it!

Bishop's World: I had quite hoped that I was finished with the LXG fandom, but it sadly was not the case. This one's promising to end up about as long as my previous one. The plot is a bit crazy, but (I hope) exciting. Come read!

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