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Since all my stories are currently in english, I decided to make it so in my profile, too! (: D) Great idea, I know lol.

About me:

Well, I write for the fun of it... and if eventually I could get to reach some profit out of it. . . it would too be very nice. The idea of becoming a writer later on its MAYOR tempting to me, but I'm not sure my work is or will get to be that good, unluckily.

General Disclaimer.

The kannons are not mine, nor any of the characters you might recognize... sadly

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Month one

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but I have all my organs.
I love the sound of your voice.
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The sound of your heart beat
is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two

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If you could see me
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I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.
It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy
I'm a boy!!
I hope that makes you happy.
I always want you to be happy.
I don't like it when you cry.
You sound so sad.
It makes me sad too
and I cry with you even though
you can't hear me.

Month Four

my hair is starting to grow.
It is very short and fine
but I will have a lot of it.
I spend a lot of my time exercising.
I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes
and stretch my arms and legs.
I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.
Mommy, he lied to you.
He said that I'm not a baby.
I am a baby Mommy, your baby.
I think and feel.
Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

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I don't like him.
He seems cold and heartless.
Something is intruding my home.
The doctor called it a needle.
Mommy what is it? It burns!
Please make him stop!
I can't get away from it!
Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven

I am okay.
I am in Jesus’ arms.
He is holding me.
He told me about abortion.
Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

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Most probably, if you're reading this is because you've already been teased by my work XD; but since I'm actually making a commission for a friend MadeAnge, to her Harry Potter story Diary of a Playboy's Life -M rated, so if you think you shouldn't read further, I appreciate you read down til here anyways =D. . . here's a bit of it = )

After dinner, I went to serve detention with Filch. I was supposed to be heading straight to the Common Room afterwards, but more urgent matters kept me from doing so. After scrubbing half the prizes of Hogwarts, my fingers were numb, as was my sense of smell… or so I thought, for when I turned the corner that lead to the Common Room−out of Filch’s sight, but still in his reach−, my favorite, not fully eatable smell slapped my nostrils awake.

I only had time to smirk. As usual, she stood close enough for me to feel her relieved breathing, but when I was about to warn her of my poor hygienic state, she held my nape and pulled me down towards her lips. She just had desert, and it was the sweetest chocolate I’ve had... at least this week. As it’s her custom, she stood fully against me so that I could feel her whole body almost as if we were naked. When I was about to nibble her with the tip of my tongue, she parted. Eyes closed, she bit at her lower lip and smirked.

I had a craving.” She said, opening her abysmal-black eyes to me, piercing me with her pupils.

Where are your manners? Did you sleep with me? How about ‘hi, Sirius; how’s life treating you?’” I joked, smiling as well, making her laugh.

Hi renegade, how’s it hanging?” she back-fired, air-kissing my cheek while I burst in laughter. She’s one a the few people that’d get away unpunished with calling me a renegade. “Sorry I made you feel like a sex toy.” Now that was hilarious. I know I’m her sex toy, and it doesn’t make me feel bad at all. Giggling, she shushed me, swathed her hand around my middle finger and drove me into the Common Room. “Lets get you cleaned” she said. A grin just spread over my lips at that command.

The Common Room was crowded, but there was such a mess of people that no one noticed two 7th years going to bed early… nor a 7th year boy getting in the girls dormitories. You see, James and I discovered we could go up the stairs to the girls dorms. We didn’t know how, but we ventured it had something to do with being animagi. Anyway, even thrilled as I was because it would be our first time in her room, I didn’t want Evans to burst through the door, find us on it and hex me impotent.

Where’s your pack?” I asked, taking full advantage on the fact that the dormitories were empty and dark. I pinned her against her door, her face towards it, her back against my all... “I really don’t want any sudden interruptions, you know” I remember hissing in her ear, caressing it with my lips; I clearly felt her tightening her jaw. It was hard not to rub my palms up her sides, but Liz takes huge care of every, one, of her things… and she wouldn’t think it through before kicking me outside the room naked if I stained her clothes.

She groaned low, having been taken by surprise by my sudden claiming.

James’ taking care of our favorite Head Girl, probably in the Head's dorms and Remus and Peter took Saree, Isadora and her friends for a Marauder walk. Doubt they'll be back anytime soon” she answered, taking a deep breath to regain control of herself. So I make also a great matchmaker? This was a new, interesting thing I could use to my benefit. “Would you open the door? My hands are kinda busy.” She said, digging her hands in my cloak pockets to fetch my wand. Unarmed, that’s how she likes me.

I did, and pushed her a bit so she would enter. She did, but searched me whole until she found my wand in the back pocket of my jeans. She winked and waved it in front of me, putting it delicately between her lips, making a cute little pout-like face while she quickly and graciously stripped while pacing around the room. “Make yourself, comfortable.” She said, taking off my shirt pretty damn fast and wrapping herself with it, not before saying ‘I’ll be taking this, thank you very much’ of course, and heading to the bathroom.

Her room was very nice, I must admit. Much more cleaner and better smelling than my own. I recognized her bed right away, I wouldn’t forget that spongy red cushion in quite some time. There was also the plush I bought for her 2 years ago. While I was examining the room, though, I found a wall full of pictures. There were a lot. Most of them were just the girls, but there were a few of Liz, Saree, and me. In some were also Isadora and Artemis (their brother, he’s in fifth year now) too. Having caught my stare on the pictures (some real boring, all muggle-like), she hugged me from behind and, while unbuttoning my pants, introduced me to everyone on the muggle pictures. Almost all of them were guys −which didn’t amuse me at all−, but she said they were all like her best friends. There were two guys exactly a same but for the hair style; she said they were her adopted brothers while she made me kick off my shoes. They looked quite hot, I can’t deny: crimson haired, real tall guys with an obvious tooth for trouble, that really Sirius-like grin and mischievous eyes… yeah, they were copy-cats, Sirius’ wanna-be’s.

She laughed when I pointed it out, and wrapped my arms around her waist, leading me into the bathroom. There she pointed her wand at the water in the tub and heated the water until it was fuming; afterwards, she poured some gel-like thing on it −not after magically making an exact duplicate, stating that if Saree found out she was dead meat. It didn’t take 5 minutes for the place to be filled in warm vapor, and the tub overflowing with pristine white bubbles. Of course we weren’t wasting that time; we’d been groping heavily on the toilet seat, her body on top of mine. When she parted and said my bath was ready was that I could acknowledge such a nice scene.

Done our homework, didn’t we?” I joked, actually amazed that she had done all that in such a short time. She straightened on top of me, giving me that superior look that turns me on so bad −because I know all that comes after it−, and said:

Whatever I do, I do it great

That cocky little brat…

But she, nonetheless, had no intention of joining me in the bath. She sat at the end of the tub and made me sit right in front of her, my arms resting in her thighs, her hands scrubbing my chest, back and arms with great care. I was actually enjoying myself quite a lot, but there was just something missing… you know, like the thing I was there for? I tilted my head to one side, taking a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye. Then I got a great idea… and threw her some water. It was hilarious, the annoyed look she gave me right before I slipped from her legs, turned around and pulled her towards me. Water was splashed out of the bathtub, and a grin appeared in her now wet features. My laughter faded as she smirked, and I found myself pinned against the bottom of the tub, held down by a giggly little tease that I had to tickle off me. We were so slippery by the time I noticed that my wet shirt was looking great on her that it no longer mattered.

It was real fun, actually. After we stopped playing around, she sat on my lap and massaged my scalp so that I was getting hotter than the water we were swimming in. I had her hugged against me so that neither of us would slip, and while she washed my hair, I nipped and kissed at her neck, feeling her skin under my shirt in an awesome way. I teased her while she finished ‘cleaning me up’, and she allowed me to. What’d I do? Well, you know, the usual: caressing her all over, teasing nipples with fingers and tongue, nipping at the jaw line, breast bone, ears… the plain usual.

By the time she said I was clean enough, she took my hand, and licked it from palm to the tip of my middle finger.

Felt that?” she asked. I was about to snap at her, but there was no need, for she could read it right through my face. “Then I guess the numbness is gone, isn’t it?” I nodded. She was about to rise up and get out, but I held her down. She turned, facing me with a cocked eyebrow.

You didn’t think you were siriusly going to escape this situation, did you?” She smiled in defeat, “Did you really?” she rolled her eyes on me and relaxed. Yeah, she was being a very good girl today.

I rose my knees so that her back didn’t get all that tired, and leaned my own on the back of the tub. I had a great view of her body from that position, her nipples shooting from under the shirt, her flushed face looking real appealing… yeah, we definitely have to repeat that scenario. Without the least rush, I proceeded to unbutton the shirt under her curious stare. I’m always amazed at how she manages to look cute, being who I know she is. I pulled her down to kiss me and she complies, her hands crawling their way up my slippery chest and on to my soaked nape. Kissing her and stripping her down temptingly gets a bit hard to do when she starts sighing that way, but I managed to do so. When she’s about to shrug off the shirt, I get a real interesting idea.

Instead of helping her out of the shirt, I wait until it gets hard for her to shrug it off and then tie it around her wrists. She stares at my smirk eyes opened wide, a skeptical smile playing lightly on her lips.

Excuse me?” she said, her grin getting wider by the second. I shrugged and answered I like to tease, too. She threw her head back in laughter… which sounds very much like an ‘it was about time’ to me.

I gently scrubbed at her body, taking special care to her front and she starts fighting with the restraints at her wrists almost right away.

This is plain cruel Sirius.” She purred, biting at my lip. I wince a bit, she bit me hard, and told her that she wasn’t not in the position of telling me what is cruel.

My back’s still scarred, you know.” I complained back, bending her even more on top of me, licking her ear and making her huff. Yeah, I’m so going to make her pay back.

I dug my hand to her exposed nerve and gently ran my thumb on it; she threw her head back with pleasure, sighing my name while she rocked slowly against my single finger. It was mesmerizing the way she could manage to be in charge even in a situation where I was apparently the attacker. She would’ve tried to rise up and end it if it wasn’t for the dangerously slippery tub of doom. So her initial plan backfired, didn’t it?

But if I kept teasing her that badly, she would grow too anxious and be pissed afterwards and not have sex with me for weeks… so I took my hand from between her legs and instead placed it on one of her breasts, to the one I’m not tonguing, that is. She finds a way to pinch at the very sensitive skin on the inside of my thigh −I don’t know how the hell, mind you− and I cringed, taken completely by surprise. She laughed briefly that little you-can’t-beat-me laugh that so pisses me off, so I gnaw at her nipple −which, by the way, made her grow goose bumps− and she let go a groan that sounded too much like ‘dammit, I liked that’ to me. This was surely new, this war-like kinda sex. Not that I wasn’t having my fun, though. And she was obviously enjoying been bossed around that way.

Liking the change, aren’t we?” I asked grabbing her head as to make sure she didn’t bite my lip again. She cackled low, sucking viciously at my lower lip. Even though it had a weird pleasant feeling, I knew she was trying to get back at me somehow. Not that I stopped her, it felt nice.

You wish she muttered, and bucking hard and suddenly against my thing, she snatched a moan from my lips. I looked at her in disbelieve, and there was that vicious glint in her dark eyes that made me gulp. She licked her upper lip in such a bad way that I was throbbing before I knew it. Seeing me hesitate a mere second, she uttered the words that even now run a shiver up my spine:

Untie me so I can fuck you senseless

It was a very snake like sizzle. It gave me goose bumps, it made me sweat, and it fucking turned me on as hell. I pulled her to my mouth and we kissed as passionate and intensely as if we were never going to kiss another being ever again. She bit me, but I didn’t care; I bit her, but she didn’t either… it was mad. And after I untied her, her hands flew to my nape, to squeeze the hair on the back of my head and force another moan out of my lips.

We were panting like dogs, no exaggeration whatsoever. It was hard to be an inch apart from each other, and the moment I was out of the tub I hoisted her in the air and she wrapped her sleek legs around my waist. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but she positioned exactly on top of it. Knowing Liz, its unlikely that it wasn’t planned. We gave a dog-like whine in the same breath, and my panted worsened. We had to get out of the bathroom before the vapor started to dizzy us in our hurried breathing, so I opened the door and stepped outside. The cold of the room contrasted greatly with out bodies, and we both shuddered at the icy room. It was quite a nice sensation, actually, that little shiver.

On the farthest left”, Liz half moaned, half ordered me. Growing more anxious with each step, I decided the bed was just too damn far.

We were walking next to the wall because the room was pitch black and I didn’t want my toes banging into a corner, and against the wall I pinned her. She let go a tormented whine when I forced her wet, naked back to the chilly rock wall. And even though we both tried hard, it was a moaning concert afterwards.

I bucked against her as slow as I could manage, but the way she squeezed at my shoulders, the way she tried to engulf me whole… I had quite a hard time not losing my pace when she whispered with a hoarse voice in my ear:

I can take it how you bring it

Oh my Lord, right there I saw heavens open down to me.

I held her whole back with my arms, having her tight against me; her back not touching the raspy wall. And there I gave in. I raised the pace viciously, like an animal, and she did nothing to deter me. Actually, she did the complete contrary; she moaned my name over and over again. My knees weakened, so I had to put us horizontal. Having her wrapped around me, I let myself fall on her bed. There I could regain some control, and started pacing slower; excruciatingly slow, as she later put it herself.

She was panting beautifully, her frown announcing she was about to reach it. I rose on one arm and pulled her up with the other. I didn’t want to miss a single gesture from now on; it was just too lovely to be wasted. Tears formed at her eyes, but as she opened them and locked her stare with mine, digging again her nails at my back, I thought I heard her say, flaming in a moan:

I love you, Sirius.”

Since her voice is like a trigger to me, that alone rushed me so we climaxed together. But even as she lay by my side minutes after, smiling her usual smirk of total satisfaction, panting at my own rhythm; I couldn’t take the words off my head. Just thinking about it and I could feel her scorching breath, her eyes locked with mine… I surely must have imagined it.

By the time I reached such conclusion, nonetheless, she was already staring at me; her elbows sinking on the bed, her face cupped in her hands. She was analyzing me, trying to read through me. She drew her cocky I-got-your-attention-now smirk, and there was nothing else I needed in order to realize I hadn’t imagined her words in my ear.

Something eating you?”she mocked, her eyes starting to yield to the exhaustion. I had to confront this before it crashed with me in the middle of the Great Hall or in the Common Room.

It’s just that I’m tired enough to start hearing things, nothing to worry about.” I lied. I knew I couldn’t fool her with that, but my brain wasn’t precisely at his best moment. I was exhausted, totally worn out.

Oh, you think you imagined it?” she laughed, hardly suppressing a yawn. “No, Sirius. I did say ‘I love you’.” She stated bluntly.

What did I just hear? Did Liz −THE Lizbeth Preston− just break rule number one? Did she just say she loved me? Oh, I swore in that moment hell froze over today. I decided to take it with humor, giving her the chance to take it back.

Liz, people don’t go joking about that, you know.”

I wasn’t.” She simply said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

But I don’t deserve you or your love, Liz.” I tried to negotiate it out of her head. “I’m bad for you.” I said, and I truly believed it. She, nonetheless, smirked her brainiac smirk and said:

I’ll be the one to decide what is good or bad for me, thank you very much.”

I didn’t sleep in with her today. After a fifteen-minute nap −so I didn’t pass out on the way to my room− I woke her up and told her I was leaving, as I kissed her forehead with devotion. She grumbled something like “Thanks for not letting me wake to an empty bed.” Then she turned her back on me and resumed her sleeping. There was just something that made me want to stay by her, something pulling me towards the bed… but I ignored it, turned on my heels, dressed up, waved my wand in the bathroom −so Evans didn’t know I was there−, and took my leave.

Lizbeth is the only woman I always go back to again and again. Even if we fight and don’t talk to each other for weeks, I always go back to her. She is the woman of my life, and I’d never completely leave her. But I’d never stay with her entirely either, and I prefer not hurting her in any way if I can avoid it. Not many people can say they’ve the power to hurt Lizbeth Preston in any way, but unfortunately, she now claims to be in love with me, of all people, and people in love do strange things sometimes.

End of teaser

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