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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, and Halo.

Here's the low down... Witch of Destiny is on hold. Thank God Neville's a Coward is being updated as frequently as I can. Peace Through Strength of Arms... I'm working on it, but progress is slow... Sorry.

o.k. I'm sorry, but "the New Darkness" has been abandoned due to lack of interest, maybe some day I'll restart it. Witch of Destiny is on hold, and PTSOA might as well be, with the amount of time I have to right.

Look out for my new story, title in progress. It starts dark, with Ginny trying to kill herself after Harry's death, but will quickly turn fluffy and funny. I promise. I dont want to give anything away, but lets just say that it is a Harry!Ginny love story, and that they will be together. With no Voldemorte, and no DE's you can bet that hilarity will ensue.!! expect chapter one on May 5th or 10th!

With the summer approaching, and finals, updates will be slowing untill the second week of June, then expect a boatload of new chapters very quickly.

One of my readers/reviews did this, so i shall as well.

Name: Arkturus James Black (A.J. to my friends)

Parents: Sirius Black and Synthia Lupin (Remus's little sister)

Best Friends: Harry James Potter and Ronald Billius Weasley

Girlfriend: Brianna Noel Potter (Harry's little sister) (Who looks like Ginny only taller, which is why Harry and I once got them confused with each other. wince)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Excells in Transfiguration and Potions.

Quite, Intelligent, Thoughtfull, Polite, Honorable.

7th Year Gryffindor, getting married this summer!!

Career: Best Beater the Chudley Cannons ever had.

Wand: Oak, 14 inches, Dragon Heart String Good for Curses.

Favorite Pastimes: Quidditch, finding empty classrooms ;)

Animagus form: Large Wolf


Thank God Neville's a Coward.

Ginny and Harry attend the Yule Ball together, and sparks fly... litterally! The new relationship spurs other, bickering, people to get together and the world changes as a result. Harry!Ginny, Ron!Hermione, Remus!Tonks, Sirius!Someone.

Peace Through Strength of Arms.

Harry is pissed after Sirius' death, and leaves for the summer, going to the most unlikely person for help. When he returns his friends barely recognize him, and his enemies fear him. Love is in the air, and not just for happy couples. Harry!Ginny!Katie, Ron!Hermione, WARNING, RATED M+ FOR MATURE SEXUAL CONTENT!!

Harry Potter and the Torn Soul.

My only complete story, and also the leaste popular. Takes place during Harry's seventh year. Harry is teaching DADA, and he learns all the secrets of the power of love, while a certain redhead tries to win him back. Harry!Ginny, Ron!Hermione

Harry Potter and the Witch of Destiny

Theres a new prophecy, concerning the witch who will capture the heart of the Boy-Who-Lived, and help him in his struggle against darkness. Begins during fifth year. Not going to tell you the pairings as it would ruin the story. ON HOLD UNTILL i FINISH TGNAC

Together, No Matter What

My latest story, detailing Ginny's life, or lack thereof, after Harry's death. the first chapter or two will be mordid, but I promise it's a funny love story in the end, actually in the beginning and middle too. I'm writing in all the Marauders, for the first time, so this should be fun. Harry!Ginny James!Lily Remus!Tonks Sirius!OC I STOLE MY OC (Synthia Lupin) from another author, it's just such a good idea I couldn't resist. She can origionaly be found in Ioci's Harry Potter and the Rise of the Phoenix, which I highly recomend. Sorry Ioci.

Pairings I tolerate:

Harry!Ginny (The only real, confirmed ship)



Remus!Tonks (The other real, confirmed ship)

Pairings I think should be illeagle:

Ginny!Draco (makes me think about suicide)

Ginny!Anyone who isnt Harry (see above note)





No Slash!!

My personal email address is:, but only use it if you are interested in beta reading, or a partner project.

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