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Hey there! PandaShark here!

Okay I am totally in love with these series:

Naruto: Ninjas, kick butt techniques, awesome plot, hot guys, what more is there to say?

Soul Eater: I really like this series because of the action, comedy, drama, romance...okay there's really no proof of romance but I'm a fan of a few couples, and the over all plot.

InuYasha: This was one of the first mangas that I have ever read and since the beginning of book one I have been in love with the series. I know it has over 500 chapters when it really didn't need all those filler chapters but I still love it, especiually now that's it's almost over!

Fairy Tail: I really like this series because of the characters and their personalities. I can't get enough of Natsu. He's adorable and hilarious, especially when he charges into danger with Lucy, Grey, and Erza following behind. These characters really make the series a hit because they work so well togther. Also the two main boy characters have hot bods and six packs! XD

One Piece: This manga series is awesome because of all the different kinds of people, places, and powers that appear in at least every chapter. Only some one with a lot of creativity has the kind of power to do that which is what the author of One Piece has.

Full Metal Alchemist: This series kicks butt, manga and anime. I relate to Ed in many different ways (which I'm not revealing) and the series is amazing. It really gets into depth of what humans feel and do, like hate, war, emotions, family, and all that jazz. The anime is much different than the manga though, but besides that it's a really good series! The only problem is that I have to wait a whole month just for one chapter...

BoBoBo-Bo-BoBoBo: Okay this series is seriously the most funniest and most random series I have ever read/watched. BoBoBo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler are my most favorite characters of anime and manga. They are the Three Stooges of anime.

Yu Yu Hakusho: I like this show because the of the characters. They all have different personalities and it's got great fighting scenes and good humor! Plus I love Hiei and Yusuke. XD

These are just my top favorite manga/anime series. If you haven't seen one of these series read/watch them. Trust me, they kick butt!

Here are the couples that I like about these series. I like manga/anime with pairable people in them. XD

Naruto: NarutoxHinata, SasukexSakura, ShikamaruxIno, NejixTen

Soul Eater: SoulxMaka, Black StarxTsubaki

InuYasha: InuYashaxKagome, MirokuxSango

Fairy Tail: NatsuxLucy, GrayxErza

One Piece: I don't really have a pairing for his one...If I had to choose I'd choose SanjixNami I guess...

Full Metal Alchemist: EdwardxWinry, RoyxRiza

BoBoBo-Bo-BoBoBo: GasserxBeauty, SoftenxTorpedo Girl (LOL!)

Yu Yu Hakusho: YusukexKieko, KuwabaraxYukina

I also take requests for stories and fics as well. Just review or email me and tell me what you would like and I would be happy to make one for you. Whatever pairing it is I won't mind, I'll just be happy to write for someone! XD

Now I've been getting many questions about one thing: My Name.

The reason why my name is PandaShark is because I love Pandas and I love marine biology which includes my love for Sharks. When I was reading/watching One Piece there was an animal called a PandaShark that attacked the crew. Well, that totally sparked my interest and so I declared myself the name PandaShark.

My friend T.W. Patchwork has an account too. T.W. Patchwork and I have worked on many fics together. T.W. created the character Jenna who is in The Great Naruto Adventure and the sequal as well. T.W. has a really good story with an awesome plot!

I also have another good friend! Me and Gaara 4ever, also known as Chibi! She, three other people and I are creating a fanfic with our OC's! You can check it out by going to Chibi's account! Please don't flame because we made the story for people to enjoy and we made it with good intention. If you like it, great! Review and tell us what you like! I am also currently working on a fic for Chibi so check that out too! I promise you won't be disappointed!

I will be continuing some stories and I am currently working on The Great Naruto Adventure: Sequel! Thank you for your reviews! XD

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