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So I haven't updated in a really really long time. I know, I'm terribly sorry. I've been really busy but you'll be glad to know that I am working on it as we speak. However, after reading the seventh book and mulling it over while I've been reestablishing myself in the good Ol' U.S. of A. I have made some altercations in the plot. They are not all little subtle changes and they will require that everyone reread my story. I have actually started to update chapters that have changes that are relevent to the plot. As of writing this chapters 1-6 have been reposted and I am about to start working on seven. My goal is to get through at least chapter 10 today. I think I like it better. I have also been fixing the grammar and spelling errors so hopefully it will read more smoothly. Once I have finished my reworking of the first 32 chapters I promise to update. I will not abandon my story. I'm also looking for someone to edit for me. It's hard to edit by yourself. If anyone knows where I can go to get someone to edit or if you have experience and would like to do it please message me! Thanks

Hmmm things about me...

Before Harry: How It All Began is my first fanfic. I love James and Lily fics but I got fed up with all the ones that portray Lily as an uptight lunatic or James as a sex crazed piece of scum, though I won't deny I've read several of them and find them humorous if they're well written. My second fic is Such Is Life. It's a one shot that I've had floating around in my head for a long time. Please read, enjoy, and review!

Things I like: Harry Potter, Fencing, History, a good book, baseball, Japan, travel, tea, skype, country music, sci-fi, the beach, the Marauders, etc.

Things that bug me: Being complimented on my ability to use chop sticks every time I use them. HP fanfics that ignore cannon, creative liscence is one thing but...anyway, when people include things that either a) wizards don't have or b) didn't exist at all in the time period (ie CD players, not only did they not exist in the 1970's but wizards don't have them today and they wouldn't work at Hogwarts anyways..."Honestly, when are you going to read Hogwarts, A History."). Sex crazed/slacker/wanker James. Uptight psycho Lily who hates James with every fiber of he being. Basically all L/J cliches with two exceptions...1) people who make James Seeker. Although JKR has stated that James was a Chaser I recognize that the movies have caused confusion and that not everyone has read that particular interview, as that's the only time she's mentioned it. 2) People who insert a ball at Hogwarts as long as they acknowlegde that it is not a normal occurance. True we don't see them in the HP books except for the Triwizard Ball but as long as you can reasonably justify it, I see nothing wrong with it. The fact that I have included one in my story may make me slightly biased.

Does anyone no what happened to a story called Out of the Books?? It was an L/J fic where when they died their souls get sent to an alternate magicless universe but they still remember their old life. Then Sirius shows up and they, along with their new children, find a way back to the wizarding world after meeting with JKR??? Sounds crazy, I know, but it's actually one of the better L/J fics I've read.

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