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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, and Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew.

Hello! :)

November 12, 2012 Update:

HELLO! Sorry I haven't updated my profile in a while, and I'm trying to fix the links to the character pictures, but it's not working for some reason. Anyway, I am just informing all of my Shadowed Flame readers, because you asked, that I have made a rough sketch (and when i say 'rough sketch' I mean a really rough sketch) of Takuya. It's simply a rough draft of what I think he would resemble in the story. This is the first time I've drawn in a really long time so no I know there's some things that need improving :) I'll draw him again with more detail in the future, but without further ado! Takuya from Shadowed Flame 1, Takuya from Shadowed Flame 2

Okay, well, I made a little 'Cover' for my story My Big Fat Italian Wedding. Yeah, I was bored so there ya go! It's the only picture on this page. Well, I hope you guys like it and enjoy my stories! I don't know why the picture's not coming's the link¤t=MyBigFatItalianWedding.jpg

WAIT! I forgot about the poster I made for Records: A Silver Sun! The link is:¤t=RecordsPicture.jpg

Hi everyone I'm Krystal Karpenter. Um, if you are like in love with Takumi, I have a C2 called Let's All Go Takumi and its goal is to encourage ppl to make more and more stories about Takuya and Izumi.

Background History

Hey, my name is Krystal (well, it's not my real name, but its enough for you all), and I was born in London, believe it or not, so yes i have an English accent. When I was five, my family moved to the states and we began a simply life here. As much as I loved writing, some of my other passions would be eating, sleeping, and singing, actually. I have already been accepted into Manhattan School of Music to study Classical Voice Performance (aka Opera), and will be attending there next year! WHOO SENIOR YEAR is coming to an END! Oh, yes I have quite the "interesting" life, but I know that I will probably end up totally broke, actually, seeing as musicians aren't paid well unless they get famous in which .2% do...haha, but I know I will be happy singing, nothing more will do. Anyway, I do have a couple youtube videos of myself preforming; contact me if you want to see them as I do not wish to broadcast myself in a site that can be...strange; but if you are a Takumi fan, heck yea, I'll show you my videos teehee.

Going into the stories I have written: well, you can definately pick out some of my older work, for they are poorly written, in my opinion, and to me it is hysterical reading over goodness were they just dreadful, but no matter. I think I have improved. Stories that sincerely I am proud of are A Lovely Mess, My Big Fat ITALIAN Wedding, Records, and last but certainly not least, my personal favorite A Beautiful Sin. I do enjoy A Beautiful Sin, because I honestly ended up shocking myself with many of the twists. I spent a great deal of time making up the history of the Realms and drawing up the background of the major characters. It is well organized despite the web of mysteries underlying the story. That is the only story I would probably read back to myself. Not only is it full of Mystery, Fantasy, Action, and Adventure, but there is a powerful Romance, between characters you know very well, that is actually fully developed. The bond between Takuya and Izumi in this story just blows me away. Anyway, I encourage all my fans to read A Beautiful Sin, for it is my best work and I promise Takumi fans will not be disappointed.

Alright, I shall now tell you some of my physical features: I have dark brown hair, which go down just past my shoulder in loose curls (but I like to straighten it for occasions), light brown eyes, and tan skin, so overall I look more Hispanic than English. I'm about 5'6" with perfectly straight teeth due to my 2 years wearing braces (urgh, horrible things those are).

Anyway, that is all I wish to write about myself as of now. Thank you for reading my stories and I do encourage Takumi and Jesus wherever I go _ but again I won't shove these things down your throat...well not the Jesus thing anyway...have a nice day :3


This is just what I image the characters to look like in real life:) haha

Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto- Dianna Agron

Takuya Kanbara- Zac Efron (with brown eyes)

Kouji Minamoto- Steven Straight

Kouichi Minamoto- Oliver James

Tommy Himi- Logan Lerman

That's all I got for right now _

!Completed Stories!

A Beautiful Sin- It takes place in the Victorian age and it's about a girl who discovers that her family has a intertwining past with a parallel world. The Realms were discovered by a group of witches, who later on killed one another off for power...A girl is innocently thrown into her family's dark fate with the Realms when her mother is murdered. She unlocks things that were never supposed to be possible and things that were supposed to remain hidden forever...FINALLY COMPLETE

Brave Heart- My first completed story about a boy, who realizes he is the key to winning a war.

Saudi Arabia- The U.S. has heard rumors about Saudia Arabia plotting against them, and one of their agents are missing, so they send a Thirtymillion dollar trained assassin, with other agents, to find out what's going on. T for violence and gore. (This story was not meant to be racist people, don't jugde a story by its title!) *Deleted*

Spirits Aren't Everything- A new Darkness has fallen upon the Digital world and the digimon have formed a rebellion with kids from all over the world and digimon. Takuya finds a stone, but what's inside? Will he bring this world back to the light?

Breaking the Night- With the help of my sister, I was able to write a horror story for Halloween. It's Halloween night in the small town of Forkes, North Carolina. A group of kids are gonna have one heck of a night with terrible losses on their parts. Can they break the night before it breaks them? Warning: Language!

Forever and Always- Very cheesy, but fluffy for all of those you wish to feel good about themselves. For all of the Romantics such as my self.

My Big Fat ITALIAN Wedding - based off of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Izumi has always been a careful, simple person and is twenty-three years old and unmarried. This is unheard of in a family where everyone marries at practically eighteen. Her family his huge, loud, and in everyone's business. Izumi just wants to try new things instead of sticking to family customs, but she's too scared until she meets someone, who the family would never approve of, and falls in love and he becomes the most complicated thing in her life.

A Lovely Mess- Izumi and Takuya cannot stand each other, but something ties them together after a horrendous tragedy.

Records: A Silver Sun- After a disastrous medical event, over a billion people are left with mutations making them outcasts among society. Some mutants are furious about the treatment they receive from humans and plan revenge, but others want to protect the human race. Takumi.

!Stories in Progress!

Pocket Size Mints- A story about boy meets girl, and a passionate, immediate romantic relationship between the two when they meet on a transatlantic cruise. Seriously, I think this is going to be the most romantic thing I ever write; it gives me goose bumps...Will be updated whenever, haha _

The Art of Planning a Wedding- coming this fall :) Chapter 1 is basically just a preview. A young, but talented wedding planner takes on one of the most expensive and elaborate weddings of the decade in order to rocket her career. With her skill, she thinks it will all work out, but serious problems soon appear as the media gets involved, the bride begins to loose it, and the cocky best man attempts to ruin everything.

!Community Update!

6-29-11: Alright, so since I have been away from the site a while, I need to catch up on some stories and add them to the community. I will also be recruiting new people on the staff to help me do that. If you are interested in being a part of the community staff, message me, and if you are a Takumi fan, you are definately in _

!Upcoming Stories!

Shadowed Flame- my latest and hopefully will be my longest adventure story to date. I want this to have the full package. Probably won't start releasing any major details until later. Coming this Summer

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