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Author has written 6 stories for Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa Chronicle, Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, and xxxHOLiC.

Thanks for coming to my page! Hope you enjoy~

Completed Stories:

Ying and Yang: Together Forever - Tokyo Babylon

Stories in Progress:

Only I'm Allowed - Durarara! *Waiting for the other authors*

If you Had to Choose - Tsubasa *On Hold*

Ask the Tsubasa Cast : The Return

Blood Bonds

Upcoming Stories:

Kill Me - Kiss Me: After months of searching Syaoran has finally located his and Sakura's clones. In this World his clone goes by the name Xiaolang Rei and is a well known assassin. Sakura's goes by the name Ying Fa and is a talented singer - they've never met and aren't even aware of each other's existance. Syaoran x C!Syaoran. Fai x Kurogane. - Tsubasa

The Theif and Me: Kudo Shinichi is finally back to his own body - goodbye Conan and hello Ran right? Wrong. Ran moved on leaving Shinichi heartbroken until a certain theif comes along. Detective Conan x D.N.Angel Crossover

Memorable Quotes:

"I swear to drunk I’m not God; if I was..yaoi would be a HIT in America!" --Me

"F--ing Brian's coming..." "What?!" "F--ing Brian's coming!!" --Dane Cook

"Gaetorade.." "H20.." "Gaetorade.." "H20!!" --Just guess where I got this

"Why won't you love me?! It's because I have glasses isn't it??" --Kabuto

"Sasuke’s an emo bastard believe it!" --Naruto

"Edward is the sexiest short person I’ve ever met.." --Roy Mustang

"It’s not a light saber it’s a flash light.." "That’s the biggest sword-like flashlight I’ve ever seen you baka!" --Syaoran and I

"Rou Mustang is DEAD SEXY….in a mini-skirt!" --Edward Elric

"The truth is not everyone can be happy.." --Tokyo Babylon

"Evil Syusuke lives in Bleach!!" --Mah BFF/CriticismWiz.NeedAnOpinion-Ask

"Aiba-chan is my sex god not yours!" "Dammit Hokuto he is Shirota’s and mine and a girl whose just as obsessed as I am!" --Sakura and I XD

"If I died readers would be depressed and the series would go to hell.." --Angel Diary

"Quit waking me up at five in the morning and dressing me in cosplay! --Me

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" --Kaitou Kid

Prince Of Tennis Survey Questions!

Note: You can add your own questions! As long the main ones aren't erased!

Copy and paste this in your profile, if you want.

Taken from AniManGa19930


1. First off! What is your favorite school?

Seigaku and Hyoutei and Yuuta's School :D

2. Who is your favorite player?

Ryoma, Fuji, Sengoku, Eiji, Atobe ect. To many DX

3. What is your favorite tennis move?

ALL of Syusuke's counters, Ryoma's Cool Drive, and Eiji's acrobatic moves.

4. Who is your favorite doubles pair?

Fuji x Eiji Pair and Silver Pair

5. What is your favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?

Echizen Ryoma Vs. Yukimura Seiichi.

6. What is your least favorite school?

Higa Jr. High

7. Who is your least favorite player?

Oishi Shuichiro and Kawamura -.-

8. What is your least favorite tennis move?

Twist Serve DX

9. Who is your least favorite doubles pair?

Those weird gay guys from Kentarou's school o.o;

10. What is your least favorite tennis game in the series (who vs. who)?

Fuji vs. Tezuka [Needs more action and moe!]

11. Favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

Dream: Which I believe is Eiji x Fuji or Ryoma x Fuji [Both are hot]


It's just that. :3

Platinum: They're so unique and funny!

12. Least favorite pair (homosexual or straight)? Why?

Eiji x Oishi. Just hell no. -.- [Oishi hater]

13. Any crack pairing/s?

I have not a clue my friend.

14. Any weird pairing/s?

Tezuka x Ann?

15. Favorite story arc (Kantou Tournament, Nationals)?

Nationals all the way!

16. Favorite catchphrase?

Mada Mada Dane

17. Favorite TeniMyu?

Dream Live 3~ [YANAGI AND AIBA DX]

18. Least Favorite TeniMyu?

Dream Live 2

Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?

Not a clue

20. Least Favorite TeniPuri Family and episode?

I didn't watch TeniPuri yet ;-;

21. Favorite Soundtrack?

Dream Live 3 Best Vocal Collection

22. Least Favorite Soundtrack?

Not a clue

23. Best Filler Episode?

Thatone with Yuuta's school XD

24. Crappiest Filler Episode?

I don't know! DX


1. Do you believe in the Ryoma/Sakuno Theory?

No! He doesn't even notice her!!!!

2. Do you think Atobe is gay?

Hell yes XD

3. Is the Rikkaidai Captain the bottom in his 'relationship' with his Vice-Captain?

Hell yes - in some cases. But one smile and BOOM Sanada's bottom.

4. Are all doubles players in love with their respective partners?

Everyone but Golden Pair. [Shoots Oishi.]

5. Is there any team that can beat Seigaku?

Rikkai Dai, Hyotei

6. Is Jirou a narcoleptic?

More then likely.

7. Can Kabaji speak?

He says 'Usu'

8. Why is Sengoku 'Lucky'?

Lady Luck loves him!

9. Does Dan like Akutsu?

Admire hopefully.

10. Does Horio really have 'two years of tennis experience'?

No, he's just being a calssic jerk.

11. Is TeniMyu crap or just plain brilliant?

I freaking love it to death. You call it crap I shoot you.

12. Is Fuji really in love with his buchou?

They're hot together so..why not?

13. Should PoT be a shounen-ai anime?



1. Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyotei, Rokkaku, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, Fudoumine, Shitenhouji, St. Rudolph, Josei Shonan or Higa?

That's what it was St. Rudolph XD But St. Rudolph and Seigaku. [Chose two!]

2. Golden Pair (Eiji/Oishi) or Silver Pair (Shishido/Ootori)?

How many times must I say I don't like Oishi? Silver.

3. Sakuno Ryuzaki or Ann Tachibana?


4. Sanada, Atobe or Tezuka?

All three. -Sadistic smirk.-

5. MomoRyo or RyoSakuno?

MomoRyo, sorry he doesn't notice Sakuno.

6. Royal (Atobe/Ryoma) or Imperial (Tezuka/Atobe)?

Both DX

7. MomoRyo or KaidohInui?

Both seem alright to me.

8. Left-handed player or right-handed player?

Both are fine. -w-

9. Tango (Sanada/Atobe) or Waltz (Yukimura/Atobe)?

I'm pretty sure Tango or Waltz? I can't CHOOSE DX


1. List all of the Characters you've fallen for.

Heehee! :D Fuji Syuusuke, Ryoma Echizen, Kirihara Akaya, Eiji Kikumaru, Sengoku, Saeki and so much more~ -Glomps-

2. List all the moves that you wished you could do.

Tezuka Zone & Phantom, Fuji's counters, Dunk Smash ect.

3. Pick ONE character that you would like to meet in person.

Fuji. We'd get along so well -Smirks.-

4. Any crossovers in mind?

PoT/ Bleach? XD

5. Any lookalike in other anime?


6. Which tennis match showdown would you die to see?

Yukimura-Ryoma Vs. Tezuka-Fuji!!

7. Any person you would like to have a match with?

Fuji, Ryoma, Atobe.

8. The schools you want to be a part of the tennis club.

Hyotei and Segaiku! Maybe St. Rudolph

9. What do you like about PoT?

The guy, the moves, the guys, the humor, the guys.

10. Why is PoT the best anime there is?

Because it's PoT! :D THAT'S WHY

Add Your Name in this List, if you used this survey:

icEbLuE20, Mitsukai20, xSadistxFujix, AniManGa19930, Fadey, Eternal-chan

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