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Catch 23 is an annoying, cynical and messy-haired student trapped in the body of an equally annoying and cynical student, with possibly even messier hair. She thanks you for the offer of a hairbrush, but she doesn't think that it would help. She knows that she just totaly ripped of Neil Gaiman, but she doesnt really care. What, he's gonna sue her or something?

Favourite quotes: "Procrastination is alot like masturbation; fun while it lasts, but in the end you're just f-ing yourself."- dunno

"There was only one man that ever managed to get everything done by Friday, and that was Robinson Crusoe" - Dunno this one either

"...So she was made of chimps..." - Homer Simpson. Artfull summary of what we're all thinking.

"A spork is a lethal weapon in the correct hands."- Ancient Chinese poverb. No, wait, me.

"...And the last man standing will be wearing his mother's panties." - That creepy transexual from Battle Royale. You know, the one that gets his head blown off.

Additional comments: For some reason, the only ideas I seem to get are for yugioh fics. Dont ask me why. I dont even like it. Perhaps it's because the characters are so frustraitingly two dimentional and crap, I get this irresistable urge to make them just not totaly rubbish. Or maybe I'm just sad.

In the interests of accessibility, all my fics will be written in English, with no "kawaii" or "Yuugi-chan". It kinda bugs me that those people sad enough to learn Japanese (ok, so I'm one of them...) feel the need to rub it in everyone's faces and alienate those fans that have lives. It breaks up the flow of the story and the fourth wall. I have used Japanese names in those stories that require them though, to keep continuity. All the names of my own characters in Genesis are actual Japanese words that I feel sum up the character. In case anyone cared. Man, I come across preachy.

So writing a story chapter by chapter aint working out for me. Since I never plan my stories, I wind up having no idea where they're going halfway through, or realise that the ending isn't going to work because of something I said in the begining. So now I'm going to try just writing the whole story, and only posting it when it's finished. This means no updates for a while, but when they come, you'll get a whole story real quick. Meh. Like anyone even reads these profile things.

I'm currently working on Espionage (i need a better title). Its gonna be a real kewl story if I do say so myself. Which I do. It's got snake demons, the undead, magic, sex, political intrigue, the apocalypse and even more undead guys.

Yeah, so, I have like a gazillion exams happening right now, so no updates for a while.

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