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this is Donyel (xxpiratesxx) and Sasha (foreverinlove17) account, we combined since we're good friends, that decided to write a story together. Donyels stuff wil be bolded, and Sashas stuff will be italicised

lYkE dOnEyElS sIdE oF tHe PrOfIlE!

hey! I'm Donyel, I love the following things: Boys, writing, Boys, talking, Boys, shopping at hot topic, boys, coming up with ideas (takes a while so I like the challenge) boys, and umm BOYS

I dislike: Hollister. The place smells.:-(,Smart people, that make me look dumb (like that's hard) and fish. don't ask me why.

My favorite songs/ singer dudes: Fergalicious (Fergie), Love like winter (AFI) Highschool never ends (Bowling for soup), Black Parade (My Chemical Romance) Miss Murder (AFI), Going Under (Amy Lee) Where'd you go? (Fort Minor) Give it up to me (my man Sean Paul) Temperature (Sean Paul) and oddly because I don't perfer country. Before he Cheats (Carrie Underwood.)

Favorite place to shop: Wet Seal, and Hot Topic

Favorite pastime: annoying people, I could easily do it to. Don't even get me started, or you will WILL regreat it. That's what my mom says anyways

Some Random Quotes that I (Donyel) like"Just because I have a short attention span doesn't - look !SHINY!"

"Why dont you slip into something more a coma.."

"Never go to bed angry, stay up and plot your revenge."

"Dude, your mom"

"Dude, for your christmas gift, we're getting you something shiny."

"No you're done."

"What do you mean your not a dude?"

"Cat fight. Meow."

"I'm not physcotic, I'm a freaking retard. DUH"


"Tell your boyfriend to stop stalking me."

"Hungy hungy hipos!"

"Me. Me. Me. Me. wow I just wasted four whole seconds."

I found this really really fanart stuff here are my favs:

Edwards Demons:

Mascara is evil:

and Edward and Bella:

I really like these FanArts, because everyone always is giving Edward this totally disguisting jaw line, and this fit my image perfect

Hello there People (this is Sasha's part of the profile now)

First of all I would just like to comment on the fact that my side of the profile is not that boring anyways. I am just more calm than Donyel.. (Weird spaz co-authors)(OMG NO SHE DIDN'T, TAKE THAT BACK)

I am currently a sophmore woo hoo go class of 2009.

I am very easily entertained and can be pretty darn funny.

I am a huge movie buff.. like I watch ridiculous amounts of movies my favorite at the moment happens to be The Prestiage. I say anyone who has some sort of intelligance should watch that movie.

I love music and dance. I have been taking jazz and tap lesson for the past seven years of my life so I would say I am pretty darn good.

I just want to say that i also love this Edwards Demons: ms. Donyel. It is an awesome picutre and who ever drew it congrats to you because well I am a horrible drawer. I am a bit of a spaz (once you get to know me) (don't steal my Label Sasha) and a perfectionist so at points I can get rather annoying.

I have a weird way of writing because my idea usually hit me at the weirdest moments. Plus not only that but I take forever to actually go through with something out of fear no one will read it. Anywhos I am rambling on and on again. And if you couldn't tell I am the more quite lets tone things down side of this co-authorship lol.. Anyways all yall enjoy reading and come back soon there will be lots and lots of pictures as we begin to post our first story.

(This is a picture form the raveclaw fansite and it is by Tainted Tea and I LOVE IT SO MUCH) Donyel found the picture by the way and she happens to be Tainted Tea's biggest fan


Pictures from Story:


(Lucy 1)

(Lucy 2)

(Lizzie 1)

(Lizzie 2)

(Dominic 1)

(Dominic 2)


(Bella 1)

(Bella 2)

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