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Star: Hi, ShiningStar here, welcome to my profile! Hm, guess I should say something about myself . . .

Sesshoumaru: Do not bore the few readers you have, wench.

Star: ~glares~ Not nice. Well, I am a college student on her way to earning her teaching certificate, but the path is lo~ng, my friends. . In my spare time (when I'm not forced to study) I partake in the fine arts . . . painting, designing t-shirts and bags, drawing, and photography. And of course, writing. I am a history nut (Traditional World and US mainly) and have done several historical fiction pieces (Revolutionary and Civil War are my two favorite periods) as well as test my hand in the fan-fiction realm.

I enjoy anime/manga, though I am usually poor and cannot afford to buy these wonders . . . my favorites are Bleach, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, and of course, Inuyasha. beams I was introduced to Rumiko Takahashi's series in middle school, when my best friend forced me to watch. Here, I fell for a certain amorous monk-

Kagome: You always fall for the perverts. ~winks~

Star: Yup, they hold dear in my heart, for some reason. But as my obsession with the puppy-eared hanyou and his gang, a new character fell into my sights and I was entranced. ~stares pointedly at the stoic daiyoukai~ Who wouldn't be? He's mysterious, a superb fighter, doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and he's downright sexy . . .

Sesshoumaru: Do not drool on my person.

Star: Sorry. _" It wasn't until a few fateful months later that I came to the realization what a wonderful, though unorthodox, pairing this indifferent demon and the show's young miko heroine would make (thank you, all those ff writers who opened my eyes) Thus, my start as a fan-fiction writer began.

Now I have finished one story, Royal Dangers, and have started several others on the ever-reliable Office Word. Yet, I am a firm believer in finishing one story before starting another, as I recall the countless frustrations of authors who never return to a story because another takes its place. So, my other documents will have to wait, but do not fret! I also believe in updating at a regular pace, so I vow to update at least once a week (and if I don't, please do not attack . . . it only means a test has popped up or a new research paper has been issued. College comes first, even to my little stories here.)

In the meantime, read my other story, Cold As You, visit my account at (shiningstar), or check out my artwork on (hollywoodstar4life)

PS: I must say, I am addicted to reviews. So please, feel free and send me a little something, whether it be a short "hey, like your story" to just a message. But flames are not welcome. I stress the difference between a critique and a flame: critiques actually have some value, as a correction or a suggestion to a change due to my literary mistakes. Flames, to me, hold no purpose other than to cruelly put down a story someone has worked hard to create. I encourage critiques, for I know my writing is far from perfect . . . but unless there is some sort of reason or value to a critique, I will label it a flame and delete such a message. Now that I have made my intentions known, I hope you will read my works! Enjoy, si'vous plait!

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Cold As You reviews
Two years have finally marked the end of Naraku's terror, but the final shard has yet to be found. Kagome finds herself confronted by the Lord of the West, and a series of questions leads them on a journey of their own.
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