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I'm a female, I'm black and I'm proud of it. That's all you really need to know.

Ok, I've noticed people tend to put up the pairings they support and stuff so basically I guess I will to. If you haven't noticed I'm a DxS supporter. That is actually the only DP pairing I support, I don't really care what other characters hooks up who as long as it's not Danny or Sam. They belong together end of story. No buts, ifs or maybes. Well I guess DxE is ok, I really only do it for fun and it's mostly implied anyway. And then DxV to make it difficult for Danny and Sam to be together, but in the end for me, DxS will always provail, no matter how long it takes to get there. I think there is only one story I like that shows no signs of being DxS at anytime in the future. And that's To Be A Hero (And even then there's a little DxS fluff in the beginning. If you squint...really hard...)

Same goes for Avatar: The Last Airbender a show I love but find to hard to write fanfiction for. AxK is the only pairing I truely believe in. Well I liked Sokka and Yue together but then Yue died... Other then that AxK is the only pairing I care about. Other shows, books and stuff I'm pretty flexible with as long as the story's good.

Oh and I recently discovered that, I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! With every fibre of my being! Lol! It really pisses me off though when people bash Martha just 'cos they like DoctorxRose, it makes me really mad. I don't hate Rose and I look on DoctorxRose with just as much approval as DoctorxMartha and it infuriates me that people bash her every chance they get. If Martha came first I be you those same people would hate Rose.

Ah well look at me, I was just gonna write that line, you know the one at the very beginning? But look! I rambled! There's a surprise! Well then, why stop now!

If you don't want to be bored out of your skull I suggest you stop here.

Current stories:

I Want to be Her: Paulina tracks the Ghost Boy to a house where she discovers there is a girl waiting for him. Outraged, she is determined to find out just who this girl is and force her to break off her relationship with the Ghost Boy. But she gets a little more then she expected, and is now using it to her advantage...

Slave To You: When Vlad Masters betrays the Fentons, Madeline and Jack are killed and their children are sold to slavery. When they are displayed to the Mansons they are bought. But the son, Daniel though mute is very rebellious, always disappearing and constantly being beaten. But that's not the worst part. Their youngest daughter, Samantha is falling for him...

Stories Coming:

(So far they are all Danny Phantom all Danny x Sam and almost all of them are AU. Please choose the ones you would like me to continue. The titles are temporary.)

It's Not Easy Being Dead: Danny has been dead for 152 years and is now Amity Park's resident ghost hero / menace with a bunch of enamies to boot, one of which is Vlad Plasmius.When Danny is splashed by some weird potion he's turned half human winds up stuck in the local school - which gets attacked by ghosts regularly. And things get more complicated when a curious goth shows up and Danny's "long dead" hormones start resurrecting themselves... Implied ExD.

"Danny's got a girlfriend! Danny's got a girlfriend!"

"Shut up Tucker. She's not my girlfriend." Danny growled.

"Yeah right!"

"Tucker! I don't like her that way!"

"Then why are you blushing."

"Shut up Tuck. I can't like her that way. I'm dead!"

"Tell that to Ember."

"Shut up."

Trust Is A Frail Thing: When Danny's old friend Nick moves back to Amity, Sam finally gets a boyfriend who understands her, and her completely platonic relationship with Danny! She's in heaven... until her 'perfect' boyfriend is made fully aware of just how close Danny and Sam are. Soon every encouraging word, every giggle Danny sparks is amplified in Nick's mind and his jealous side starts to take over. He can't trust Sam alone with him anymore and Danny? Danny's a threat. A threat he's determined to eliminate.

Excerpt coming

That's High School For Ya: Danny was just a simple kid with simple needs, being zapped half to death not being one of them. But, hey when Murphy's Law loves you and just about eveyone else hates you things like this happen... except it's highly doubtful you'd develop powers and even more doubtful you get accepted into a high school for 'halfas' whatever the hell those are. What can you do when the bullies can liquify you, the homework assignments keep trying to eat you, your family disowned you and you've been labelled 'incapable' ? Add a half demon, a cyborg and an evil scheme into the mix and stand back.

"It's not listed." The Cyborg whispered to the shadows.

"What do you mean?" The shadows answered. They twisted into the shape of a girl. "What does it say?

"It says his name's Daniel Fenton but his family disowned him when he got the letter so he's just Danny now. But that's it. Nothing else. It doesn't say what he is."

"So that means the school made a mistake." The shadow girl concluded.

"Not necessarily." The Cyborg looked at her. "Yours isn't listed either if you remember correctly." He ignored the vicious glare he received. "Incase someone hacked the system, if the halfa is too powerful and possibly dangerous they don't list what their other half is so the bad guys can't pick 'em off."

"So the school either made a mistake..." The girl frowned "Or he's powerful. Too powerful." The girl paused in thought. "And knowing this school, it's definately the latter."

Goodbye. Love Danny: When Danny's identity is revealed everyone is after him guns ablazing, even his parents. He runs, only leaving a small note behind for Sam which is found and destroyed before she even gets it. Depressed that Danny would leave without a goodbye, Sam is determined to track him down, but when her parents move her to a bording school in it seems impossible. However the boarding school only drew her closer to what she was looking for. Two of Sam's new friends are gonna be gay but there's no scenes with them actually getting intemate with someone, just flirting maybe a kiss later on depends how the reviewers feel, just to warn you.

Sam stared at the boy in the courtyard. His back pressed against a tree as he absent mindedly doodled on what was undobtedly his homework. His black streaked white bangs hung in his cool, icy blue eyes. There was a hint of familarity about him but she shook it off.

Raya, Evie and Ace followed her gaze. "Nice catch there Sammy." Ace grinned "That's Dustin Fey. Fit, Cute face, six pack, tight ass..." He sighed "To bad he's straight..."

"Too bad I'm not." Evie sighed as well

"Speak for yourselves, honeys" Raya said. "Sam's got her eye one this one."

"Speaking of which..."

"No, Eve. For the last time I am not making out with you."

Long Time, No See: Danny ventured into the portal alone that fateful day, and no one knew what happened. Scared of what he had become he fled to Jump City and got caught up in an alien invasion. Joining five other teens to stand against them he becomes a part of the Teen Titans. A year later the Teen Titans want to take a break. Deciding a holiday is the best option Robin looks for the perfect spot. Opting to stay behind just in case, Danny doesn't know where they're going. Upon arriving at their destination the Titans come across an injured and unappreciated heroine and bring her back to the tower. But when they introduce her to Danny it is made painfully clear they are already well aquainted.

"Dude... is she you're ex or something?"

"No. She's an extremely violent Goth who I ran away from without saying good bye to, and she got mutated because of something I accidently did..."

"Well that changes everything doesn't it." Raven said sarcastically.

Why Can't I Just Stay Dead?: Danny's Parents finally manage to capture Phantom. But on the car journey back home they discover Danny is Phantom and there's a car crash. Jazz and Maddie are killed on contact and Jack is unable to move and his life is slowly leaking away. He tells Danny to leave. To leave and never come back. Which Danny does, he runs all the way to San Francisco. There he meets Sam, a goth girl and they become 'acquaintances'. But Sam can't stand that Danny says nothing of where he comes from, he tells her nothing of the past and has no plans for the future. She's determined to get something out of him but when she digs too far his enemies - who believed him dead - track him down again.

"Friends?" The word stabbed at Danny. He stayed silent staring at the hand she had stretched out towards him. She rolled her eyes. "I'm guessing somewhere along the lines of 'Loners don't have friends'." she said in a mock emo voice.

Danny nodded, 'Sure... I'll go with that.'

"Fine." She said rolling her eyes again. "'Acquaintances'?" Danny smiled slightly and took her hand.


Unique?: Danny was always a failure in his father's eyes. He never understood why until he finds out he was not the original. He's a clone, a living breathing clone of the son his father had lost sixteen years ago. He has to run, find the truth, find out who he really is. But when someone else tries to clone someone and everything is thrown into chaos, talks of freaks and clones are splashed all over the news. And with the story of there being one success he's being hunted down. Problem is, they don't get it. They don't understand that even if the clones are exactly like the original right down to their fingerprints you can't copy someone's mind. You can't copy the way they think, the way they feel. But that's not what people want to hear. Just when Danny begins to feel safe, his world is ripped apart by one stubborn reporter. She's after him and he has to get away. So he runs. He keeps running. He doesn't stop until he runs straight into a Gothic beauty. Ignore Kindred Spirits and Vlad is Danny's Father. Inspired by unique by Alison Allen-Grey.

"That's just it Sam! I'm not one of a kind! I'm not unique! And I'm not irreplaceable. My father has proven that."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked confused.

Danny looked her dead in the eye and took a deep breath. "I'm the one their looking for, Sam. I'm the clone."

Over the Edge: Now in college Valerie and Danny have been dating since their junior year. And Val wants to take it further and is dropping hints all over the place that she wants to have his kids. The problem? She still loathes Phantom and Danny knows for a fact the ghost genes will transfer to his kids if he has any. Then Sam comes along. A Goth that befriends him as both Fenton and Phantom and soon makes the connection. The problem? She's developing a crush on him and Valerie is getting suspicious. Danny has too many problems to deal with, from trying to keep his heart fluttering for his friend to Keeping Valerie away from his bed and stopping his perverted best friend from hitting on them both. If that isn't hard enough Vlad's decided to make an appearance and his new plan is pushing Danny over the edge. The problem? Danny went over the edge two weeks ago. Some DxV.

"Are you cheating on me?" Valerie screeched. "With her?" She exclaimed in disgust. "You could at least have made a better choice, so I could understand why you chose her instead." Sam opened her mouth to retort but Danny cut her off.

"We're just frends Val." Valerie looked on him with pained eyes.

"Save it Danny! Don't you see? I want to have your children! I love you Danny!" Danny looked at her.

"If you love me, you gotta trust me. We are just friends." Valerie looked at the Goth behind him. She was shifting from foot to foot nervously.

"Tell that to her."

College Changes People: Sam and Valerie have been best friends since third grade and they're both obsessed with Astrology. When they get to college they meet Danny an aspiring astronaut and immediately bond with him. But as Val develops a crush on Danny she sees that he and Sam are practically made for each other. And she dosn't like that, not one bit. Danny invites them back to his home town for the Christmas break where they meet Tucker, Jazz, his parents and the infamous Phantom. Unfortunatly for Danny Vlad decides to pop up too. But that's not the only problem. Sam admits to Valerie that not only does she have a major crush on Danny she's starting to crush on Phantom too, whom Valerie is convinced is evil. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, Danny just happened to have skipped that class... One sided DxV

"Dude," Tucker laughed "you better hope the one you don't choose isn't the bitter, revenge seeking, fruit loopy type." Danny glared. "And if she is, I suggest you buy her a cat for Christmas."

Danny looked down and shuffled his feet. "She is," Tucker raised an eyebrow. "And she's allergic to cats."

Release Your Sins: Jazz Fenton, intelligent psychology major has a new assignment. Anger managment is in huge demand these days and Jazz has three weeks to find two charges and help them. The first? Her own brother Danny of course. The second? Viciously independant Goth girl, Sam. Discovering their situations are very much alike she decides to treat them together. Chaos insues. The Seven Deadly Sins are unleashed. Emotions are tested. Sam cracks. Secrets are exposed and so is Danny. Together they end up going through the most bizarre Anger Management they have ever had. Will it all pay off or will Jazz get her very first F? And why does Lust refuse to leave Sam alone? Most likely M, and when I say Danny gets exposed, I don't just mean him being Phantom...

Excerpt coming.

Come one, Come all!: Sam hates the Circus. All the animals in cages, poor things. But when an old circus returns with a new act known as "Inviso-bill" Tucker gets curious, and she's dragged along for the ride. When she sees the poor boy forced to put on a show for others she plots to set him free. I know what's gonna happen I just can't put it in words. Besides it would reveal too much of the story.

Excerpt coming

Dance The Night Away: Sam goes to the Dysis Academy For Girls, sister school of the Dysin Academy For Boys, and it's that time again,'The Annual "Welcome Back" Dance'. And once again she has been blackmailed, bribed, threatened and begged to attend by her lovely mother dearest. But after a disaterous ten minutes she storms out and runs into a strange black haired, blue eyed boy that somehow gets under her skin. Soon they're good friends but can she handle his secrets and constant disappearing acts? But what happens when one time he doesn't come back?And when she goes hunting is she prepared for what she'll find?

"These things are a complete waste of time." Sam growled. The boy laughed.

"Tell me about it."

"Then why are you here?"

"Same reason as you I assume, I was dragged into it. Well tehnically I was blackmailed." He frowned slightly and added in a mumble, "Damn baby pictures..." Sam raised an eyebrow. "Hey, on the brightside I get front seats to the best show of the semester."

Sam scowled, "Which would be? Sluts prancing around with the asses hanging out?" He grinned.

"As much as I enjoy that..." Sam shot him a disgusted look. He simply laughed. "No, I'm talking about something much more... intrestiing..." He held out a hand. "C'mon follow me. I garantee you at the very least a good laugh. I'm Danny by the way."

"Sam." And she took it.

It's been ten whole years since Sam, Tucker and Danny graduated from Casper High and that means only one thing. Reunion time! Dispite his bad experience when it comes to reunions Danny is more than happy to go, which of course means disaster. For deep in the ghost zone there is a high school trapped in time for all eternity by a mysterious unkown force. And who knew Casper was built directly over a portal? When one of the high School students try to make a break for it the portal reverses and sucks all the former Casper students (and Lancer) into the Ghost Zone. Danny finds himself in a very awkward situation... Story's better then the summary, The portals are like the ones in the episode with the infinate map thing.

Danny sighed and propped himself up onto his elbow.

"I'm not going Danny, there's no point!" Sam raved. "You and Tucker are the only people I want to see and I can still see you whenever I please! Reunions are stupid! All you do is go and see the people you hated in high school only now thy're old, fat and most likely ugly."


"And it's not like there'll be anything shocking, the nerds will be rich, the jocks will be pro or fat and the popular girls will either mothers, gold diggers or prostitutes."

"Well Sam, like you said they could be prostitutes... don't you want to find out what happened to Paulina?" There was a long pause.

"...Pick me up at seven." The monotonous beep signalled she had hung up. Danny sighed.

"5...4...3...2...1." at that exact moment the phone rang again. He picked it up.

"But Danny what if Paulina's doing well..." adjusting his postion against the counter Danny prepared himself for a long ride.

That's it for now! But I promise you there's more coming! Man, I almost feel sorry for you guys! Almost...

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