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_UPDATE 1/1/16_

web: (For all you video game news, updates, and reviews. Screw Gamespot and IGN. Check out this site instead).

Got a twitter to post the update progress of my stories, or just another way for people to contact me. Not sure how useful it'll be but feel free to follow. Twitter

Past polls:

What do you prefer: Multi-chapter stories or One-Shots?

93% for Multi-chapter and only 7% for One-Shots. Pretty Definite.

As soon as you get on Fanfiction do you change the rating to 'All?

76% says Yes and 24% says No.

Anyone else think the Final Fantasy 8 Fandom is dying?

34% says "Yes it seems to be dying" with 30% saying "Little but nothing serious" There were others but they didn't come close to these two. So it does seem that others also think FF8 section is dying a little.

What should my next fic be? A romance fic or a new war fic?

Well it was 85% to 15% Warfic to romance fic. So looks like my next fic will be God's Forsaken Land. Check it out.

What would you rather read? Longer chapters every couple of weeks, or shorter chapters every week?

Hey 50/50 split. So i guess that didn't solve anything.


Hey so it's been a long time since I've had any sort of update to my profile. I'm doing this after just posting the 25th chapter for God's Dirty Work. I have let that story go far too long without being updated. It's insane to think I started it in high school. No more excuses (I say that every time) but I'm only a couple chapters away from the ending so I really want to try and finish it. The problem is the closer I get to the ending the more I have to take my time so I really don't rush it. I can't give any sort of time frame but I do hope it's not too long.

Fate Favors The Fearless still has plenty of chapters left but I am plugging away at it. After all, the war has finally started! Now all the amazing action starts and I get to just have people being slaughtered left and right. It's what I've been waiting to write and now I have more motivation than ever to write for it.

Also on a fairly random note but still related to just a random update on my life...I got in a very serious car accident. It happened back in early October and it put me in the hospital for weeks. I underwent two major surgeries and have some nice new shiny metal inside me holding me together. I haven't been able to walk since the accident though, so that sucks. The surgeries went fine, but I needed several months to heal before I could even try to start walking again. Now I will start physical therapy soon and many more months of that before I get back on my feet. But I'm alive and will be 100% someday. So I really can't complain.

Story creation origins:

Well i was bored one night and needed something to do. So, i figured it would be kinda interesting to say how i came up with all my fic ideas...well i think it might be at least.

Forgotten Memories: This one has a simple background, after i beat the game i came up with this idea of Freyjadour trying to kill himself and Miakis stopping him. It really should've just been a one-shot but for some reason i made it a multichapter story. Honestly i didn't discover a plot until like chapter surprise there.

Pirate Prince: I watched all three Pirate of the Caribbean in a row and just really wanted to do a pirate story...that's about it. The reason i wrote it for Suikoden 5 is simply cause i was writing in that fandom at that time. Once again...this story wasn't thought through to well.

Bleed It Out: Alright this one is actually strange kinda. I was swimming in Lake Ontario and even though it's a lake, it is a great lake, so it has waves. And with waves comes the undertow...i was dragged under. Nothing serious, there isn't some crazy almost died story here. Just while i was under the water for some reason i got this flash to Rinoa falling off some peer in the ocean and Squall diving in to save her. Now those that read BIO know that never happened in the fic...strange ain't it. But that's the truth, i came up with that idea and when i started writing BIO everything just changed.

God's Dirt Work: Okay the song Handlebars by the Flobots. Well i heard that song like before it was on the radio a million times a day. I thought of a great idea of Squall and co. assassinating Caraway to that song...whaddya know that's chapter 2 but not with the song Handlebars. By the time i actually wrote that chapter the song was so popular it kinda annoyed me so i didn't use it. I used All Along The Watch Tower instead...which still worked. Still from that one song my mind started thinking about killing criminals and stuff and soon a story developed out of it all. Also it does need to be said that Boondock Saints is my favorite movie but i honestly didn't plan my fic off that movie or anything. Just happened to coincide with it.

God's Forsaken Land: Alright some might remember the poll i had in my profile. It was either going to be a war story or a romance/comedy (by the way i do have a romance story in mind but im not sure if i'm actually going to write it or not) War story won out so i agreed to write that one, but saying that doesn't tell you how i came up with it. I was watching the HBO series Band of Brothers and one episode follows a medic and i loved that episode. That's where i got the idea to make Rinoa a medic and have the battles be really gruesome and almost terrifying. That's why my story is kinda more like WWII than anything, simply because in do really enjoy the history and style around that war.

Fate Favors The Fearless: After i beat Twilight Princess i thought of how Ordon was shunned all the way down in the south. I decided it would be cool to have Ordon hate Hyrule and also since Link is always so strong, i decided to make the village itself a strong one. So really there was no thing that made me come up with that story, it just popped into my head. Well whatever works.

Hey everyone check out the Pocket Fiction app. It's a great way to read fanfiction on a mobile device, even when you're offline. It's pretty good, i really suggest you get it, it's free so why the hell not right.

Some art by Stardust Ray inspired by Find Me

Find Me

Find Me Redux

Drawing by Faythie inspired by God's Dirty Work

Mobster Squall

Drawing by Shura Pirate inspired by Fate Favors the Fearless

Concerning Wolves

I am currently writing a joint fic with Fantasy Fan Girl. As strange as this might be it's for the Full Metal Alchemist fandom. Something i've never written in before seeing as i only write for video games. It's an AU story about a psychopath murder that Winry is trying to find. Still there are a couple chapters up already and it's going quite well. You don't even really need to know anything about FMA either. It really is a great story and i strongly suggest you go read it. The link's below.

Dried Blood

Story summeries...

Forgotten Memories: The prince is trying to get on with his life after the tragic events, it takes place as if you got the bad ending. He is the same nice guy but a few things are different about him, as if he is more mature. He has been through a war and seen many bad things, he begins to find himself more attached to Miakis, and the story basically goes around that. COMPLETE

Pirate Prince: The prince gets tired of his royal life and decides to runaway. He knows they will look for him and figures he must leave the country. He flees to the Island Nations and some events occur (have to read and find out) causing him to become a pirate. Four years later Miakis hears something that causes her to figure out where the prince might be. As quickly as she can, she hurries to find him. (Not a crossover)

Bleed It Out: Squall is a badass and Rinoa is a little princess who has never done anything wrong in her life. Rinoa moves to Balamb with her dad and meets Squall who lives across the street. She notices that Squall is hated by a lot of people for acting the way he does, but for some reason he has a tight group of friends that he is always with. These friends don't seem as bad as him and Rinoa tries to figure out if there is more to Squall, does he have a soft side that lets him get close to people. If so, why does she hear all these bad rumors about him and his friends? COMPLETE

God's Dirty Work: This fic is all about Squall and his friends taking the law into their own hands. But really cooler then what that actually implies. There will be action scenes, humor scenes and of course romantic scenes. Also this story could possibly make you think a bit. For why things are done some ways and just some thoughts about religion and how it can really effect our lives. But this isn't some preachy little fic. If you can imagine, it is the cooler side that religion has. Like the Divine Commedy, Dante's Inferno style.

God's Forsaken Land: Yeah i know another religious sounding title but this doesn't really have to do with religion. Esthar and Galbadia's war spills onto the plains of Balamb. Squall is a mysterious master gunblader that is leading a resistance against both countries. Meanwhile Rinoa is a medic that finally gets her chance to go to war. She joins and elite team that only has one goal. Kill Squall Leonhart.

Fate Favours the Fearless: It takes place in the Twilight Princess' setting. Link is from Ordon which is hated by the rest of Hyrule. Ordon is thought of as brutes and savages. What starts off on a unwanted goat delivery to Castle Town turns into a spiral of events that grabs hold of Link and thrusts him into an epic adventure with fighting, humor, and love.

Melancholy Princess: Link has to go away from the castle for long periods at a time leaving a depressed Zelda behind. The only hope she has is to wait for a letter from her beloved. Except, there has been an unusually long absence between letters. Will she lose all hope of reality or will she finally hear from Link? Could Link already be dead? ONE-SHOT

Life's Funny Like That: Squall is a very successful solider in SeeD and has been promoted to Captain--making him the youngest Captain ever. Yet, he finds no enjoyment in life. He begins having dreams of a beautiful woman and decides he needs to find her. He follows a series of hints as he searches across the world to find his dream girl. He meets a lot of people all with their own little advice on life and starts to reflect on his own. But he won't be happy unless he finds his dream girl, that is, if she even exists. ONE-SHOT.

Find Me: Three months ago Rinoa disappeared. Everyone told Squall she was dead and that he had to move on but he couldn't. He refused to believe she was gone as he clung to desperate hope. One night, he received a phone call from Rinoa telling him to find her. However, no one else believed the call was real, they all think Squall lost his mind over the grieving loss of Rinoa. He goes on a desperate, vengeful search to find Rinoa, but is she really alive? TWO-SHOT

Squall's Soft Side: Rinoa know's Squall is going to propose and enjoys watching him struggle in mustering up the courage to actually say the words. (Coincidently, my one and only story that has no cursing in it, come on, now you're intrigued). ONE-SHOT

Disciplinary Committee: Squall is the leader of the Disciplinary Committee which is made up of the most powerful SeeDs to keep the other SeeDs in check. Basically, bullies to beat up the bullies. Rinoa is in the Disciplinary Committee and has loved Squall for a long time, but he doesn't love her back. ONE-SHOT

Fire Drill: This was a challenge fic that Fantasy Fan Girl told me to do. I had to include a couple things in it and it had to do with a Fire Drill. Story-wise I have Rinoa accusing Squall of kissing another girl. Things happen as expected. It's OOC fair warning. ONE-SHOT

Crazy Day at The Office: Its just a little humourish, fluffly Squall X Rinoa which seems to be the best combination for one-shots apparently. Takes about five minutes too read and since i fixed Rinoa's name it can actually be read without ignoring a main characters name. So give it a try, I'd love a review even if its years later. ONE-SHOT

No More: Squall has loved Rinoa for a long time but has always been in the "friend zone" since she's always dated Seifer. Can one night change everything between them? ONE-SHOT

Feel free to PM me at any time.. It can be a question about a story involving the plot or something along those lines. It could just be asking me my updating progress. Or, if you just wanted to say 'what's up' feel free. Don't worry, you aren't bothering me and I will always answer. I love hearing from you guys.

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