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Yo, fellow fanfiction writers or readers, the name's EnvySkort.

Let's see... You're at my page, so obviously you're interested in reading about me. I'm flattered, to say the least.

As of now, I'm 22 years old, still writing fanfiction, still drawing comics, and still cosplaying at anime cons. Before you tell me to grow up, I'll let you know I have the mindset of a 35 year old and the heart of a child, so I'll do my hobbies until I feel like not doing them anymore.

I'm currently looking into starting up as an amateur/independent comic artist with at least 5 stories for comics lined up, while I'm storyboarding a new one as we speak. I love cartoons, I love movies, I love scary stuff, I love 4chan, I love the internet, and I love my boyfriend. I don't hate anyone or anything, except maybe bad fanfiction, harem anime, fan service, and the fast food industry. That being said, if you ever have any constructive criticism for my work, bring it on. I'd rather have someone point out what I can improve in my stories to make them more enjoyable to read. I don't want to hear "ZOMG ITZ 2 LONG" or "Y DONT U UPDAET?" because the answer for the former will be "fuck off" and the answer to the second one will be "I'm an adult with 2 jobs, urusai".

My primary focus in writing fanfiction is delving into the mentalities, thoughts, and emotions of the characters, so when I introduce a scene, I describe that scene to allow my readers to see what I visualize. We write fanfiction as a way of honoring our favorite cartoons and anime, and as such, I see it fitting to truly bring as much life to the characters in fanfiction as the cartoons/anime do. Therefore, you'll see a lot of my work focusing more on description than dialogue because I prefer focusing on whatever is going on before interrupting the flow of things with dialogue. Another literary trait of mine is fleshing out my fanfiction as though it were another episode of whatever show I'm writing off of. Think of it as, perhaps, an OVA version.

I don't have too many stories out yet because I'm still new to the whole posting-of-the-fanfiction-on-teh-internets thing, so bear with me. Right now my interest is in Digimon Tamers, particularly the characters of Beelzebumon/Impmon, Renamon, and Juri, so you'll see a few involving these 3 characters. Why? Because Beelzebumon is freaking awesome, Juri is cute, and I'd go gay/furry for Renamon in a split second if I wasn't busy humping Optimus Prime's (delicious) leg.

Love and Peace

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