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Hey! So, you clicked on my name. Now why'd you do a thing like that?

Insert a whacky, "I am crazy. Fear me if you dare" grin here (Don't you love Puss'n'Boots? KITTY!! YAY KITTY!! I have no use for that movie, it bores me, but the cat is so CUTE!)

Mae govannen, hello, hola, or whatever. I'm Hyarmenisel.

And now you say, "Well, duh!"


Okay, I really don't know why anyone would wanna read this. I'm boring. If you want to hear about something interesting, read one of the stories this lovely website has provided for you. It's, not But anyway, I guess that we're supposed to put stuff about ourselves in this profile thingy, so, what shall I tell you?

I am a souless monster, sneaking around the house at 4 AM with footsteps like dust, searching for some granola and yogurt to suck the life from before finding a corner to sit in so I can write my stories. (no, I am not kidding. 4 AM. Every day. I usually run on about three hours of sleep.) I shed my vampire dreariness and turn into something as hyper as a radioactive goldfish. I have the attention-span of a goldfish too, til I really get stuck on something and refuse to let it go. Bored with everything, unless it's something I want to do. Boss me around, and I'll kick you in the face, so if you want me to do something, try convincing me it was my idea all along.

Ok, what else...?

I can write in elvish and I like anime. I'm scared of cars. I just hate machinery in general, but cars scare me the most. Can't tell one metal box on wheels from another either. I also am terrified of crowds. Too many people, and my brain overloads and I start hyperventilating.

If I can hear you telling me it's too loud, then it's not loud enough.

It's okay to root for the bad guy as long as he's cuter. Villains are always the best characters. Evil is hot, end of story.


(slashmarks and puncture wounds)

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