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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto.

!!!Before we go into story details, special thanks to Nairil for drawing some beautiful cover art for me. Check out her DeviantART page!!!

All My Stars Aligned [ON HOLD]

Neji/Tenten. Follows the manga very closely. How Neji and Tenten fall in love and start their lives as war looms on the horizon.

Between the cracks in her facade

Thing I'm trying where Tenten has to go undercover as a geisha for a mission.

Lotus Blossoms and Other Musings

Neji/Tenten. A series of one shots.


Neji/Tenten. While on a simple mission to Suna, Neji catches Tenten indecently exposed and it begins to drive him mad. The same night, Tenten dreams that Neji comes to her bed. The next day they both have to deal with their new and overwhelming emotions.

Matters of State [ON HOLD]

And tons of additional hook ups and relationships!

A medieval AU in which everyone is at court. It's mainly about the transition of power and how everyone comes together as they try and find their place at court and carve out their futures. The main characters, I think will be Neji, Tenten, Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, but who knows what will happen?

Here's a bit on most everyone:

When Neji was 4, his father was sentenced to death for murdering an ambassador, however, he merely took the blame for his brother, the Duke. At 10, Neji is crowned Earl, which he believes to be a pity title from the king who he believes to know the truth behind his father's death.

When Sasuke was 6, his elder brother murdered his entire family before fleeing, leaving only Sasuke alive. At 9, Sasuke is named Duke, in his late father's place.

Tenten is the daughter of a Marquess and the High Constable to the king. When she is 12 she comes to court as a lady in waiting to the queen. Shortly after, her life is shaken up.

Ino is the daughter of an Earl and acts as a princess. It is rumored that she has convinced her father to look into arranging a marriage between her and Sasuke, the Duke. At age 12 she comes to court as a lady in waiting to the queen.

Hinata is the daughter of a Duke and his heir. However, she knows he is displeased by his lack of a son. In order to prepare Hinata for her future role as Duchess, she is sent to court at age 12 to be a lady in waiting to the queen.

Sakura is the daughter of a Baron, the lowest rank of nobility. Her father has just received his title and their family is trying to increase their influence at court. Hoping that she will catch the eye of a wealthy lord, he sends Sakura to court at age 12 to be a lady in waiting to the queen.

Shikamaru is the son of an Earl and The Lord High Chancellor. As the king's right-hand man, Shikaku knows everything that goes on at court. He is grooming Shikamaru to take his place.

Choji is the son of an Earl and the High Admiral.

Kiba is the spirited son of an Earl and Great Chamberlin to the king. Kiba is more focused on the women at court than following in his father's footsteps.

Shino is the son of a Duke and Earl Marshal.

Naruto is the crowned prince, set to inherit the throne. His parents, the late king and queen were assassinated in their sleep. Having been named Lord Protector by King Minato before his death, King Hiruzen has retaken his seat on the throne until Naruto is ready to lead the country.

Hiruzen Sarutobi won the throne on the battlefield when his own king, Tobirama died during a great war. Hiruzen took it upon himself to lead the army in the name of their fallen king and lead them to victory. Before the war, Hiruzen was Lord High Chancellor to King Tobirama, and with no living heirs, Hiruzen's succession was not questioned.

Minato and Kushina became king and queen shortly after marrying. Minato was Hiruzen's chancellor and when Hiruzen learned of Kushina's linage and relation to the Queen Mito Uzumaki, Hiruzen willingly handed the crown over to a descendent. However, their rise to power was not without jealously and shortly after their son was born, they were murdered.

Jiraiya is a lewd poet and author who has been invited to court. He has always had eyes for the princess Tsunade, however she always rejected his advances. Naruto enjoys following Jiraiya around instead of focusing on his studies.

Tsunade is the missing princess. At 16 she ran away with a page and her primary lady in waiting, Shizune. It is rumored that she was in love with the page, named Dan. No one has seen her since.

Orochimaru and Kabuto are physicians to the king.

Kakashi is a cardinal who took the cloth after his friend Obito murdered their king and his love, Rin died of sickness. Trying to get away from his old life, Kakashi turned to God for a fresh start. However, old habits die hard as the cardinal finds the practice of celibacy easier said than done.

Sai is the royal painter. His art is beautiful and he is commissioned to do portraits of all royals and nobility.

Lee and Gai are court musicians. Lee, in particular is popular with the younger ladies who are easily cheered by his youthful songs and eccentric disposition. Lee is Gai's apprentice at court.

Gaara is king of the Wind Kingdom, an ally of the Fire Kingdom.

Kankuro is Gaara's ambassador and a duke. He brings his sister, Temari to court with him sometimes on visits to the Fire Kingdom.

Danzo is Lord President of the Council and an Earl. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he may be up to no good.

And a scattering of other characters to round things out.

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Syndicate by Tanya Lilac reviews
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Between the Devil and the Deep by Giada Luna reviews
Twelve years ago, Sasuke washed up on shore as the sole survivor of the shipwreck that took his family. As King Madara's Admiral of the Fleet, he defends his country from the threat of pirates and whispers of darker forces at play. The day Hinata rescued a boy from a shipwreck, her clan disappeared. Now she watches over him while hiding from those seeking the bounty on Merfolk.
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Devious by Darcie11 reviews
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"Touch me again and I'll make fish fillets from that beautiful tail of yours," he warned. Tenten gulped. It was nothing personal, the Akatsuki simply did not dabble in or do business with the supernatural. But if Konohapolis threw in the potential for Orochimaru's capture and subsequent death by the hands of the Akatsuki, then they just might have a deal... [Slight HidaTen]
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It wasn't as if he wanted to take this class, anyway. Reproductive Health 1101 was for people who couldn't look up information on Google. Or someone who needed a science module to fit in his already-packed schedule. Hyuuga Neji belonged to the latter group of students, and he was in no mood to explain himself. [NejiTen oneshot?]
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Crack!fic. [Chapter 7: Final chapter. Neji is truly the knitting master of Konoha.] The rise in popularity of all-male knitting groups is an unexpected phenomenon across the world. Not surprisingly, Konoha has its very own.
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