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Author has written 2 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, and Harry Potter.

Hello, and welcome to the insanity corner! Can I take your order?

. . . Anyways. My pen name is Strawberry Toothpaste, and I'm making a profile for this account before I start writing anything! HORRAY! By the way, if you don't get the Strawberry Toothpaste reference, you suck. Just kidding, theres a line in one of the Keroro Gunso theme songs that goes "The toothpaste must be strawberry flavored", and I love that series more than my left foot, so I picked it as a name. BE AMAZED. I plan to flood this place with Keroro Gunso fan fiction, so, be prepared! -insert evil laughter here-

THE INVASION IS COMING! RUN AND SCREAM! Or, alternatively, you could stock up on Gundam models, they make great bribes when you're up against Keroro...

Moving on now. I'm a fluff-romance FANATIC, and I love writing and reading that stuff... I can't seem to write virtually anything without sticking a pairing in there. And I pair some of my characters with canon characters, so, suck it up. Also, if you don't like my characters, plots, or anything else in my writing, use constructive critism. I'm really sick of people who give you these long winded explainations of how someone sucks, without giving them any clues on how to fix it.

I've spent alot of time in the past writing for my friends, so, if anyone has chapter/story ideas, feel free to tell me! I can probably use them, as my brain explodes on a daily basis and I can always use a new story to write. Note that I'm going to be making a list of animes/mangas/anything else that I may eventually be making fan fictions for.

I've always been a digimon nut- my parents are amazed by the length of the obsession. From second grade to nineth! Anyways, I'll be writing more than a couple of stories for that. At the moment, I'm working on a DaiKari, which features a few of the characters from my digimon comic, Army Girls, which will also be turned into a fanfiction--EVENTUALLY!

My favorite series-es
Keroro Gunso, Shaman King, Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, Invader Zim, Ranma 1/2, Avatar, Digimon, Anything Else I feel like adding later

My favorite Genres
Romance, Comedy

My favorite Pairings
Natsumi X Giroro, Tamama X Keroro, Fuyuki X Momoka, Anna X Yoh, Tamao X Yoh, Faust X Eliza, Kororo X Manta, Hinata X Naruto, Winry X Ed, Riza X Roy, Akane X Ranma, Shampoo X Mousse, Katara X Aang, Suki X Sokka, Sora X Taichi, Kari X Daisuke, Yamato X Cai ( -shot- )

My various Fan Characters
Rokoko, Akina, Aimono, Koudo, Toast, Mox, Arti, Richard, Tib, Princess, Cricket, Kikuno, Cai, Shingimon

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